Last modified Jan. 7, 2002  D. Nelson
75 contigs 332 accession numbers (including 80 different scaffolds)
On Jan. 7, names assigned to Fugu p450s were added to this list, so the 
accession numbers are now linked to the actual p450 names of the Fugu genes
and not just the best hit in the database. 

26C1 search 20 acession numbers
2R1 search 42 more accession numbers
CYP17 4 new hits
CYP24 4 new hits
CYP51 5 new hits
CYP46 4 new hits 3 = CYP46 1 = CYP4
CYP39 2 new hits 7a and 8b
CYP5  0 new hits
CYP7A1 5 new hits
CYP8A1 3 new hits
CYP11A1 3 new hits
CYP27A1 2 new hits
CYP21 1 new hit
CYP19 1 new hit
CYP1B1 2 new hits
CYP3A41 6 new hits 
CYP4A10 1 new hit

In August more searches were done against the larger data set of 412 MB
CYP1B1 gave 34 new hits 
CYP2R1 gave 71 new hits (there are a lot of CYP2s in Fugu)
CYP17 added 7 new hits 
CYP8B1 added 38 new hits
CYP51 added 4 new hits

3A search 5 new hits
Scaffold_8637 50% to 4B1 no new hits
5A1 no new hits but extended scaffold 1244
7A1 9 new hits
Scaffold 7782 (8B like) 1 new hit
11A1 4 new hits
17A1 no new hits
19A1 no new hits
20A1 no new hits
21A2 no new hits
24A1 no new hits
27A1 no new hits
39A1 no new hits
fugu 46 no new hits
fugu 51 no new hits
26B1 no new hits
26C1 no new hits
27B1 no new hits
27C1 no new hits
4V2  no new hits

AL001511.1             CYP17A2 57% to chick CYP17
AL015446.1             CYP1B1 Same as Scaffold_1553
AL015454.1             CYP1B1 80% to CYP1B from Pleuronectes platessa
AL019151.1             CYP20
AL019159.1             CYP20
AL019161.1             CYP20
AL024920.1             CYP1B1 same as Scaffold_1553 C-term
FC:C006E20x1           CYP20 LPC2091.x1 
FC:C013F14aE4          CYP1B1 = scaf 1553
FC:C026O05x1           CYP8B2 = LPC9624.x1
FC:C028I22x1           CYP17 fragment = LPC10549.x1 
FC:C028I22x2           CYP17 fragment = LPC10549.x2 
FC:C028K22x2           CYP17A1 = LPC10550.x2
FC:C028K22x1           CYP17A1 = LPC10550.x1
FC:C028L22x2           CYP17A1 = LPC10742.x2
FC:C028L22x1           CYP17A1 = LPC10742.x1
FC:C033C03x1           CYP17A1 = LPC12298
FC:C033C05x1           CYP17A1 = LPC12298
FC:C034E21x1           CYP21   = LPC12755.x1
FC:C035B14x1           CYP8B2  = LPC.13393.x1 50% to 8B1
FC:C038F21bD12         CYP17A2 52% to CYP17 K-helix region 
FC:C057J04x1           CYP2K10  = LPC21805.x1
FC:C060C24y1           CYP2N/K/Z fragment = LPC22842.y1
FC:C060E24y1           CYP2N/K/Z possible pseudogene fragment = LPC22843.y1
FC:C061M05x2           CYP1C2 LPC23063.x2
FC:C061O19bA4          CYP7C1 
FC:C061O19aG11         CYP7C1 LPC27614.x1 FC:C061O19bH7
FC:C061O19bH7          CYP7C1 LPC27614.x1 FC:C061O19aG11
FC:C061O19bD6          CYP8A3P FC:C061O19bD10 
FC:C061O19bD10         CYP8A3P
FC:C068D07x1           CYP26B1 LPC25946.x1
FC:C068D07x2           CYP26B1 LPC25946.x2
FC:C068F07x1           CYP26B1 LPC25947.x1
FC:C068F07x2           CYP26B1 LPC25947.x2
FC:C068L08y1           CYP2R3P  = LPC26046.y1
