311 accession numbers for conifer P450s (mostly Pinus)


AA220888 78A4

AA220889 78A4

AA220898 78A4

AA220911 78A4

AA220912 extreme C-term like 73A20 might be accidental match

AA556173 98A19

AA556941 CYP73A23

AA739879 90 like C-term clone 9047M

AA740068 90 like C-term 50% to 90A1 85 clan clone 9312M

AF049067   CYP78A4 Pinus radiata

AF096998.1 CYP73A20

AF318211   CYP725A1

AF545833.1 98% to CYP725A3

AI725152.1 CYP720 like

AI725255 90 like C-term clone 9159r

AI725351 90 like N-term 40% to 90A1 clone 9312r opposite end of AA740068

AI812674 73A20

AI812771 CYP73A23

AI812813 CYP73A23

AI812842 CYP73A23

AI812861 77A  53% to 77A1 N-term

AI813004 704 like, same seq as AI920165 86 clan

AI813156 78A 55% to 78A6

AI919813 84 like 53% identical to CYP84

AI919827 CYP73A23

AI920132 73A20

AI920165 704 like 58% to 704A2 86 clan

AJ309081.1 58% to 75B4 Pinus pinaster

AJ438350 Picea abies

AL750251 CYP724B5 Pinus pinaster

AL750435  95% to CF397580

AL750722 61% to 74A1 arab.

AL750799 same as BX677300

AL751033 75% to CF397580

AL751089 70% to AF096998.1 (73A20) Pinus pinaster

AW010433 84 like 51% to CYP84 4 diffs to CF473014

AW010774 52% to 86C1 in 86 clan

AW011172.1 56% to 87A2

AW011225.1 CYP90 like different from AA740068

AW042602 73A23

AW043075 55% to 71D16

AW043205 77A  61% to 77A1

AW043335 75A like 55% identical to CYP75A3 53% identical to CYP98A1

AW056514.1 CYP85 clan

AW056850 75A like 65% to 75A3

AW064998 same as CF475447

AW225716.1 50% to 90B1

AW290024.1 73A23

AW290673 CYP51

AW495794.1 73A23

AW626637 CYP51

AW754540.1 81% to 703A2

AW870094.1 60% to 76C2

AW888136.1 98A19

AW984874 CYP51

AY056019.1 CYP725A2

AY064170.1 CYP98A19

AY188177.1 CYP725A3

BE049731.1 CYP85 clan

BE187393.1 98A19

BE187484.1 73A23

BE582456.1 CYP85 clan

BE643861.1 73A23

BF049706 same as BX249417 CYP74

BF517195 CYP51

BF609170.1 CYP90 like

BF609655.1 73A23

BF610049.1 83% to 85A1

BF610290 CYP51

BF610527.1 73A23

BF778196.1 87A2 like

BG039083.1 98A19

BG039994.1 98A19

BG040095.1 98A19

BG040616.1 CYP85 clan

BG275633.1 73A23

BG318000.1 CYP85 clan

BG318205.1 CYP90 like different from AA740068 *

BG318334.1 CYP90 like different from AA740068 *

BG318892.1 CYP90 like different from AA740068 *

BG625777.1 50% to 90B1

BG625848.1 98A19

BG832634.1 50% to 90B1

BI077317.1 CYP90 like *

BI202826 same as CF392508

BI202885.1 CYP90 like different from AA740068 *

BI398019 83% to CF392508

BI398025.1 CYP90 like

BI416628.1 CYP85 clan

BI643955 same as BQ697235

BI644007.1 CYP90 like *

BM158467.1 78A4

BM158852.1 57% to 98A3

BM428379.1 63% to 85A2

BM903010  NXLV_077_H10_F NXLV (Nsf...    87   8e-18 UniGene info

BQ107601  NXLV099_H12_F NXLV (Nsf ...    91   5e-19 UniGene info

BQ655449  NXRV094_G02_F NXRV (Nsf ...   160   4e-40 UniGene info

BQ695774  NXPV_032_E12_F NXPV (Nsf...   108   1e-24 UniGene info

BQ696511  NXPV_042_B04_F NXPV (Nsf...   141   3e-34 UniGene info

BQ697235 53% to CF474434

BQ697614  NXPV_058_G01_F NXPV (Nsf...    59   2e-09 UniGene info

BQ697969 same as CF392508

BQ698279 same as CF392508

BQ698310  NXPV_068_B10_F NXPV (Nsf...    55   3e-08 UniGene info

BQ698991  NXRV118_A06_F NXRV (Nsf ...   115   2e-27 UniGene info

BQ701705  NXSI_118_F05_F NXSI (Nsf...    79   2e-15 UniGene info

BQ702358 72% to CF477547

BX000562  BX000562 Pinus pinaster

BF248874 54% to 74A1 arab.

