March 27, 1998

There are 62 new Arabidopsis P450s that have come out in the database since I last 
searched for Arabidopsis sequences in May of 1997.  Some ESTs have now been 
completed by genomic sequencing.  At least three cosmids contain multiple P450s, with the 
Z97338 sequence containing 10 P450 genes.  The Z99707 sequence has 4 P450s and the 
last two of these seem to be put into one gene by GRAIL.  I suspect that GRAIL did this by 
accident and there are really two genes and not a double P450.  There are also 38 new 
ESTs for Arabidopsis P450s not listed in the earlier collection.  Some of these are old ESTs 
that finally found a match with a new genomic P450 sequence, and some are just new 

Full length (or near full length) P450s new since May 1997

1.  AF013293 a full length CYP86A2, previously represented by ESTs only.
2.  AC002388 matches EST AA597388 new family CYP704A1
3.  Z97337 a full length version of CYP97B3, matches EST AA040985
4.  Z99708 CYP90C1 matches ESTs AA651564 and N96214
5-9.  Z99707 has five P450s on this fragment call them a, b, c and d and e
      sequence a is incorrectly fused to sequence b.  It is only the C-terminal exon of an 
      upstream P450 gene.  Sequence b is missing the N-terminal in the 
      translation provided by GRAIL.
      seq. (a) CYP81D2 C-terminal of upstream gene
      seq. (b) CYP81D3
      seq. (c) CYP81D4 ESTs AA395149, T41670, T43640, T42716
      seq. (d) CYP81D5
      seq. (e) CYP81H1
      These sequences show greater than 50% identity to CYP91 and 81 families, so 
      these two families have had to be joined together.
10-19.  Z97338 has 10 P450 sequences (call them a-j) similar to the CYP93A subfamily.
      Interspersed between c and d and f and g are two genes with similarity to cycloartenol 
      synthase, a gene required for making plant sterols, that may suggest that these genes 
      are involved in plant sterol metabolism.
      only six of these genes were identified by GRAIL (a, b, c, e, f and g)
      sequence b was incompletely identified by the automated GRAIL search
      for intron/exon boundaries.  I have reconstructed seq. b. by comparison
      of the DNA translations with other P450s.  Seq. e was also incomplete.
      TBLASTN search of the NR database indicates three P450s at about 
      128000, 168000 and about 172000 on this fragment that were not detected by   
      GRAIL.  In addition to these there are at least two exon fragments
       near 126846-126941 and 176173-176280.
      sequence c matches EST T21786.  No other P450s from this group have ESTs.
      There are more members in this family, since the EST T04613 is a very close 
      match, but it is not from any of these genes on Z97388.
      here is a name assignment for these ten sequences:
      702A2 seq. (a)
      702A3 seq. (b)
      702A4P seq. (d)
      702A5 seq. (h)
      702A6 seq. (i)
      702A7P seq. (j)
      705A1 seq. (c)
      705A2 seq. (e)
      705A3 seq. (f)
      705A4 seq. (g)
      705A5 is not from this cosmid but is composed of the ESTs T04613 T45789 T43499
20.  X94366 is identical to Z97338 seq. g 
21.  Z97335 is identified as similar to a human P450 in the genbank entry, but it does not 
        look like a P450 as far as I can tell.
22.  AC000103 F21J9.9 CYP86C1
23-25.  AC002391 has 3 P450s T20D16.15 (CYP81D6) and T20D16.18 (CYP81D7).  
        There is also a terpene synthase gene upstream of this cluster
        in the region complement(56037-58721), so these genes products may be terpene 
        hydroxylases of some sort.  T20D16.19 is CYP96A1
26.  AC002409 CYP98A3 matches ESTs Z35017, H36469, T43253, AA651162, Z35213
27.  AB009048 CYP85 ESTs: N65267, T76590, AA394869, AA404883
28.  AC000098 CYP88 ESTs: T43711
29.  AB005249 CYP75B1 (temporarily assigned 75A6, but this was incorrect)
30.  AA002329 CYP51
31.  Z97339 CYP74B2
32.  AB007645 CYP81G1
33.  AB007648 CYP86B1
34.  AB007649 CYP94B1
35.  AC002986 CYP79C1
36.  AC002561 CYP93-like no ESTs
37.  AC002304 CYP708A1 33000-35500 region
38.  AC002340 CYP71A12 (T11J7.14) and CYP71A13 (T11J7.16)
39.  AB005237 CYP90A1 comp (27500-23500) region
40.  AB005248 CYP709A1 comp (70000-67000) region
41.  AL022141 CYP90C1 (F23E13.220) fragment and CYP84A1 (F23E13.110)
42.  AL021811 CYP96A2 (F10M6.190)
43.  AF0444216 CYP90B1
44-47.  AL021636 four P450s
       F10N7.20 identical to AL021811 CYP96A2
       F10N7.200 CYP82C2
       F10N7.220 CYP82C3
       F10N7.230 CYP82C4
48.  AL021687 CYP707A1 (new family) ESTs T43171
49.  AL021635 CYP706A1 (T12H17.80)
50.  AL021635 CYP706A2 (T12H17.100)
51.  AC003105 CYP72B1 (F18A8.8)
52   AC004077 CYP710A1
53.  AC004077 CYP710A2
54.  AC003680 CYP704A2 (F17K2.4)
55.  AC003680 CYP76C1 (F17K2.9)
56.  AC003680 CYP76C2 (F17K2.10)
57.  AC003680 CYP76C3 (F17K2.11)
58.  AC003680 CYP76C4 (F17K2.8)
59.  AB010692 CYP79A?
60.  AB010697 CYP93? (M0J9 17000-19000)
61.  AB010697 CYP93? (M0J9 15000-17000)
62.  AB010073 CYP89A3

