Human P450s and their UNIGENE entries

April 28, 1999 some revisions on 9/23/99 A text search for P450 in the human section of UNIGENE finds 54 entries. This is a little misleading because some P450 gene subfamiles have multiple genes lumped together in one entry, since they map to the same locus. An example is CYP2A Hs.73864. This entry includes CYP2A6, CYP2A7 and CYP2A13. The pseudogenes CYP2A7PC and CYP2A7PT are also at this locus. Part of the 2C subfamily Hs.169242 is also lumped together in this way (2C8, 2C17X and 2C19), though CYP2C18 Hs.702 and CYP2C9 Hs.167529 do have separate entries. Some P450s only have 3 prime non-coding region ESTs and these are not always identified as P450s in UNIGENE, as in CYP46 Hs.25121. Other P450s have no ESTs at all but the gene has been cloned, so there is an UNIGENE entry, as in CYP2F1 Hs.72913. The CYP21 gene resides next to some MHC genes. A large contiguous sequence including CYP21 has been deposited in GenBank, so all these genes come up in the search. They include HLA-RP, complement components C2 and 4A, fibrinogen-like protein, B- factor, helicase ski-W, radin blood group antigen and DOM3Z. The human 2D subfamily has a similar association with NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit CI-B14 and the KIAA0292 gene. The UNIGENE database needs to separate these linked genes. Some P450s are not called P450s at all like thromboxane A2 synthase CYP5. These P450s are missed by a text search for P450. If a UNIGENE number comes back as retired do a search in UNIGENE for the accession number given with that entry. It should take you to the new UNIGENE entry with that Accession number in it. Below are presented all the P450s I could find in UNIGENE sorted by their correct CYP name. There are 49 P450 genes and two pseudogenes included here. There are 50 UNIGENE entries. This is based on Build 76 April 1999 with some modifications on 9/23/99 CYP1A1 Hs.72912 genbank X04300 CYP1A2 Hs.1361 genbank M55053 CYP1B1 Hs.154654 genbank U56438 CYP2A6,7,13 Hs.73864 genbank X13930 retired these sequences are 89-95% identical and are hard to distinguish* CYP2A6 Hs.169233 genbank K03192 retired CYP2B6 Hs.1360 genbank M29874 CYP2B7P Hs.110194 genbank M29873 CYP2C8 Hs.703 genbank Y00498 retired CYP2C8 Hs.166165 genbank M17398 retired CYP2C8 Hs.174220 genbank X65962 CYP2C8,17X,19 Hs.169242 genbank M61858 retired CYP2C9 Hs.167529 genbank M61857 CYP2C18 Hs.702 genbank L16876 CYP2D6 Hs.169876 genbank M33388 CYP2E1 Hs.75183 genbank J02625 CYP2F1 Hs.72913 genbank J02906 CYP2G1 no entry genbank S80997, S80998, S80999 CYP2J2 Hs.152096 genbank U37143 CYP2R1 Hs.16846 27 ESTs follow AA732048 CYP2S1 Hs.98370 14 ESTs T84852, AA315278, AA300981, AA301039, AA316621, AA496320, AA422150 Follow AA422150 for 3 prime untranslated contig CYP3A4 Hs.45 genbank X12387 CYP3A5 Hs.104117 genbank J04813 CYP3A5P2 Hs.166079 genbank X90579 CYP3A7 Hs.172323 genbank D00408 CYP3A43 Genbank AC011904 ESTs AA417369 zu08d03.s1 AA416822 zu08d03.r1 CYP4A11 Hs.1645 genbank S67580 CYP4B1 Hs.687 genbank J02871 CYP4F2 Hs.101 genbank D26480 CYP4F3 Hs.106242 genbank D12620 CYP4F8 Hs.181627 ESTs = AI349730, AI401776 CYP4F11 no entry genbank AC005336 ESTs T56269, T56204, T69576, T69645, AA991369, W23003 CYP4F12 Hs.180570 genbank AC004523 EST R08175, R08229 CYP4X1 Hs.26040 13 ESTs follow R53456 CYP4Z1 Hs.176588 8 ESTs follow H25624 CYP5A1 Hs.2001 genbank M80647 CYP7A1 Hs.1644 genbank M93133 CYP7B1 Hs.144877 genbank AF029403 CYP8A1 Hs.61333 genbank D83402 CYP8B1 Hs.35718 genbank AF090318 CYP11A1 Hs.76205 genbank M14565 60ESTs CYP11B1 Hs.2610 genbank X55764 CYP11B2 Hs.184927 genbank D13752 CYP17 Hs.1363 genbank M14564 CYP19 Hs.79946 genbank Y07508 CYP21 Hs.173200 genbank M12792 CYP24 Hs.89663 genbank L13286 CYP26A1 Hs.150595 genbank AF005418 CYP26B1 Hs.91546 genbank AC007002 CYP27A1 Hs.82568 genbank M62401 CYP27B1 Hs.199270 genbank AB006987 CYP39A1 Hs.20766 12 ESTs follow R11221 CYP46 Hs.25121 5 ESTs follow H16164 CYP51 Hs.157534 genbank U23942 *Blast searches of human ESTs with 2A6, 2A6v2, 2A7 and 2A13 show that CYP2A6 has the majority of ESTs. CYP2A13 has no ESTs, 2A7 has only two T72786 and its opposite end T72911. CYP2A6v2 may have three T73132 (opposite end T73006), T72845 (opposite end T70575) and T67852 (opposite end T67741). The rest seem to be CYP2A6 ESTs AA203515, T50953, T64681, T74370, T67808, AA574174, T55901, T67946, T51168, T58789, T68486, T67956, T67800, T50790, T72845, T73031