BX248886 same as AY064170.1

BX249417 62% to 74A1 arab.

BX249800 69% to CF475447

BX250011.1 CYP51

BX250891 CYP51

BX251037 same as AY064170.1

BX251949 Pinus pinaster otholog of CYP73A23

BX252216  BX252216 Pinus pinaster...   122   1e-28

BX525588 53% to 72A13

BX254757 CYP73A23

BX255396  BX255396 Pinus pinaster...    63   1e-10

BX676845 CYP51

BX677300 52% to 75A11 Pinus pinaster

BX677571  BX677571 97% to CF396181 97% to AL750435

BX680099  BX680099 RS Pinus pinas...   124   4e-29

BX680860  BX680860 RS Pinus pinas...   150   6e-37

BX681107  BX681107 RS Pinus pinas...   154   3e-38

BX681447  BX681447 RS Pinus pinas...    56   1e-08

BX681703  BX681703 RS Pinus pinas...   119   1e-27

BX784158  BX784158 Pinus pinaster...   152   2e-37

CD021313 CYP51

CD024826  NXRV102_C04_F NXRV (Nsf ...    63   1e-10 UniGene info

CD027336 CYP51

CF385271 96% to CF387112

CF385604  RTDR1_5_F02.b1_A015 Lobl...    56   1e-08 UniGene info

CF385695  RTDR1_5_F02.g1_A015 Lobl...    74   7e-14 UniGene info

CF386061  RTDR1_8_D11.b1_A015 Lobl...    56   1e-08 UniGene info

CF386135  RTDR1_8_E10.g1_A015 Lobl...    64   4e-11 UniGene info

CF386770 (5 diffs) to CF387112

CF386892  RTDR1_9_D05.g1_A015 Lobl...   167   3e-42 UniGene info

CF386955 56% to 88A4

CF386988  RTDR1_10_G08.b1_A015 Lob...    60   1e-09 UniGene info

CF387112 63% to CF664732

CF387404 same as AF096998.1

CF387606 same as CF664732

CF387701  RTDR1_19_D06.g1_A015 Lob...   149   1e-36 UniGene info

CF387703  RTDR1_19_C11.g1_A015 Lob...    55   3e-08 UniGene info

CF387731  RTDR1_19_E03.g1_A015 Lob...   150   5e-37 UniGene info

CF387732 80% to CF670174

CF387990 62% to CF397580

CF388012 same as CF664732

CF388492 71% to 707A1

CF388617 71% to CF470703

CF388753 48% to 71A25

CF388779  RTDR2_15_C04.g1_A021 Lob...    64   4e-11 UniGene info

CF388973 same as CF390685

CF388981  RTDR2_16_G11.g1_A021 Lob...   163   7e-41 UniGene info

CF388987  RTDR2_16_B02.g1_A021 Lob...   152   1e-37 UniGene info

CF389444  RTDR2_7_F07.g1_A021 Lobl...    67   6e-12 UniGene info

CF389799  RTDR2_5_D03.g1_A021 Lobl...   155   1e-38 UniGene info

CF389966  71% to CF670928

CF390012 same as AF096998.1

CF390581  RTDR2_20_B07.b1_A021 Lob...   128   2e-30 UniGene info

CF390647  RTDR2_20_G08.g1_A021 Lob...    56   1e-08 UniGene info

CF390669  RTDR2_20_B07.g1_A021 Lob...   172   8e-44 UniGene info

CF390685 76% to CF671978

CF391212 (4 Diffs) to CF397603

CF391258 78% to CF664732

CF391927 93% to CF671978

CF392160 (3 DIFFS) to CF392508

CF392508 68% TO CF397580

CF393317 63% to CF397949

CF393821 same as AF096998.1

CF393834 same as CF397580

CF394090 CYP51

CF394615 same as CF473014

CF394958 same as CF390685

CF395197  RTDS2_10_G03.b1_A021 Dro...   152   1e-37 UniGene info

CF395240  RTDS2_10_H12.g1_A021 Dro...   163   7e-41 UniGene info

CF395628  RTDS2_12_E11.g1_A021 Dro...    57   6e-09 UniGene info

CF395695 77% to 97B3

CF396137 same as CF396181

CF396181 62% to CF672363

CF396553 same as CF397603

CF396958 96% TO CF397580

CF397258 same as CF397580

CF397305 same as AF096998.1

CF397580 95% to CF396181

