Letters z, y, x etc. refer to labels in Figures 2-5 in: David R. Nelson, Darryl C. Zeldin, Susan M.G. Hoffman, Lois J. Maltais, Hester M. Wain, and Daniel W. Nebert Comparison of cytochrome P450 (CYP) genes from the mouse and human genomes, including nomenclature recommendations for genes, pseudogenes, and alternative-splice variants. Pharmacogenetics Jan. 14(1): 1-?, 2004 (in press).

58 Human cytochrome P450 pseudogenes

CYP1A8P 9q21.12 CYP2A18PC 19q13.2 CYP2A18PN 19q13.2 CYP2B7P1 19q13.2 CYP2C8-de6b 10q23.33 = x in fig. 2 panel C old CYP2C60P CYP2C9-de1b 10q23.33 = z in fig. 2 panel C possible alt exon 1 for 2C9 CYP2C9-de2c3c 10q23.33 = y in fig. 2 panel C old CYP2C59P CYP2C58P 10q23.33 inside 2C cluster CYP2C62P 10q24.31 outside 2C cluster on chr 10 CYP2C-se1[7] 2q24.3 = old CYP2C56P away from 2C cluster CYP2C-se2[1:2] 10q21.3 = old CYP2C61P outside 2C cluster on chr 10 CYP2C-se3[1] 21q21.2 = old CYP2C63P away from 2C cluster CYP2C-se4[1] Xq28 = old CYP2C64P away from 2C cluster CYP2D7P 22q13.2 CYP2D8P 22q13.2 CYP2F1P 19q13.2 CYP2G1P 19q13.2 CYP2G2P 19q13.2 CYP2T2P 19q13.2 CYP2T3P 19q13.2 CYP2AB1P 3q27.1 = old CYP2D31P CYP2AC1P 6p12.3 = old CYP2C57P CYP3A4-ie1b 7q22.1 = u fig. 4 panel A CYP3A5-de13c 7q22.1 = z fig. 4 panel A old 3A51P CYP3A5-de1b2b 7q22.1 = y,x fig. 4 panel A CYP3A5_v2 7q22.1 = alternative transcript = CYP3A5P1 (see note) CYP3A5_v3 7q22.1 = alternative transcript = CYP3A5P2 (see note) CYP3A7-de1b2b 7q22.1 = w,v fig. 4 panel A CYP3A43-de1b 7q22.1 = t fig. 4 panel A CYP3A43-de4c6c 7q22.1 = s fig. 4 panel A old 3A52P, 3A53P CYP3A-se1[2] 7p22.2 = old CYP3A54P near 2W1 CYP3A-se2[5] 7p22.2 = old CYP3A55P near 2W1 CYP4A-se1[12] 1p33 = z fig. 5 panel A old CYP4A26P CYP4A-se2[1] 1p33 = y fig. 5 panel A CYP4A-se3[12] 1p33 = x fig. 5 panel A old CYP4A27P CYP4A-se4[2] 1p33 = w fig. 5 panel A CYP4F2-de12b 19p13.12 = z fig. 5 panel C old CYP4F36P CYP4F9P 19p13.12 CYP4F10P 19p13.12 CYP4F23P 19p13.12 CYP4F24P 19p13.12 CYP4F-se5[6:8] 2q11.1 = old CYP4F32P CYP4F-se9[6:7:8] 2q21.1 = old CYP4F30P CYP4F-se10[6:7:8] 2q21.1 = old CYP4F31P CYP4F-se11[6:7:8] 2q21.1 = old CYP4F43P CYP4F-se3[6:7:8] 2q21.1 = old CYP4F27P CYP4F-se12[6:8] 8p11.1 = old CYP4F44P CYP4F-se13[6:8] 9p11.2 = old CYP4F45P identical to CYP4F-se1[6:8] CYP4F-se1[6:8] 9q13 = old CYP4F25P CYP4F-se2[6] 9p13.3 = old CYP4F26P CYP4F-se6[6] 9p13.1 = old CYP4F33P CYP4F-se7[6:7:8] 13q11 = old CYP4F34P CYP4F-se8[6:7:8] 18p11.21 = old CYP4F35P CYP4F-se4[6:7:8] 21q11.2 = old CYP4F29P CYP4Z2P 1p33 CYP21A1P 6p21.3 CYP46A-se1[12:13:14] 1p33 = old CYP46A4P CYP51P1 3p12.2 CYP51P2 13q12.3 CYP51P3 6q24.3 a CYP3A5_v2 = 1a2a3a14n4a15n5a16n delta6a7a8a9a10ax delta11a delta12a delta13a b CYP3A5_v3 = 1a2a3a14n4a5a16n delta6a7a8a9a10ax delta11a delta12a delta13a