239 Arabidopsis sequence accession numbers, clone name and CYP names
Arranged by chromosome in the order they appear on the chromosome.
last modified Jan. 2, 2001     272 genes plus CYP84A4 (not mapped)

Chromosome I  56 P450 genes

AC007323 (Chr I T25K16) 78A8
AC023628 (Chr I F6F3) 703A2
AC061957 (Chr I F22L4) 86A4
Y09581   (Chr I) 86A4
AC000098 (Chr I YUP8H12) 88A3
AC007296 (Chr I F25C20) 51A2, 71A18, 77B1
AC025417 (Chr I T12C24) 87A2
AC007357 (Chr I F3F19) 71B2, 71B7, 71B27, 71B28, 71B29, 86C3, 86C4
D78605   (Chr I) 71B2
X97864   (Chr I) 71B7
AC027656 (Chr I F21F23) 78A5
AC006341 (Chr I F3O9) 79F1, 79F2
AF275259 (Chr I) 79F2
AC051629 (Chr I F6I1) 72C1
AC007651 (Chr I F20D3) 72C1
AC025808 (Chr I F18O14) 722A1
AC024609 (Chr I F14P1) 722A1
AC000103 (Chr I F21J9) 86C1
AC010155 (Chr I F3M18) 705A24
AC079041 (Chr I F5M6) 97A3
AC010164 (Chr I F14M2) 76C5, 76C6
AC023279 (Chr I F12K21) 94D1
AC007519 (Chr I F16N3) 96A7, 96A8
AC012561 (Chr I F11F12) 705A25, 705A26P, 705A27
AC079279 (Chr I F17J6) 705A25, 705A26P, 705A27
AC002304 (Chr I F14J16) 708A1
AC079730 (Chr I T8L23) 96A15
AC079733 (Chr I T8L23) 96A15
AC008051 (Chr I F19C14) 79C2, 79C3P, 79C4P, 79C5P
AC073943 (Chr I F16M22) 79C2
AC010795 (Chr I F16M19) 87A3P
AC011622 (Chr I F24D7) 86A7
AC006193 (Chr I F13O11) 89A2, 89A5, 89A6, 89A7
U61231   (Chr I) 89A2
AC004512 (Chr I T8F5) 96A3
AC001229 (Chr I F5I14) 702A1
AC007234 (Chr I F1E22) 702A1
AC026480 (Chr I F15E12) 96A14P
AC074025 (Chr I F28G11) 81D10
AC004146 (Chr I F5A8) 709A2
AC073178 (Chr I F10D13) 704B1
AC012396 (Chr I T9L24) 720A1
AC016662 (Chr I F2P9) 78A10 
AC079678 (Chr I F9E11) 78A10
AC011765 (Chr I F1M20) 98A8, 98A9
AC013258 (Chr I F9E10) 721A1
AC025814 (Chr I F22H5) 721A1
AC007260 (Chr I T30F21) 708A3
AF184820 (Chr I) 708A3
AC002986 (Chr I YUP8H12R) 79C1
AC007202 (Chr I T8K14) 79C1

Chromosome II  40 P450 genes

AC004136 (Chr II T8K22) 71B9
AC007018 (Chr II F5G3) 705A6
AC005897 (Chr II T10J7) 89A4
AC007197 (Chr II T22C12) 705A13
AC002329 (Chr II F5J6) 51A1 Genbank incorrectly lists this clone as being on Chr IV
AC007019 (Chr II F7D8) 96A5
AC006592 (Chr II F14M13) 79B3, 79B4P
AC002391 (Chr II T20D16) 81D6, 81D7, 96A1
AC005967 (Chr II F27D4) 71B6
D78604   (Chr II) 71B6
AC018722 (Chr II F13D4) 82F1
AC004484 (Chr II T1D16) 711A1
AC003105 (Chr II F18A8) 72B1
AC005623 (Chr II T20P8) 705A8, 705A9
AC005824 (Chr II F15K20) 94C1
AC005727 (Chr II F8N16) 710A3, 710A4
AC005315 (Chr II T9I4) 707A2
U93215   (Chr II T6B20) 73A5
D78596   (Chr II) 73A5
D78597   (Chr II) 73A5
U37235   (Chr II) 73A5
U71080   (Chr II) 73A5
U71081   (Chr II) 73A5
AC002340 (Chr II T11J7) 71A12, 71A13
AC005700 (Chr II T32F6) 88A4
AC004077 (Chr II T31E10) 710A1, 710A2
AC002409 (Chr II T20B5) 98A3
AC002561 (Chr II T24P15) 712A1
AC006931 (Chr II F7D19) 718
AC002388 (Chr II T13E15) 704A1
AC003680 (Chr II F17K2) 76C1, 76C2, 76C3, 76C4, 704A2
D78600   (Chr II) 76C1
AC005397 (Chr II T3F17) 86A8 
Z17399   (Chr II) 86A8 C-term fragment at end of sequence on minus strand
AC005861 (Chr II F23B24) 86A8 N-term 179 amino acids
AC005819 (Chr II T3A4) 78A6
AC004411 (Chr II F14M4) 709B1, 709B2