CF397603 96% TO CF397580

CF397839  RTDS3_23_E01.b1_A022 Dro...   177   5e-45 UniGene info

CF397949 74% to BX677300

CF398277 same as CF397580

CF398326  RTDS3_24_G12.g1_A022 Dro...   164   3e-41 UniGene info

CF398435 2 diffs to CF396181

CF398607 78% to CF470703

CF398769  RTDS3_16_A08.b1_A022 Dro...    65   2e-11 UniGene info

CF398854 74% to CF473014

CF398971 54% to CF397949

CF399002 same as CF397580

CF399053  RTDS3_9_C06.b1_A022 Drou...   167   4e-42 UniGene info

CF399084  RTDS3_9_H09.g1_A022 Drou...   183   5e-47 UniGene info

CF399241  RTDS3_27_C09.g1_A022 Dro...   167   6e-46 UniGene info

CF399517 same as CF397580

CF399874  RTWW1_1_B05.g1_A015 Well...   159   1e-39 UniGene info

CF399964 same as AF096998.1

CF400021 84% to CF391927

CF400152  RTWW1_3_F10.g1_A015 Well...    67   5e-12 UniGene info

CF400183  RTWW1_3_G10.g1_A015 Well...    65   2e-11 UniGene info

CF400297  RTWW1_4_C08.g1_A015 Well...   169   1e-42 UniGene info

CF401062  RTWW1_9_D04.g1_A015 Well...    61   4e-10 UniGene info

CF401592  RTWW1_13_D10.g1_A015 Wel...    70   8e-13 UniGene info

CF402134  RTWW1_20_E05.g1_A015 Wel...    93   7e-37 UniGene info

CF402148  RTWW1_20_B09.g1_A015 Wel...   157   5e-39 UniGene info

CF402294  RTWW1_19_C09.g1_A015 Wel...    66   1e-11 UniGene info

CF402320 same as AF096998.1

CF402353  RTWW1_19_F03.g1_A015 Wel...   155   2e-38 UniGene info

CF470644 same as AF096998.1

CF470703 64% to BX677300

CF470768 same as CF470703

CF470773 same as CF396958

CF471340 same as CF473014

CF471554  RTDS1_4_H06.b1_A015 Drou...   156   9e-39 UniGene info

CF471612 same as CF470703

CF471821 same as CF473014

CF472070 same as CF397580

CF472140  RTDS1_8_C06.g1_A015 Drou...   182   9e-47 UniGene info

CF472421 45% to 75B6

CF472528  RTDS1_10_F12.b1_A015 Dro...    56   1e-08 UniGene info

CF472625  RTDS1_10_F12.g1_A015 Dro...   159   1e-39 UniGene info

CF473014 78% to CF470703

CF474252 93% to AF096998.1

CF474262  RTWW2_17_E01.g1_A021 Wel...   144   4e-35 UniGene info

CF474400  RTWW2_20_B07.g1_A021 Wel...    78   3e-15 UniGene info

CF474434 same as CF475447

CF474754  RTWW2_7_F02.g1_A021 Well...    64   4e-11 UniGene info

CF474775  RTWW2_7_B10.g1_A021 Well...   164   2e-41 UniGene info

CF475076  RTWW2_5_H06.g1_A021 Well...    55   3e-08 UniGene info

CF475194  RTWW2_14_D08.g1_A021 Wel...   154   3e-38 UniGene info

CF475340 same as CF397580

CF475411  RTWW2_13_H03.g1_A021 Wel...    65   3e-11 UniGene info

CF475447 47% to 71A25

CF475485 same as CF671978

CF475538 same as CF671978

CF476257  RTWW2_22_A01.b1_A021 Wel...    87   5e-18 UniGene info

CF477451  RTWW3_7_C08.g1_A022 Well...   170   6e-43 UniGene info

CF477457(5 diffs) to CF473014

CF477547 57% to CF671256

CF477753 same as AF096998.1

CF477876 same as CF390685

CF478231 same as AF096998.1

CF478379 same as AF096998.1

CF478844  RTWW3_15_B06.g1_A022 Wel...   105   2e-23 UniGene info

CF479001 same as CF475447

CF479071  RTWW3_21_B11.g1_A022 Wel...   154   4e-38 UniGene info

CF479211  RTWW3_24_D10.g1_A022 Wel...   186   1e-47 UniGene info

CF479695 56% to 74A1 arab.