New ESTs for P450s not in the list as of May 1997

F14118 most like Z99707 e-31
F15432 probably not a P450
H76703 most like CYP90 e-3 very poor match
N38687 most like Z99707 e-28
N96214 most like Z99708 e-48 exact match to CYP90C1
R30380 most like Z99708 e-6
T13661 most like AC001229 (CYP702A1) e-12
T21786 most like Z97388 e-73 exact match to seq. c CYP705A1
T21800 most like Z97388 e-43
T41596 most like Z99707 e-32
T42716 most like Z99707 e-64 exact match to sequence c CYP81D4
T42723 most like Z99707 e-14
T42902 most like CYP79 e-27 exact match to CYP79B2 
T43499 most like Z97388 e-29
T76590 most like CYP85 e-23 exact match
Z46573 most like Z97388 e-6
AA394371 most like Z99707 e-21
AA395098 most like Z97338 e-16
AA404797 most like CYP71A1 e-3 very poor match
AA585920 most like CYP71B7 e-7
AA586064 most like Z99707 e-24
AA586079 most like CYP90 e-61
AA586187 most like AC000103 e-32
AA597388 most like AC002388 e-40 exact match CYP704A1
AA597575 most like Z99707 e-22
AA597583 most like CYP71A1 e-49
AA597644 most like CYP71A1 e-44
AA598000 most like Z99707 e-16
AA598015 most like CYP84A1 e-17
AA605413 most like Z97338 e-20
AA605446 most like CYP86 e-10
AA605540 most like AF000403 Lotus japonicus e-18 or CYP71A6 e-16b 
                   same as AC002340 T11J7.16 = 71A13
AA650762 most like CYP71B7 e-28
AA651059 most like CYP51 wheat e-53
AA651146 most like CYP93A1 e-12
AA651162 most like AC002409 CYP98A3 exact match 
AA651430 most like C. elegans cm10e1 e-3 very poor match
AA651564 most like Z99708 e-38 exact match to CYP90C1