Rice indica and japonica sequences sorted into family and subfamily
bins. This file is being used as a scratch pad for naming; names are 
not official until added to the nomenclature pages. 
All sequences have now been named and these names will be
placed on the nomenclature pages.
9/25/02 D. Nelson

FULL LENGTH GENES = 293 (old value) AND THIS needs revision. 

51A5  aaaa01012243.1 $FI Indica rice genome CYP51 76% to 51A2
      aaaa01066056.1 (indica) = aaaa01012243.1 $FI CYP51
51A6  aaaa01003099.1b (indica cultivar-group)  Nterm aa 3160
      ortholog to AP005448.1b 
51A6  aaaa01003099.1c (indica cultivar-group)  Nterm aa 61160
      ortholog to AP005448.1b 
51A6  aaaa01003099.1d (indica cultivar-group)  Nterm aa 61160
      ortholog to AP005448.1b
51A6  aaaa01003099.1e (indica ) 52% to 51A2 orth AP005448b
51A7P aaaa01003099.1a (indica cultivar-group)  Nterm aa 494
      ortholog of AP005448.1a and AP005188.2b
51A8  aaaa01001626.1 $FI (indica ) 49% to 51A2 orth AP005188.2a
51A9  aaaa01009323.1 (indica ) 55% to AP005448.1b $F orth AP004890
51A10 aaaa01023253.1 (indica ) orth of AP004090.1 $F chromosome 2 
      aaaa01024682.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth of AP004090.1 $F chromosome 2
      Nterm join with AAAA01023253.1
51A11 aaaa01008685.1 (indica ) orth of AC108875.1a $F  
51A12 aaaa01010435.1 (indica ) orth of AC108875.1b $F 
      aaaa01067145.1 (indica)  orth of AC108875.1b $F
51A13 aaaa01004091.1 (indica ) orth of AC108875.1c $F chr 5 
51A14 aaaa01005681.1a (indica) orth AP003866.1a $F chr 7
51A15 aaaa01028263.1 (indica ) 73% to AP003866.1 55% to 51A2 I-helix to end
      aaaa01065204.1 (indica ) 77% to aaaa01005681.1 partial mid
      aaaa01014709.1 (indica ) 70% to aaaa01005681.1 N-term
51A16P aaaa01005681.1b (indica) orth AP003866.1b

CYP71 family there are 110 CYP71 sequences in rice
CYP71C12 AP003909.1a $F chromosome 8 50% to 71C1
CYP71C12 aaaa01000238.1f $FI (indica ) AP003909.1a 99%
CYP71C12 aaaa01079567.1 (indica) orth AP003909.1a $F chromosome 8 99%
         98% to aaaa01000238.1f $FI
CYP71C13P AP003909.1b $P chromosome 8 49% to 71C1
CYP71C13P aaaa01000238.1g $FI (indica ) AP003909.1b 89%
CYP71C14 AP003909.1c $F chromosome 8 50% to 71C1
CYP71C14 aaaa01000238.1e $FI (indica ) AP003909.1c 99%
CYP71C15 AP003909.1d $F chromosome 8 53% to 71C1
CYP71C15 aaaa01000238.1c $FI (indica ) AP003909.1d 99%
CYP71C16 AP003909.1e $F chromosome 8 51% to 71C1
CYP71C16 aaaa01000238.1b $FI (indica ) AP003909.1e 100%
CYP71C17 AP003909.1f $F chromosome 8 52% to 71C1
CYP71C17 aaaa01000238.1a $FI (indica ) orth of AP003909.1f 
CYP71C17 aaaa01000238.1d $FI (indica ) AP003909.1f
CYP71C18 AP004232.1 $F chromosome 1 47% to 71C1
CYP71C19 AP004233.1 $F chromosome 1 48% to 71C1
CYP71C20 AP004757.1 $F 52% to AF321858 Lolium rigidum 70% to AP003909 51% to 71C1
CYP71C20 aaaa01003879.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog to AP004757.1 97%
CYP71C21 aaaa01002989.1 $FI (indica ) 91% to AP004233.1
CYP71C22P AP003909.1g $P chromosome 8
CYP71C23P AAAA01006247.1 orth AP004757.1b