CF663159  RTCNT1_1_D07.b1_A029 Roo...   149   8e-37 UniGene info

CF663173  RTCNT1_1_F01.b1_A029 Roo...   123   6e-29 UniGene info

CF663285  RTCNT1_2_A02.b1_A029 Roo...   159   1e-39 UniGene info

CF663367 same as CF672363

CF663405 same as CF397580

CF663543 same as CF670928

CF663747 same as AY064170.1

CF664384  RTCNT1_9_A08.g1_A029 Roo...    51   2e-14 UniGene info

CF664461  RTCNT1_9_H07.g1_A029 Roo...   104   2e-42 UniGene info

CF664544  RTCNT1_10_B05.g1_A029 Ro...   188   2e-48 UniGene info

CF664732 53% to 75B1

CF664817  RTCNT1_12_D05.b1_A029 Ro...   146   8e-36 UniGene info

CF664899  RTCNT1_12_D05.g1_A029 Ro...    87   6e-18 UniGene info

CF665452  RTCNT1_16_C12.b1_A029 Ro...    55   3e-08 UniGene info

CF665493  RTCNT1_16_G12.b1_A029 Ro...    70   1e-12 UniGene info

CF665533  RTCNT1_16_C12.g1_A029 Ro...    65   2e-11 UniGene info

CF665569  RTCNT1_16_G12.g1_A029 Ro...   153   7e-38 UniGene info

CF666450  RTCNT1_23_H07.b1_A029 Ro...    67   8e-12 UniGene info

CF666477 same as AF096998.1

CF666506 same as CF397580

CF666508  RTCNT1_23_G07.g1_A029 Ro...   128   2e-30 UniGene info

CF666518  RTCNT1_23_H07.g1_A029 Ro...   128   2e-30 UniGene info

CF666968  RTCNT1_27_H01.b1_A029 Ro...    54   1e-15 UniGene info

CF667047 55% to 716A1

CF667212 same as CF470703

CF667376 67% to CF667935

CF667437  RTCNT1_30_F05.b1_A029 Ro...    65   3e-11 UniGene info

CF667474  RTCNT1_30_B10.g1_A029 Ro...   140   5e-34 UniGene info

CF667480 53% to 81D2

CF667935 59% to 76H6 60% to 76C4

CF668250 same as AY064170.1

CF668330 same as AY064170.1

CF668475 96% to CF397580

CF668595  RTCNT1_37_B03.g1_A029 Ro...   151   2e-37 UniGene info

CF669880  RTCNT1_46_D12.g1_A029 Ro...   173   5e-44 UniGene info

CF669910  RTCNT1_46_G07.g1_A029 Ro...   172   9e-44 UniGene info

CF670152 CYP73A23

CF670174 55%  to 92A9

CF670745  RTCNT1_52_F07.b1_A029 Ro...    59   3e-09 UniGene info

CF670819  RTCNT1_52_F07.g1_A029 Ro...    57   7e-09 UniGene info

CF670928 74% to CF396181

CF671014  RTCNT1_54_D03.b1_A029 Ro...    93   8e-20 UniGene info

CF671055  RTCNT1_54_H10.b1_A029 Ro...   181   3e-46 UniGene info

CF671084  RTCNT1_54_D03.g1_A029 Ro...   168   2e-42 UniGene info


CF671620  RTCNT1_58_F05.b1_A029 Ro...    60   6e-10 UniGene info

CF671978 59% to 75B3

CF672051 same as CF667935

CF672102 same as AY064170.1

CF672377 57% to 72A32

CF672363 53% to CF397949

CF672431 same as CF387990

CF672718 same as CF475447

CF672901  RTCNT1_74_E09.g1_A029 Ro...    65   3e-11 UniGene info

CF672937  RTCNT1_75_A10.b1_A029 Ro...    56   1e-08 UniGene info

CF673059 67% to 92A9