FC:C068L08y2           CYP2R3P  = LPC26046
FC:C068M04y1           CYP2R1
FC:C068M08y1           CYP2R1
FC:C071O11x1           CYP26B1 LPC26928.x1 
FC:C072L16x1           CYP7C1 = LPC27614.x1 
FC:C077P23aC12         CYP1B1 = scaf 1553
FC:C077P23aD8          CYP1B1 = scaf 1553
FC:C094B16x1           CYP8A2 = LPC36057.x1 62% to 8A1 336-416
FC:C094G21x1           CYP8A2 = LPC35796.x1 FC:C094B16x1
FC:C102B11x1           CYP8B2 = LPC39017.x1
FC:C104I03x1           CYP2R2P 
FC:C114A21x1           CYP26B1 = LPC43473.x1
FC:C114K05x1           CYP24 = LPC43414.x1
FC:C114O18y1           CYP8A2 = LPC43560.y1 Fc:c125E08x1 LPC.47739.x1
FC:C123O08x1           CYP8A2 = LPC46976.x1 LPC43560.y1
FC:C125E08x1           CYP8A2 = LPC47739.x1 FC:C114O18y1
FC:C144E09x1           CYP2N9 = LSH.54947.x1 LPC61518.y1
FC:C161B20y1           CYP8A2 = LPC.61801.y1 69% to 8A1 28-70
FC:C161E03y1           CYP2N fragment = LPC61739
FC:C161F04y1           CYP2N fragment = LPC61739.y1 60% to 2J2
FC:C161K19y1           CYP2N9 = LPC61518
FC:C161O11x1           CYP2N/K/Z fragment = LPC61488.x1 64% to 2d9
FC:C161P09x1           CYP2N/K/Z fragment = LPC61680 59% to 2D9
FC:C161P11x1           CYP2U1   80% to 2U1 heme
FC:C161P12x1           CYP2N/K/Z fragment = LPC61776.x1 66% to 2D9
FC:C169N23B6           CYP20
FC:C169N23aD3          CYP20
FC:C169N23aH7          CYP20
FC:C181J12x1           CYP3A47 = LPC69453.x1
FE:EFRy002apsE4        CYP2X2 86% to LKU29272.y1 82% to LKU17547.x1
FS:s524                *CYP26A1 not in current database
FS:s875                CYP3A47
FS:s1316               CYP3 fragment not in current database
FS:s1553               CYP1B1
FS:s2373               CYP17A not in current database
FS:s6851               CYP27A2
FS:s7057               CYP46 N-term
FS:s8899               CYP2U1 = FS:s10678
FS:s10678              CYP2U1 = FS:s8899
FS:s11030              CYP1B1 54% to 2U1
FS:s11497              CYP1C1 43% to 1B1

The following 128 numbers from LDZ to LOL are not found in the current database
These have probably been revised and given new numbers without a link to the old numbers
Asterisks indicate those numbers not listed in the Fugu FASTA sequence file

LDZ12559.x1            CYP21 heme region 53% to CYP21
LDZ12755.x1            CYP21
LDZ23330.x1            CYP24 62% TO CYP24
LDZ38561.x1            CYP19A2 EXXR to heme
LDZ45836.x1            CYP2K10 = LKU76765.y1 LGW19459.x1 52% to 2G2P
LDZ45836.y1            CYP2K10 = LKU76565.x1 = LPC21805.x1 
LDZ47217.x1            *CYP8B
LDZ56427.y1            CYP2Y2 55% to 2F1
LDZ59358.y1            CYP8B2
LDZ59358.x1            CYP8B2
LDZ64156.y1            CYP2N13 60% to 2R1 N-term
LDZ64156.x1            CYP2N13 40% TO 2J6
LDZ70400.x1            CYP8A1 = LED56903.x1 63% to 8A1
LED24866.y1            *CYP8B
LED26279.x2            *CYP20
LED26857.x2            CYP5A1 54% to 5A1 hum
LED27587.x1            CYP17A2 MID REGION
LED27587.y1            CYP17A2 MID REGION
LED33740.x1            CYP2U1 56% to 2U1 C-term = LGS191056.x1