CYP71E4 AC092559.2 $F chromosome 3 60% TO 71E1 orth aaaa01000733.1
CYP71E5 aaaa01011852.1 $FI 58% to AC092559.2 59% TO 71E1 ORTH = AL731888.1
CYP71E6 aaaa01021677.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AC084319.5a $F 99%
CYP71E6 aaaa01015254.1 AC084404.8

CYP71K1 aaaa01009177.1b (indica ) orth AP002968 $F 
CYP71K2P aaaa01009177.1a(indica ) AP002968 $F 97%
CYP71K3 aaaa01007181.1a (indica ) orth AP003990.1h $F chr 2 
CYP71K3 aaaa01007181.1b (indica) orth AP003990.1h $F chr 2 C-term
CYP71K4 aaaa01007181.1c (indica ) orth AP003990.1i $F chr 2 
CYP71K5 aaaa01007181.1d (indica ) orth AP003990.1j $F chr 2 
CYP71K6 aaaa01012971.1b (indica ) orth AP003523.1c $F chr 6 
CYP71K6 aaaa01008944.1 (indica ) orth AP003523.1c $F chr 6
CYP71K7P aaaa01001026.1a $PI (indica) 3 defects, probable pseudogene 
         orth of AP003523.1d, 75% to AP003523.1c
CYP71K7P aaaa01012971.1a (indica ) orth AP003523.1d $F chr 6 
CYP71K8 aaaa01001026.1b $PI (indica ) Pseudogene of AP003523.1e
CYP71K9 aaaa01001026.1c $FI (indica) Cterminal differs from AAAA01001026.1b
CYP71K10 aaaa01001026.1d $FI (indica )
CYP71K11 aaaa01008885.1 $FI (indica ) 97% TO AAAA01011410.1
         ortholog to AC118346.1 gene 1
CYP71K12 aaaa01011410.1 $FI (indica) Ortholog to AC118346.1 gene 2
CYP71K13P AC118346.1c $P no indica ortholog found

CYP71P1 aaaa01005413.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog to AL713951.1
CYP71P2P AAAA01009895.1 orth of AP003544.1 84% to 71P1
CYP71Q1 aaaa01003512.1 i (indica ) ortholog to AP004346.1a
CYP71Q1 aaaa01043764.1 (indica)    orth AP004346.1a $F 97%
CYP71Q2 AAAA01003239.1b i (indica) exon 2 ortholog to AP004346.1b
CYP71Q2 aaaa01017559.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP004346.1b $F 98%
CYP71Q2 aaaa01025743.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP004346.1b $F 99%
CYP71Q3 AAAA01003239.1a $PI (indica) exon 2 ortholog to AP004346.1c
CYP71Q4P pseudogene fragment aaaa01002200.1 $PI (indica) ortholog AC087599.11 $P
CYP71R1 aaaa01004200.1 (indica) 92% to CYP71R2P
CYP71R2P aaaa01007242.1 $PI (indica ) ortholog of AP003575.1
CYP71R3 aaaa01059584.1 (indica) 59% to 71R1
CYP71S1 aaaa01016223.1 (indica ) orth AL606614.1b $F chr 4
CYP71S1 aaaa01040889.1 (indica)  orth AL606614.1b $F chr 4 100%
CYP71S2 AAAA01011971.1 (indica) orth AL606614.1a $F chr 4, 88% TO 71S1
CYP71T1  AP003434.1a $F orth aaaa01000559.1 $FI
CYP71T2  AP003434.1b $F orth AAAA01002066.1 $PI
CYP71T3  AP003434.1c $F AAAA0106724, AU163704.1
CYP71T4  AP003434.1d 95% to aaaa01006398.1c probably orth
CYP71T4  aaaa01006398.1c 95% to AP003434.1d probably orth
CYP71T5  aaaa01006398.1b $FI (indica ) no ortholog
CYP71T5  aaaa01006398.1d $PI (indica ) no orth
CYP71T5  aaaa01054542.1 (indica cultivar-group) 76% to 71T3
CYP71T6  aaaa01006398.1a (indica )
CYP71T7  aaaa01002288.1 $FI (indica ) no ortholog
CYP71T8 aaaa01000893.1 (indica cultivar-group) Nterm 49% to AP003434.1c
CYP71T9 aaaa01042159.1 (indica cultivar-group) 62% to 71T1 I-helix
CYP71T10 pseudogene aaaa01010398.1 pseudogene fragment = aaaa01017833.1
CYP71T10 pseudogene aaaa01017833.1 pseudogene fragment = aaaa01010398.1 
         75% to 71T5 in a small region
CYP71U1P aaaa01005635.1 $PI (indica ) one stop codon, one fs
        62% to AAAA01000843.1
CYP71U2 aaaa01000843.1 $FI (indica ) 63% to AAAA01005635.1 
CYP71U3 AP004872.1 = AP005536.1 92% to AAAA01000843.1
CYP71V1 aaaa01025826.1 (indica ) orth AC096855.1 $F chr 3 98%
CYP71V2 aaaa01006345.1 (indica ) 77% to AC096855.1 $F
CYP71V3 aaaa01004037.1 $FI (indica) ortholog to AL732378.3 67% to 71V2
CYP71V4 aaaa01006105.1a $FI (indica ) 80% TO 71V4
        similar to Lolium rigidum AF321859
CYP71V4 aaaa01045745.1 (indica cultivar-group) 64% to AC096855.1 $F
         98% to aaaa01006105.1a $FI 2 diffs 
CYP71V5 aaaa01006105.1b $FI (indica )
CYP71V6P aaaa01006105.1c $PI (indica) 79% to 71V4
        but no Nterm exon present in 2000bp to end of clone
CYP71W1 aaaa01023722.1 $FI (indica 
CYP71W2 AAAA01013880.1b orth of AC120537.1a
CYP71W3 aaaa01013880.1a $FI (indica) ortholog of AC120537.1b AQ869247.1
CYP71W4 aaaa01021177.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog to AC120537.1c
        74% to CYP71W2
CYP71W4 AAAA01039974.1 (indica ) Nterm 132 aa
CYP71W5P AC078894.1 chr 10 80% to 71W4
CYP71W6P AP004175.1 chr  2 94% to 71W5P

