Aspergillus nidulans P450s sorted by CYP name order.


Aspergillus has 111 P450 sequence in 79 CYP families.  Diversity is very high.


42 families beginning with CYP646 are new to this genome, even though the P450s

were named after three other fungal genomes P450s.  There are only 37 families that

are found in other named fungal P450s, so more than half of the P450 families are new.

There are only two pseudogenes identified. 


D. Nelson


March 18, 2004



CYP51F1   AN8283.2 AACD01000145

CYP51F2   AN1901.2 AACD01000029

CYP52G1   AN6057.2 AACD01000104

CYP52H1   AN7131.2 AACD01000121

CYP53A3   AN7589.2 AACD01000129

CYP56B1   AN2706.2 AACD01000047

CYP58C1   AN5360.2 AACD01000093

CYP58D1   AN9313.2 AACD01000172

CYP59A1   AN7808.2 AACD01000132

CYP59C1   AN5766.2 AACD01000098

CYP60A2   AN7818.2 AACD01000132

CYP60B1   AN7813.2 AACD01000132

CYP61Ax   AN4042.2 AACD01000065

CYP62A1   AN7824.2 AACD01000132

CYP62C1   AN6414.2 AACD01000108

CYP65T1   AN7522.2 AACD01000129

CYP65U1   AN6466.2 AACD01000108

CYP68L1   AN8530.2 AACD01000155

CYP68M1   AN8141.2 AACD01000141

CYP503B1  AN1598.2 AACD01000025

CYP504A1  AN8078.2 AACD01000139

CYP504B1  AN1397.2 AACD01000019

CYP505A8  AN6835.2 AACD01000113

CYP530A3  AN8358.2 AACD01000151

CYP531D2  AN5665.2 AACD01000098

CYP532A4  AN2125.2 AACD01000032

CYP532C2  AN7359.2 AACD01000128

CYP532D1  AN5553.2 AACD01000095

CYP532E1  AN6449.2 AACD01000108

CYP532F1  AN7772.2 AACD01000132

CYP535D1  AN9296.2 AACD01000172

CYP537B1  AN8905.2 AACD01000164

CYP539A4P AN5478.2 AACD01000094

CYP539B2  AN4858.2 AACD01000084

CYP539D1  AN3917.2 AACD01000064

CYP540A2  AN8919.2 AACD01000165

CYP540B4  AN3861.2 AACD01000062

CYP540D1  AN9218.2 AACD01000170

CYP541B1  AN8004.2 AACD01000138

CYP547C1  AN8895.2 AACD01000164

CYP548C1  AN7881.2 AACD01000135

CYP548D1  AN9007.2 AACD01000168

CYP550B2  AN9214.2 AACD01000170

CYP552A2  AN2040.2 AACD01000032

CYP552E1  AN6407.2 AACD01000108

CYP566C1  AN2610.2 AACD01000043

CYP567C1  AN1737.2 AACD01000027

CYP567D1  AN3281.2 AACD01000055

CYP567E1  AN3275.2 AACD01000055

CYP573A3  AN7773.2 AACD01000132

CYP578B1  AN1087.2 AACD01000016

CYP578C1  AN0459.2 AACD01000007

CYP584E1  AN9384.2 AACD01000172

CYP617B2  AN1884.2 AACD01000029

CYP619B1  AN5045.2 AACD01000084

CYP619B2  AN6131.2 AACD01000105

CYP620D1  AN3394.2 AACD01000055

CYP620E1  AN1601.2 AACD01000026

CYP623B2  AN3497.2 AACD01000059

CYP630B2  AN5837.2 AACD01000100

CYP630B3P AN2191.2 AACD01000034

CYP631B1  AN3225.2 AACD01000054

CYP646A1  AN2596.2 AACD01000043

CYP647A1  AN8250.2 AACD01000145

CYP648A1  AN3256.2 AACD01000054

CYP649A1  AN3253.2 AACD01000054

CYP650A1  AN9251.2 AACD01000172

CYP650B1  AN9248.2 AACD01000172

CYP651A1  AN9253.2 AACD01000172

CYP652A1  AN8139.2 AACD01000141

CYP653A1  AN8184.2 AACD01000141

CYP654A1  AN3274.2 AACD01000055

CYP655A1  AN8411.2 AACD01000153

CYP656A1  AN6321.2 AACD01000107

CYP657A1  AN5137.2 AACD01000088

CYP658A1  AN8438.2 AACD01000153

CYP659A1  AN3349.2 AACD01000055

CYP660A1  AN4117.2 AACD01000067

CYP661A1  AN2607.2 AACD01000043

CYP662A1  AN9210.2 AACD01000170

CYP663A1  AN7399.2 AACD01000128

CYP664A1  AN9222.2 AACD01000170

CYP665A1  AN2727.2 AACD01000048

CYP666A1  AN1748.2 AACD01000027

CYP667A1  AN3272.2 AACD01000054

CYP668A1  AN1300.2 AACD01000017

CYP669A1  AN0008.2 AACD01000002

CYP670A1  AN7066.2 AACD01000118

CYP670B1  AN0606.2 AACD01000007

CYP671A1  AN8338.2 AACD01000150

CYP671B1  AN6101.2 AACD01000104

CYP672A1  AN6434.2 AACD01000108

CYP673A1  AN5433.2 AACD01000094

CYP674A1  AN7969.2 AACD01000135

CYP675A1  AN4643.2 AACD01000079

CYP676A1  AN8952.2 AACD01000166

CYP677A1  AN8615.2 AACD01000158

CYP678A1  AN6485.2 AACD01000108

CYP679A1  AN9225.2 AACD01000170

CYP680A1  AN0338.2 AACD01000006

CYP681A1  AN3609.2 AACD01000061

CYP682A1  AN7932.2 AACD01000135

CYP682B1  AN8309.2 AACD01000150

CYP682C1  AN6787.2 AACD01000112

CYP682D1  AN1794.2 AACD01000028

CYP682E1  AN4641.2 AACD01000079

CYP683A1  AN9030.2 AACD01000168

CYP684A1  AN0222.2 AACD01000005

CYP685A1  AN8408.2 AACD01000153

CYP686A1  AN8510.2 AACD01000154

CYP687A1  AN9335.2 AACD01000172