Summary of 80 cytochrome P450 genes in C. elegans March 5, 1998
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* indicates duplicated cosmid sequence Chromosome I 1 P450 gene C34B7.3 (I) Z83220 36A1 Chromosome II 12 P450 genes and one pseudogene B0304.3 (II) U39472 CYP23A1 F01D5 (II) Z81493 in 4800-5200 region (+) 37A1 T10B9.1 (II) Z48717 13A4 T10B9.2 (II) Z48717 13A5 T10B9.3 (II) Z48717 13A6 T10B9.4 (II) Z48717 13A8 ZK1325 has N-terminal of T10B9.4 Y53C12 has the rest of CYP13A8 T10B9.5 (II) Z48717 13A3 T10B9.6 (II) Z48717 13A9P in region 21668-23536 Probably is a PSEUDOGENE. One 18bp deletion, one 6bp deletion and one 1bp deletion that causes a frame shift. 6bp deletion eliminates critical Arg near C-helix. All three deletions present on two different cosmids. T10B9.7 (II) Z48717 13A2 T10B9.8 (II) Z48717 13A1 T10B9.10 (II) Z48717 13A7 Y53C12 (II) incomplete cosmid sequence covers the whole 13A subfamily including 13A10, but 13A10 is far from the others, maybe 100kb 5' of the 13A cluster. fragment order not known (4/14/97) *Y53C12C (II) contains 13A8 end (T10B9.4) overlaps T10B9 3' end ZK177 (II) mitochondrial P450 ZK1320.4 (II) Z46934 CYP13A10 overlaps Y53C12A *ZK1325 (II) N-terminal of T10B9.4 current version of ZK1325 is incomplete and does not have the end of cosmid overlap *Y39G8 (II) contig 00890 same as CYP37A1 (F01D5) Chromosome III 6 P450 genes C36A4.1 (III) Z66495 CYP25A1 C36A4.2 (III) Z66495 CYP25A2 C36A4.3 (III) Z66495 CYP25A3 C36A4.6 (III) Z66495 CYP25A4 F14F7.a (III) Z81503 contig 666 10000-13150 region 13A11 F14F7.b (III) Z81503 contig 666 13000-18000 region 13A12 *Y39E4 (III) contig 05806 same as 13A11 Chromosome IV 5 P450 genes and 3 pseudogenes C01F6.3 (IV) Z68213 partial missing internal exon CYP31A1P probable pseudogene missing 25 amino acids at C-helix C49C8.4 (IV) U61945 3' neighbor to F42A9 33E1 F22B3 (IV) Z68336 partial gene at 5' end continues on upstream cosmid H02I12 CYP31A2 nearly identical to 31A1 F42A6 (IV) see 8632(-) nearly identical to 25A4 on chrIII 25A5 F42A9.4 (IV) U61952 pseudogene, missing C-terminal 3' neighbor is C49C8 33E3P F42A9.5 (IV) U61952 33E2 *H02I12 (IV) end of clone contiues on F22B3 31A2 K06B9.1 (IV) U50072 pseudogene, missing C-terminal 25A6P T16C6 (IV) contig 00001 see 12708-12920(+) CYP31A3 nearly identical to CYP31A1 and 31A2 *Y55H10 (IV) contig 104 identical to F42A6 25A5 Chromosome V 41 P450 genes and two pseudogenes B0213.10 (V) CYP35 family B0213.11 (V) CYP35 family B0213.12 (V) CYP35 family B0213.14 (V) CYP35 family B0213.15 (V) CYP35 family B0213.16 (V) CYP35 family B0331 (V) CYP29A? C03G6.a (V) 19976(-) starts at 19976 same gene as C13B3.b 35A1 C03G6.b (V) 22385(-) ends at 20643 same gene as C13B3.a 35A2 C06B3.3 (V) Z77652 + T22G5 (continuation) 35C1 C12D5.7 (V) U55365 CYP33A1 *C13B3.a (V) contig 00241 184(+) same gene as C03G6.b 35A2 *C13B3.b (V) contig 00393 1108(+) same gene as C03G6.a 35A1 C25E10.2 (V) U50311 CYP33B1 C26F1.2 (V) U53148 CYP32 C41G6.h (V) Z81047 T13C10 is just upstream see 22685(+) 34A3 C45H4.a (V) 34704(+) ends at 36169 33C1 C45H4.b (V) 38639(+) not complete starts at 37936 33C2 C-terminal not in database yet (Mar 6, 1998) C49G7 (V) see 3878(+) very similar to F14H3 35A4 C50H11 (V) 41332(-) 33C9 C54E10 (V) 1-2500 (+) partial sequence most like 