CYP71X1 aaaa01012657.1 (indica ) orth AP003990.1g $P chr 2
CYP71X2 AP003990.1f $F chromosome 2 
CYP71X3 aaaa01007431.1a (indica ) orth AP003990.1e $F chr 2
CYP71X3 aaaa01070587.1 (indica) orth AP003990.1e $F chr 2
CYP71X4 AP003990.1d $F chromosome 2 no orth 89% to aaaa01007431.1a
CYP71X5 aaaa01017763.1 (indica ) orth AP003990.1c $F chr 2
CYP71X6 aaaa01002047.1c $PI (indica ) ortholog of AP003990.1b
CYP71X7 aaaa01002047.1b $FI (indica ) ortholog of AP003990.1a
CYP71X8 aaaa01012191.1 (indica ) orth AP004000.1a $F chr 2
CYP71X8 aaaa01027906.1 (indica ) orth AP004000.1a $F chr 2
CYP71X8 aaaa01002047.1a $FI (indica) orth of AP004000.1a 99%, 
         81% to aaaa01008333.1a 
CYP71X9P AP004000.1b $P chromosome 2 pseudogene fragment
CYP71X10 aaaa01025401.1 (indica ) orth AP004000.1c $F chr 2
CYP71X11 AP004000.1d $F chromosome 2 
CYP71X11 aaaa01002996.1a $FI (indica) ortholog of AP004000.1d >99%
         68% to aaaa01002047.1b $FI
CYP71X12 AP004000.1e $F chromosome 2, AP004066.1
CYP71X12 aaaa01002996.1b $FI (indica) ortholog of AP004000.1e 99%
         66% to aaaa01002047.1a $FI
CYP71X13P aaaa01002645.1a $PI (indica ) (80% identical to    
          AAAA01002645.1b) ortholog to AP005385.1b $P
CYP71X13P AAAA01012992.1 (indica ) runs off end of clone (partialI)
CYP71X14 aaaa01002645.1b $FI (indica ) no introns 
         ortholog to AP005385.1a $F 99%
CYP71X15 aaaa01008333.1a $FI (indica ) very similar to AP003990.1
CYP71X16 aaaa01008333.1b (indica) runs off end of clone (partialI)
          like AP004000
CYP71X17P AAAA01001712.1 $PI (indica) Cterm exon not found in 20000bp of seq.

