Public 2B Subfamily Members

1. CYP2B1 rat

2. CYP2B2 rat

3. CYP2B3 rat

4. Cyp2B4 rabbit

5. Cyp2B4P rabbit

6. Cyp2B5 rabbit

7. CYP2B6 human

8. Cyp2b9 mouse

9. Cyp2b10 mouse

10. CYP2B11 dog

11. CYP2B12 rat

12. Cyp2b13 mouse

13. CYP2B14P rat

14. CYP2B15 rat

15. CYP2B16P rat

16. CYP2B17 macaque

17. Cyp2b20 mouse


Please note that the names CYP2B7P, CYP2B8 and CYP2B14 have been discontinued. CYP2B7 is an alternative splice variant of CYP2B6. CYP2B8 is from the promoter region of CYP2B15. CYP2B14 is a pseudogene now called CYP2B16P.