33D Y80D3 contig 02234 last mod. 3/5/98 and Y69H2, Y17D7A cm08B12 (V) M89401 CYP4 EST partial no exact match similar to CYP32 Y80D3 contig 01514 last mod. 3/5/98 *cm14F12 (V) M89049 CYP2 EST exact match to F40C5.contig 6 and K07C6.contig 9 F08F3.7 (V) CYP14A5 F10A3 (V) see 19263-19717(-) same sequence as K05D4 33D1 F11A5 (V) 4622-2500 (-) nearly identical to F10A3 may be same gene 33D2 cosmid order F14H3, F22B8, F44G3, F10A3, K05D4, F11A5 F14H3.a (V) Z83105 14503(+) only N-terminal present 35D2P F14H3.b (V) Z83105 20207(+) 35D1 F28G4 (V) 37B1 *F40C5 (V) contig 5 C-terminal fragment similar to C03G6.a part of same gene as F40C5 contig 14 35B1 *F40C5 (V) contig 6 9-578(+) identical to K07C6.5 35A5 *F40C5 (V) contig 14 missing N- and C-terminals part of same gene as F40C5 contig 5 K07C6.4 35B1 *F40C5 (V) contig 15 N-terminal up to C-helix K07C6.3 F41B5.a (V) 474-622(+) 1st exon, 4332(+) 2nd exon a pseudogene these two fragments are split by about 3700bp no further exons identified downstream. 33C10P F41B5.b (V) 5108-6914(+) yk18a10 matches exactly at 6767 33C3 F41B5.c (V) 7160-9702+ (+) 33C5 F41B5.d (V) 12679-14656(+) 33C7 F41B5.e (V) 11498(-) 33C6 F44C8 (V) whole gene of EST CEL10E1 (M88882) 26000-28000(+) nearly identical to F41B5.5k 33C4 *K05D4 (V) contig 319 see 4316-4770(-) same as F10A3 33D1 K07C6.2 (V) CYP35 K07C6.3 (V) CYP35 K07C6.4 (V) CYP35 K07C6.5 (V) CYP35A5 K09D9 (V) contig 4 see 4771(-) 35A3 *K10D6 (V) Z74040 CYP29A2 continuation of T19B10.1 R08F11 (V) see 6240-6719(+) 33C8 *R10G11 (V) Z83121 see 10487(+) identical to C41G6.h and T13C10 *T09H2 (V) contig 4 overlaps B0213 T09H2 (V) contig 5 between K07C6 and B0213, has one P450 not on either T10H4.c.1 (V) z81119 GenBank has two P450s as one gene see 24550(-) and 21093(-) 34A1 T10H4.c.2 (V) z81119 GenBank has two P450s as one gene see 24550(-) and 21093(-) 34A2 *T13C10 (V) Z81591 contig 1348 27256(+) C41G6 is downstream this gene identical to C41G6.h and R10G11 *T13F3 (V) part of F28G4 T19B10.1 (V) Z74043 continues on K10D6 (whole gene of wEST00713 M80176) CYP29A2 *T22G5 (V) Z81127 C-terminal of C06B3 *Y17D7A (V) C54E10 end *Y37D8 (V) contigs 895 and 913 F14A7 cluster *Y69H2 (V) same as C54E10 *Y75B12 (V) contig 03079 same as 34A1 and 34A2, T10H4 *Y80D3 (V) end of C54E10 and whole cm08B12 seq. Y108G3 (V) contig 541 CYP29A? *yk18a10 (V) D35162 partial C-terminal EST fragment matches F41B5 exactly Chromosome X 9 P450 genes *C29F7 (X) end of CYP13B1 (formerly 16A1) C44C10.2 (X) Z69787 CYP29A1 E03E2 (X) see 9157(+) could not identify N-terminal F02C12.5 (X) Z54269 CYP13B1 partial C29F7 has rest of seq. K06G5 (X) Z81565 see 24404(+) 13B2 K09A11.2 (X) Z50742 CYP14A1 K09A11.3 (X) Z50742 CYP14A2 K09A11.4 (X) Z50742 CYP14A3 K09A11 (X) Z50742 cosmid end = R04D3.1 Z70212 CYP14A4 *R04D3.1 (X) Z70212 continuation of 14A4 T13C5.1 (X) U39648 CYP22 *Y71G12 (X) contig 00174 same as CYP22 Unsorted 1 P450 gene F54E5 (?) contig 00150 CYP51 gene fragment. Identical to human, rat 51 This is probably a contamination and not a C. elegans sequence. C. elegans does not seem to have a CYP51 gene. Total 74 genes and 6 pseudogenes on March 6, 1998 ~76% complete and in GenBank However Blast searchable database at Wash U. has 117 Mb seq in it so the whole genome is probably there, just not polished yet.