CYP71Y1 aaaa01025223.1 orth? AP003571.1g $F chromosome 6 
CYP71Y2P aaaa01101459.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1f $P chr 6 97%
CYP71Y3 aaaa01048884.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1e $F chr 6 
CYP71Y3 AAAA01007286.1 (indica ) orth AP003571.1e $F chr 6
CYP71Y3 aaaa01040160.1 (indica)  orth AP003571.1e $F chr 6 96%
CYP71Y4 AP003571.1d $F orth AAAA01012291.1 chromosome 6 
CYP71Y5 aaaa01032282.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1c $F chromosome 6 AQ328148
CYP71Y5 aaaa01032612.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1c $F chr 6
CYP71Y5 aaaa01083019.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1c $F chr 6
CYP71Y5 aaaa01021346.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1c $F chr 6 
CYP71Y5 aaaa01020516.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1c $F chr 6
CYP71Y6 aaaa01076398.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1b $F chromosome 6 
CYP71Y6 AAAA01053818.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1b $F chromosome 6
CYP71Y6 aaaa01098934.1 (indica) orth AP003571.1b $F chr 6 99%
CYP71Y7 AP003571.1a $F chromosome 6 orth AAAA01012578.1
CYP71Y8 aaaa01011521.1b $FI (indica ) 81% to CYP71Y7
CYP71Y9P aaaa01011521.1a $PI

CYP71Z1 aaaa01011369.1 (indica ) orth AL606625.1 $F chr 4
CYP71Z2 aaaa01002274.1a (indica) ortholog of AP003805.1 $F a duplicate of 1b
CYP71Z2 AAAA01002274.1b (indica) ortholog of AP003805.1 $F a duplicate of 1A
CYP71Z3 aaaa01002847.1a $FI (indica ) ortholog to AC087550.2a
CYP71Z3 aaaa01000275.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AC087550.2 $F chr 10
CYP71Z4 aaaa01002847.1b $FI (indica ) orth AC087550.2b 79% to aaaa01000805.1a 
CYP71Z5 aaaa01005737.1 $FI (indica ) orth AP004790.1
CYP71Z6 aaaa01000393.1 $FI (indica ) 89% to AP005114.1b
CYP71Z7 aaaa01013736.1 $FI (indica ) 
        ortholog of BI811079.1 AP005114.1b
CYP71Z8 AAAA01000805.1a INCOMPLETE (indica ) ORTH AC087544.2
CYP71Z8 aaaa01011405.1 (indica) orth AC087544.2 $F chr 10 99%
CYP71Z8 AAAA01000805.1b $PI (indica) duplicate of first 46 aa OF 71Z8
CYP71Z9 aaaa01092069.1 (indica cultivar-group) 61% to AC087544.2 
        58% to aaaa01002847.1b
CYP71Z10 aaaa01088222.1  i  not an exact match 64% to 71Z7
CYP71Z11 AAAA01035499.1 53% to 71Z7 from PKG to end may be new subfamily
CYP71Z12 BI808626.1 59% to aaaa01035499.1 poor quality sequence