LED56903.x1            CYP8A1 = LDZ70400.x1 63% to 8A1
LED73857.y1            CYP2U1 = scaf. 8899
LED83776.x1            CYP2X frag. B 75% to scaf 4007
LGL2670.y1             CYP7C1 282-411 48% to 7A1
LGL15334.x1            CYP2Y2 heme to end = LGS30595.y1
LGL29067.x1            CYP2R1 70-202
LGL33554.y1            *CYP3A 38% to 3a13
LGL41180.y2            CYP2Z1 57% to 2d22
LGL43929.x1            CYP24 62% to CYP24
LGL47087.y1            CYP2X fragment a N-term
LGP735.y1              CYP8B2 60% to 8b1 249-274
LGQ3874.x1             CYP2X2 54% to 2R1
LGS14007.y1            *CYP8B
LGS30595.x1            CYP2Y2 opposite end of LGS30595.y1 64% to 2A
LGS30595.y1            CYP2Y2 opposite end of LGS30595.x1 53% to 2F1
LGS36609.y1            CYP2N11 45% to 2C19
LGS44549.x1            CYP19A1 48% to 19 249-310
LGS73235.y1            CYP2N10 53% to 2J2 = LKG95403.x1
LGS73235.x1            CYP2N9 opposite end of LGS73235.y1
LGS77512.y1            CYP51
LGS96377.x1            *CYP2 57% to 2D9
LGS101007.x1           CYP2R1 C-term
LGS108592.y1           CYP2K9 88% to 2D6 heme region
LGS111634.x1           CYP2Y2 65% to 2W1
LGS118983.x1           CYP3B2
LGS125183.x1           CYP27A3 PERF to heme
LGS129007.x1           *CYP26B1 C-term
LGS129007.y1           *CYP26B1 mid
LGS139924.x1           CYP27A3 57% to 27A1 I-helix
LGS141970.y1           CYP2K10 56% to 2J6
LGS143091.x1           CYP26C1 mid
LGS155375.y1           CYP8A2 60% to 8A1 342-381
LGS191056.x1           CYP2U1 56% to 2U1 C-term = LED33740.x1
LGS215193.x1           CYP2K9 = LGW56404.x1 60% to 2F1
LGS236534.x1           CYP2Y2 = LGS30595.y1 LGL15334.x1 
LGS237519.x1           CYP4V5 PKG to heme
LGS269180.x1           CYP1C1 = scaf. 11497
LGS275010.y1           CYP2U1 = scaf 8899
LGS291273.y1           CYP2U1 69% to 2U1
LGS296803.x1           CYP8A1 
LGS304686.x1           CYP1C2 diff from scaf 1553
LGU7740.y1             CYP1B1 
LGW1565.x1             CYP7A1
LGW19459.x1            CYP2K10 = LDZ45836.x1 LKU76765.y1 53% to 2G2P
LGW22832.x1            *CYP51
LGW33165.y1            CYP8B2
LGW54033.y1            CYP2R1 = LPC25839.y1
LGW56404.x1            CYP2K9 = LGS215193.x1 50% to 2A7
LGW56412.x1            CYP2K9 = LGW56404.x1 LGS215193.x1
LGW57257.y1            CYP7A1 50% to 7a1 238-350
LGW67540.x1            *CYP5A1 302-379 53% to 5a1
LGW71232.x1            CYP1C2 diff from scaf 1553
LGW81909.x1            *CYP8B
LGW85265.x1            CYP8A1 LKU27079.x1
LGW98501.x1            CY11A1 47% to 11A1
LGW104712.x1           CYP2N9 = LPC61518.y1
LGW123041.y1           CYP3A50P EXXR to PERF
LGW123816.y1           *CYP20
LGW124224.y1           CYP51 85% to mouse 51
LGW126079.y1           CYP2X3 51% to 2E1 I-helix region
LGW128983.x1           CYP2Z1 75% to LPC61680.x1
LGW155014.x1           *CYP46 N-term
LGW156304.x1           *CYP8B
LGW163383.x1           CYP8A2 62% to 8A1
LGW33165.y1            CYP8B2
LGX10826.y1            CYP3B2 N-terminal exon