Chromosome III  77 P450 genes

AC010797 (Chr III F28J7) 94B2 this gene seen in two places on Chr III
AC011664 (Chr III F1C9) 94B2 note 94B2 is found in two places on Chr III. 
     error or duplication?
AC009895 (Chr III T21P5) 89A9
AC011560 (Chr III F13M14) 77A6, 77A7
AC013428 (Chr III F18K10) 77A6, 77A7
AP001307 (Chr III MMM17) 90D1
AB023038 (Chr III MIE1) 72A7, 72A8, 72A9, 72A10, 72A11, 72A12P, 72A13, 
             72A14, 72A15
AP000414 (Chr III MIE15) 77A5P
AP000419 (Chr III MVI11) 707A4
AP000383 (Chr III MAL21) 705A14P, 705A15, 705A16, 705A17P, 705A18, 705A19, 
           705A20, 705A21, 705A22, 705A23
AP001304 (Chr III MFD22) 705A28, 705A29P, 705A30, 705A31P, 705A32, 705A33
AB026647 (Chr III MJL12) 82G1
AP000601 (Chr III MJL14) 86C2 N-terminal
AB024038 (Chr III MTC11) 71B3, 71B4, 71B16, 71B17, 71B18, 71B19, 71B20,
            71B21, 71B22, 71B23, 71B24, 71B25, 71B26, 86C2
D78602   (Chr III) 71B3
D78603   (Chr III) 71B4
AP001298 (Chr III F20C19) 71B33, 71B34, 71B35, 71B36, 71B37
AB016889 (Chr III MDJ14) 71B15
AP002057 (Chr III T19N8) 81D11
AP002060 (Chr III T20F20) 85A2
AP001314 (Chr III T6J22) 702A8
AP002033 (Chr III F1M23) 705A34
AL353865 (Chr III T10D17) 71B38
AL353992 (Chr III F14D17) 708A4
AL049659 (Chr III T29H11) 71A21, 71A22, 71A23, 71A24, 71A25, 71A26
U31288   (Chr III) 71A21 extreme C-term of P450 at end of 
       another gene see AL049659
AL133315 (Chr III T8P19) CYP94B3
AL132979 (Chr III T3A5) 90B1
AF044216 (Chr III T03A05) 90B1
AL132969 (Chr III F8J2) 76G1
AL132958 (Chr III T4D2) 71B5, 71B30P, 71B31, 71B32 and 97C1 
D78601   (Chr III) 71B5
AL132966 (Chr III F4P12) 71B30P, 71B31, 71B32
AL163972 (Chr III T5P19) 94D2
AL358732 (Chr III T27I15) 76C7, 76C8P
AL138642 (chr III F21F14) 78A9
AB036059 (Chr III) 78A9

Chromosome IV  47 P450 genes

AF195115 (Chr IV F5I10) 86A2 same as AF013293
AL161471 (Chr IV) CYP86A2
AF013293 (Chr IV IG005I10) 86A2
AL080318 (Chr IV T4C9) 706A4, 706A5, 706A6, 706A7
AL161533 (Chr IV) CYP706A4, CYP706A5, CYP706A6, CYP706A7
AL049608 (Chr IV T9E8) 71A19, 71A20
AL161536 (Chr IV) CYP71A19, CYP71A20
AL035528 (Chr IV F18A5) 83A1
D78599   (Chr IV) 83A1
U69134   (Chr IV) 83A1
U18929   (Chr IV) 83A1
AL161537 (Chr IV) CYP83A1 
AL161540 (Chr IV) CYP97B3
Z97337   (Chr IV FCA2) 97B3
Z97338   (Chr IV FCA3) 702A2, 702A3, 702A4P, 702A5, 702A6, 702A7P, 705A1, 
         705A2, 705A3, 705A4
AL161541 (Chr IV) CYP702A2, CYP702A3, CYP702A4P, CYP702A5, CYP702A6
         CYP702A7P (inside another gene), CYP705A1, CYP705A2, CYP705A3
         CYP705A4, CYP74B2 
X94366   (Chr IV) 705A4
AF087932 (Chr IV) 74B2
Z97339   (Chr IV FCA4) 74B2
AL161550 (Chr IV) CYP707A1
AL021687 (Chr IV T18B16) 707A1
AL022580 (Chr IV T5K18) 707A1
AL022224 (Chr IV F1C12) 71A27, 71A28
AL161552 (Chr IV) CYP71A27, CYP71A28
AL161557 (Chr IV) CYP706A1, CYP706A2
AL021635 (Chr IV T12H17) 706A1, 706A2
AL035602 (Chr IV T29A15) 709B3
AL161571 (Chr IV) CYP709B3
AL161579 (Chr IV) CYP83A2 = 83B1
D78598   (Chr IV) 83A2 = 83B1
AL080283 (Chr IV F3L17) 83A2 = 83B1
AL049607 (Chr IV F11C18) 82C2, 82C3, 82C4
AL021636 (Chr IV F10N7) 82C2, 82C3, 82C4, 96A2
AL161580 (Chr IV) CYP82C2, CYP82C3, CYP82C4, CYP96A2
AL021811 (Chr IV F10M6) 96A2
AF068574 (Chr IV) 84A1
U38416   (Chr IV) 84A1
AL022141 (Chr IV F23E13) 84A1, 90C1
AL161589 (Chr IV) CYP84A1, CYP90C1
AB008097 (Chr IV) 90C1
Z99708   (Chr IV AP22) 90C1
Z99707   (Chr IV AP21) 81D2, 81D3, 81D4, 81D5, 81H1
AL035601 (Chr IV F6G17) 81D2, 81D3, 81D4, 81D5, 81H1, 81D8, 81F1, 81F3, 81F4
AL161591 (Chr IV) CYP81D2, CYP81D3, CYP81D4, CYP81D5, CYP81D8,CYP81H1
         CYP81F1,CYP81F3, CYP81F4
AF184833 (Chr IV) 81D5
D78607   (Chr IV) 81F1
AL161595 (Chr IV) CYP96A9, CYP96A10, CYP96A11, CYP96A12
AL078620 (Chr IV F23K16) 96A9, 96A10, 96A11, 96A12
AF069495 (Chr IV) 79B2
AL161596 (Chr IV) 79B2
AL035708 (Chr IV T5J17) 79B2
AF184860 (Chr IV) 79B2

