45 P450 genes and two pseudogenes on Chr 4 in order of chromosome sequence
MIPS Pedant list of P450s on Arabidopsis Chr 4 
This table cross references the chromosome assignment name with the P450 name
and the Genbank accession number
List made Feb. 8, 2000 revised August 17, 2000

Code       Contig       Genbank  CYP nomenclature

at4g00360  chr4:f5i10   AL161471 CYP86A2
at4g12300  chr4:sa_d_29 AL161533 CYP706A4
at4g12310  chr4:sa_d_29 AL161533 CYP706A5
at4g12320  chr4:sa_d_29 AL161533 CYP706A6 missing N-terminal
at4g12330  chr4:sa_d_29 AL161533 CYP706A7
at4g13290  chr4:pl_d_26 AL161536 CYP71A19 
at4g13310  chr4:pl_d_26 AL161536 CYP71A20
at4g13770  chr4:si_d_20 AL161537 CYP83A1 
at4g15110  chr4:fca_all AL161540 CYP97B3
at4g15300  chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP702A2 may be missing N-terminal
at4g15310  chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP702A3 missing both N and C-terminals
at4g15330  chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP705A1 
at4g15350  chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP705A2
at4g15360  chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP705A3
at4g15380  chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP705A4 missing N-terminal
between at4g15390 and at4g15400 chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP702A5  122278-125133
between at4g15390 and at4g15400 chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP702A6  125694-128530
between at4g15390 and at4g15400 chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP702A4P 126838-126951
at4g15440  chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP74B2 N-terminal is wrong
inside at4g15500 N-terminal     chr4:fca_all AL161541 CYP702A7P  176168-176278
this gene is probably assembled incorrectly with a longer N-terminal that should
be present
at4g19230  chr4:bs_d_20 AL161550 CYP707A1
at4g20240  chr4:tn_d_26 AL161552 CYP71A27 N-terminal is from CYP71A27 
C-terminal is from CYP71A28
at4g20240  chr4:tn_d_26 AL161552 CYP71A28 N-terminal is from CYP71A27 
C-terminal is from CYP71A28
this entry represents a fusion of 71A27 and 71A28
at4g22690  chr4:dt_d_21 AL161557 CYP706A1
at4g22710  chr4:dt_d_21 AL161557 CYP706A2
at4g27710  chr4:vt_d_22 AL161571 CYP709B3
at4g31500  chr4:my_d_48 AL161579 CYP83A2
at4g31940  chr4:en_d_21 AL161580 CYP82C4
at4g31950  chr4:en_d_21 AL161580 CYP82C3
at4g31970  chr4:en_d_21 AL161580 CYP82C2
at4g32170  chr4:wr_d_20 AL161580 CYP96A2
at4g36220  chr4:dt_d_22 AL161589 CYP84A1
at4g36380  chr4:ap2     AL161589 CYP90C1 Missing N-terminal
at4g37310  chr4:ap2     AL161591 CYP81H1
at4g37320  chr4:ap2     AL161591 CYP81D5
at4g37330  chr4:ap2     AL161591 CYP81D4
at4g37340  chr4:ap2     AL161591 CYP81D3
at4g37360  chr4:en_d_27 AL161591 CYP81D2
at4g37370  chr4:en_d_27 AL161591 CYP81D8
at4g37400  chr4:en_d_27 AL161591 CYP81F3 Missing N-terminal
at4g37410  chr4:en_d_27 AL161591 CYP81F4
at4g37430  chr4:en_d_27 AL161591 CYP81F1
at4g39480  chr4:my_d_47 AL161595 CYP96A9
at4g39490  chr4:my_d_47 AL161595 CYP96A10
at4g39500  chr4:my_d_47 AL161595 CYP96A11
at4g39510  chr4:my_d_47 AL161595 CYP96A12
at4g39950  chr4:my_d_45 AL161596 CYP79B2

The following P450s were not found in the text search for P450 at Pedant
But these genes are on Genbank Z97338 listed as being from chromosome 4.
They were not identified and named.  They are in AL161541 as shown above.

702A4P (pseudogene)
702A7P (pseudogene)