LGX19039.x1            CYP8B2
LJQ17631.x1            *CYP8B
LJQ38192.x1            *CYP8B
LJQ38192.y1            *CYP8B
LJQ41167.x1            CYP3A48 68% to 3A13
LJQ41788.x1            CYP2K9 52% to 2F1
LJQ42324.x1            *CYP26B1
LKB20557.x1            *CYP8B
LKB50669.x1            CYP2K11 same as LKB50669.y1 
LKB50669.y1            CYP2K11 67% to LGW56404.x1 53% to 2D6
LKB50710.x1            CYP2K10 53% to 2W1 C-term
LKB67200.y1            CYP46 N-term
LKB99171.x1            *CYP2 50% TO 2C37
LKB101560.y1           CYP2K9 150-175 56% to 2G2P
LKB112205.y1           *CYP8B1
LKB125345.x1           CYP11A1 56% to 11A1
LKG24297.y1            *CYP8B
LKG69668.x1            CYP3A fragment 64% to 3A44 17-53
LKG94794.y1            CYP1A1  = LKH7579.x1 LKH15188 LKG94794.y1 63% to 1A1
LKG95403.x1            CYP2N10 56% to 2U1 C-term = LGS73235
LKG95403.y1            CYP2N9 opposite end of LKG95403.x1 = LGS73235
LKG104252.x1           CYP8B2 48% to 8B1
LKG120862.x1           *CYP8B
LKG481383.x1           CYP46
LKH7579.x1             CYP1A1 = LKG94794.y1 LKH15188 LKG94794.y1 63% to 1A1
LKH15188.x1            CYP1A1 = LKG94794.y1 LKH7579.x1 LKH15188.y1 63% to 1A1
LKH15188.y1            CYP1A1 = LKG94794.y1 LKH7579.x1 LKH15188.x1 63% to 1A1
LKH16351.x1            CYP2N10 = LPC61518
LKH34703.x1            CYP8B1
LKH45638.y1            CYP51
LKU16460.x1            CYP2K10 = LGW19459.x1 LKU76565.y1
LKU17547.x1            CYP2X2 58% TO 2U1 C-TERM
LKU27079.x1            CYP8A1 LGW85265.x1
LKU29272.y1            CYP2X3 54% to 2d10
LKU32251.y1            CYP3A fragment
LKU41493.y1            CYP2R1
LKU42172.x1            *CYP8B
LKU47931.x1            CYP24
LKU76565.y1            CYP2K10 = LDZ45836.x1 LGW19459.x1 52% to 2G2P
LKU76565.x1            CYP2K10 = LPC21805.x1 N-term of LKU76565.y1
LKU99181.y1            *CYP20
LOL6406.x1             CYP7A1 61% to 7A1 390-436
LOL6792.x1             CYP2K9 40% to 2W1

LPC2091.x1             CYP20 66% TO CYP20 = FC:C006E20x1
LPC9624.x1             CYP8B2 62% TO 8B1
LPC10550.x2            CYP17A1 50% to CYP17 N-term
LPC10742.x2            CYP17A1 45% to CYP17 N-term
LPC10742.x1            CYP17A1 50% to CYP17 N-term
LPC12298.x1            CYP17A1 heme to end
LPC12306.x1            CYP17A1 heme to end
LPC12755.x1            CYP21 heme region 46% to 2U1
LPC13393.x1            CYP8B2 50% to 8B1
LPC21805.x1            CYP2K10 52% TO 2A12 
LPC22842.y1            CYP2N/K/Z fragment 54% TO 2D9 PKG TO PERF
LPC22843.y1            CYP2N/K/Z possible pseudogene fragment PKG TO HEME
LPC23063.x2            CYP1C2 EXXR to END different from Scaffold_1553
LPC25262.x1            CYP11B1 50% to 11B1 139-189
LPC25839.y1            CYP2R1 EXXR to PERF
LPC25855.y1            CYP2R1 EXXR to PERF
LPC25946.x1            CYP26B1 PKG to PERF = FC:C068D07x1
LPC25946.x2            CYP26B1 EXXR to PKG = FC:C068D07x2
LPC25947.x1            CYP26B1 PKG to PERF = FC:C068F07x1
LPC25947.x2            CYP26B1 EXXR to PKG = FC:C068F07x2