Chromosome V  52 P450 genes

AL162973 (Chr V F9G14) 96A13
AL162875 (Chr V T32M21) 77A4, 77A9
AL162972 (Chr V T1E3) 77A4
AB010692 (Chr V K18I23) 79A2
AF245302 (Chr V) CYP79A2
AB005237 (Chr V MJJ3) 90A1
X87367   (Chr V) 90A1
X87368   (Chr V) 90A1
AB010697 (Chr V MOJ9) 93D1, 712A2
AB005249 (Chr V MXM12) 75B1
AL133421 (Chr V F13G24) 75B1
AF155171 (Chr V) CYP75B1
AF241643 (Chr V) 75B1 exon 1
AF241644 (Chr V) 75B1 exon 2
AF241645 (Chr V) 75B1 exon 3
AF241646 (Chr V) 75B1 exon 4
AF241647 (Chr V) 75B1 exon 1 mutant
AF271649 (Chr V) 75B1
AF271650 (Chr V) 75B1
AF271651 (Chr V) 75B1
AL357612 (Chr V T22D6) 86B2
AL392174 (Chr V F8L15) 86B2
AB016893 (Chr V MYH9) 78A7
AL353995 (Chr V F12B17) 81K1, 81K2
AL163817 (Chr V F18O22) 724A1
AB007648 (Chr V MKD15) 86B1
AF069716 (Chr V F6A4) 71A14, 71A15, 714A1, 714A2
AC005964 (Chr V T11H3) 71A14, 71A15, 71B11, 71B12, 71B13
AC006259 (Chr V F21J6) 71B11, 71B12, 71B13, 71B14
AC005405 (Chr V F18A17) 701A3
AF149413 (Chr V T1N24) 701A3
AF047719 (Chr V) 701A3
AF047720 (Chr V) 701A3
AF047721 (Chr V) 701A3
AC069553 (Chr V F18A12) 94D3P
AB046441 (Chr V T15D5) 94D3P
AB011485 (Chr V MXH1) 71B8
AB025602 (Chr V F14A1) 79A3P, 79A4P
AB018112 (Chr V MAB16) 716A1, 716A2
AB026661 (Chr V T30G6) 81D1
D78606   (Chr V) 81D1
AB005248 (Chr V MXI10) 709A1
AB009048 (Chr V K15E6) 85A1
AB010077 (Chr V MYH19) 77A8P
AB022210 (Chr V K16E1) 71A16, 705A12
AB007647 (Chr V MJB21) 74A
AF172727 (Chr V) 74A
X92510   (Chr V) 74A 
Y12636   (Chr V) 74A
AB017065 (Chr V MFC16) 71A17P
AB024024 (Chr V K15C23) 706A3
AB020744 (Chr V K9E15) 707A3
AB017064 (Chr V MDN11) 705A5, 705A10P, 705A11P, 708A2 
AB025623 (Chr V MJM18) 96A6P
AB019226 (Chr V K24M7) 96A4, 715A1
AB019233 (Chr V MJB24) 71B10, 81F2
AB016885 (Chr V K19M22) 86A1
X90458   (Chr V) 86A1
AB010073 (Chr V MFB13) 89A3
AB007649 (Chr V MLE2) 94B1
AB007645 (Chr V K8K14) 81G1

AF267140 (Chr ?) 84A4