LPC26046.y1            CYP2R3P
LPC26046.y2            CYP2R3P 60% to 2R1
LPC26928.x1            CYP26B1 I-helix to PERF = FC:C071O11x1
LPC27614.x1            CYP7C1 47% to 7A1 = FC:C072L16x1
LPC35796.x1            CYP8A2 46% to 8a1 331-392
LPC36057.x1            CYP8A2 56% to 8A1
LPC39017.x1            CYP8B2 62% TO 8B1
LPC39565.x1            CYP2R2P
LPC42075.x1            CYP27A frag. B 35% to 27A1 different from LPC42076.x1
LPC42076.x1            CYP27A frag. A 39% to 27A1 202-276
LPC42087.y1            CYP46 100% match at C-term? odd
LPC43414.x1            CYP24 = FC:C114K05x1
LPC43473.x1            CYP26B1 C-term = FC:C114A21x1
LPC43560.y1            CYP8A2 56% to 8A1
LPC46976.x1            CYP8A2 56% to 8A1 same as LPC43560.y1
LPC47739.x1            CYP8A2 56% to 8A1 same as LPC43560.y1
LPC61451.y1            CYP2N fragment 60% to 2J9
LPC61488.x1            CYP2N/K/Z fragment 64% to 2d9
LPC61518.y1            CYP2N9 58% to 2d9
LPC61672.x1            CYP2N/K/Z fragment 66% to 2D9
LPC61680.x1            CYP2N/K/Z fragment 66% to 2D9
LPC61739.y1            CYP2N fragment 60% to 2J9
LPC61776.x1            CYP2N/K/Z fragment 65% to 2D9
LPC61801.y1            CYP8A2 84% to 8a1
LPC69453.x1            CYP3A47 49% to 3A13
LSH54947.x1            CYP2N9 58% TO 2G1
NFP50560.x1            *CYP46 N-term not in current database
Scaffold_15            CYP21 = LDZ12559.x1 LPC12755.x1 46% to 2U1 53% to CYP21
Scaffold_39a           CYP2Y1 68% to LDZ56427.y1 
Scaffold_39b           CYP2Y2 = LDZ56427.y1 55% to 2F1 14037 fragment
Scaffold_49            CYP26B1
Scaffold_437           CYP51 complete
Scaffold_470           CYP27B1
Scaffold_485           CYP4V5 = LGS237519.x1 4v3-like 75% to 4V2
Scaffold_486           CYP20 complete
Scaffold_524           *CYP26A1 missing C-term not in current database
Scaffold_600           CYP3A47 56% to 3A
Scaffold_697           CYP27A2 53% to 27A1 = scaffold 6851
Scaffold_841           *CYP7? 37% to 7a1 not in current database
Scaffold_875           CYP3A47 50% to 3A13
Scaffold_895           CYP2U1 = scaffold 8899
Scaffold_1124a         CYP3A48 2 genes 40k-44k complete 
Scaffold_1124b         CYP3A49 2 genes 47k-48k partial 
Scaffold_1244          CYP5A1 about 50% to 5A1
Scaffold_1316          *CYP3A EXXR to heme not in current database
Scaffold_1410          CYP27C1 71% to 27C1 human
Scaffold_1553          CYP1B1 missing C-term
Scaffold_1583          CYP46 
Scaffold_1630          11A1 59% to 11A1 human
Scaffold_1804          CYP24
Scaffold_2213a         CYP3B1 50% to 3A
Scaffold_2213b         CYP3B2 
Scaffold_2221          CYP27C1 75% to 27C1
Scaffold_2373          *CYP17 not in current database
Scaffold_2425          CYP4F28 67% to 4F2
Scaffold_2531          *CYP26B1 N-term not in current database
Scaffold_2841          CYP2N/K/Z fragment 80% to LPC61680  66% to 2D9
Scaffold_2894          CYP3B2 63% to 3a13 74-106
Scaffold_2993a         CYP2Z1 70% to LGS141970.y1 56% to 2J6 17908 fragment
Scaffold_2993b         CYP2Z2 = LGS141970.y1 56% to 2J6 19739 fragment
Scaffold_3008a         CYP1C2 2 genes no introns 1B1 like complete
Scaffold_3008b         CYP1C1 2 genes no introns 1B1 like complete
Scaffold_3103          CYP2K12P = LKB99171.x1 50% TO 2C37
Scaffold_3261a         CYP2N9 comp(6986-9342)
Scaffold_3261b         CYP2N10 = LGS73235.y1 53% to 2J2 comp(10619-13883)
Scaffold_3261c         CYP2N11 84% to LGS73235.y1 53% to 2J2 comp(16310-18495) 
Scaffold_3261d         CYP2N12 comp(21042-22727)
Scaffold_3261e         CYP2N13 24760-26630
Scaffold_3437          CYP27A1 47% to 27A1 human
Scaffold_3538          CYP2X5P 57% to FE:EFRy002apsE4 51% to 2D6
Scaffold_4007          CYP2X2 75% to LED83776.x1 short fragment
Scaffold_4128          CYP24 same as Scaffold_1804 
Scaffold_4175          CYP17A1 = LPC12298.x1 Scaffold_2373 50% to 2d9 
Scaffold_4200          CYP19A2 = LDZ38561.x1 CYP19
Scaffold_4267          CYP26B1 75% to 26B1 human
Scaffold_4451          CYP8A1 64% to 8A1 human
Scaffold_4537          CYP46 60% to CYP46 human
Scaffold_5061          CYP8A2 57% to 8a1
Scaffold_5172          CYP7A1 59% to 7A1 human
Scaffold_5653          *CYP26B1 N-term not in current database
Scaffold_6002          CYP27A3 57% to 27A1
Scaffold_6851          CYP27A2 53% to 27A1 mouse
Scaffold_7057          CYP46 two parts out of order or gene cluster
Scaffold_7098          CYP19A1 64% to LDZ38561.x1 CYP19
Scaffold_7138          CYP2R1 ortholog complete
Scaffold_7201          CYP27A1 62% to 27A1 506-532
Scaffold_7782          CYP8B1 50% to 8B1 95% to LKH34703.x1 LDZ59358.y1
Scaffold_8086          CYP17A2 = LGS96377.x1 
Scaffold_8316          CYP11B1 
Scaffold_8637          CYP4T5 50% to 4B1 and 4A14
Scaffold_8899          CYP2U1 50% to 2U1 human complete
Scaffold_9267          CYP11B1 
Scaffold_10662         CYP1B1 = Scaffold_1553 short piece
Scaffold_10678         CYP2U1 PKG to heme
Scaffold_10760         CYP3A50P = LGW123041.y1 3A
Scaffold_10791         CYP2K11 = LKB50669.y1 LKB50669.x1 2D6 like
Scaffold_10845         CYP2X3 = LKU29272.y1 54% to 2d10
Scaffold_11030         CYP1B1 54% TO 2U1
Scaffold_11168         CYP8A3P
Scaffold_11497         CYP1C1 43% to 1B1 N-TERM
Scaffold_11741         CYP26C1
Scaffold_12487         CYP2K9 = LGW56404.x1 50% to 2A7
Scaffold_12575         CYP26A1
Scaffold_13436         CYP2K9 = LGW56404.x1 50% to 2A7
Scaffold_13758         CYP2K15P 41% to LKB99171.x1 50% TO 2C37
Scaffold_13905         CYP46 
Scaffold_14036         CYP8B1 50% to 8B1 HUMAN
Scaffold_14704         CYP46
Scaffold_15094         CYP4T5 same as Scaffold_8637
Scaffold_16085         CYP7C1 43% to 7A1
Scaffold_16670         CYP8B1 50% to 8B1 human
Scaffold_19012         CYP8B1 50% to 8B1
Scaffold_19246         CYP1A1 = LKH7579.x1 LKH15188.y1 LKH15188.x1 63% to 1A1
Scaffold_19693         CYP2K10 = LGW19459.x1 53% to 2G2P
Scaffold_20802         CYP8B3P 50% to 8B1
Scaffold_21917         CYP8B2 59% to 8B1