CYP71AA1P aaaa01002599.1a $FI (indica ) ortholog of AP004326.2d $F
CYP71AA2 aaaa01002599.1b $FI (indica) ortholog of AP004326.2c $F >99%
CYP71AA3  aaaa01002599.1c $FI (indica) ortholog of AP004326.2b
CYP71AA4P AP004326.2a 60% to aaaa01051575.1
CYP71AA5 aaaa01051575.1 (indica cultivar-group) 69% to AP004326.2b
CYP71AB1 aaaa01010273.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AC113337.1
CYP71AB2 aaaa01009869.1 (indica ) orth AP004684.1b $F chr6
CYP71AB3 aaaa01002000.1 (indica) ortholog of AP004688.1 99%, 89% to CYP71AB2
CYP71AC1 aaaa01010030.1b (indica ) orth AP003523.1b $F chr 6 
CYP71AC1 aaaa01031277.1 (indica) orth AP003523.1b $F chr 6 99%
CYP71AC2 aaaa01002303.1 $FI (indica ) same seq as AAAA01000575.1
         except 2 aa diffs and one short frameshifted region
         = orth of AP005610 and AP005192
CYP71AC2 aaaa01000575.1 $FI (indica ) 74% to AP003523.1
         Same as aaaa01002303.1 = orth of AP005610 and AP005192
CYP71AC3P aaaa01007044.1 $PI (indica cultivar-group) probably a pseudogene of  
         an AP003523 like gene. 75% to 71AC1 
CYP71AC4 aaaa01034252.1 (indica cultivar-group) 77% to AP003523.1b
         62% to 71AC2
CYP71AC5P AAAA01021566.1 orth of AL606658.1 87% to CYP71AC2
CYP71AC6P AAAA01013200.1 orth of AP004571.1 = AP004327.1 94% to CYP71AC5P
CYP71AC7P AAAA01017762.1 91% to CYP71AC5P
CYP71AD1 AC109595.1 $F chr 5 46% to 71C1
CYP71AD1 aaaa01011555.1 (indica ) orth AC109595.1 $F chr 5 >99% 47% to 71C1
CYP71AE1 aaaa01019060.1 $FI (indica ) 46% to 71C1
CYP71AE2 AC132003.1 orth aaaa01032609.1 65% to CYP71AE1
CYP71AF1 aaaa01010030.1a (indica ) orth AP003523.1a
CYP71AF1 aaaa01010030.1c (indica ) AP003523.1a $F chr 6 
CYP71AF1 aaaa01041444.1 (indica ) orth AP003523.1a $F chr 6
CYP71AG1 aaaa01066426.1 (indica cultivar-group) 39% to AP003434.1
         mid to J-helix PROBABLE NEW 71 SUBFAMILY

CYP72 use 72A19 to search
72A17 AAAA01007330.1b orth CYP72A17 $F AP002839 100%
72A18 AAAA01007330.1a orth CYP72A18 $F AP002839 100%
72A19 AAAA01029515.1  orth CYP72A19 $F AP002839 chr 1 100%
72A20 AAAA01012480.1  orth CYP72A20 $F AP002839 98% chr 1
72A21 AAAA01070145.1  orth CYP72A21 $F AP002839 chr 1, 100%
72A22 AAAA01018418.1  orth CYP72A22 $F AP002839 100%
72A23 AAAA01017648.1  orth of CYP72A23 $F AP002839
72A24 AAAA01002256.1a orth CYP72A24 $F AP002839 chr 1 100%
72A25 AAAA01002256.1b orth CYP72A25 $F AP002839 2 diffs
72A31P aaaa01009673.1 (indica ) orth AP003278 $P 80% to 72A19
72A31P aaaa01035549.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP003278 $P chr 1
72A32 aaaa01013993.1 (indica ) orth AP003278a $F 78%
72A33 AAAA01003187.1a  orth of AP003278 $F chr 1, 82% to 72A22 these two seem identical
72A33 AAAA01003187.1b  orth of AP003278 $F chr 1, 82% to 72A22 these two seem identical
72A34 aaaa01009485.1 (indica ) ortholog of AC119289.1 60% to 72A19
72A35 aaaa01001473.1 (indica ) orth of AP002899 $F 66%
72A36P AAAA01004480.1 orth of AP003142.2 86% to 72A35
72A37P AAAA01005990.1 orth of AP004019.1b
72A38P AP004019.1a

73A35P aaaa01004255.1 $PI (indica ) ortholog of 73A35P
73A38 aaaa01002376.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog to AQ256364.1 
73A39 aaaa01006093.1a $FI CYP73 (indica ) 99% to AP004850.1b
73A40 aaaa01006093.1b $FI CYP73 (indica ) 99% to AP004850.1a
   98% to AAAA01006093.1a

74A4 aaaa01002175.1 (indica ) orth of AC099043.1 $F 56% to 74A
74A5 aaaa01021750.1 (indica ) orth to AC107226.1 $F 52% to 74A
     allene oxide synthase (AOS) gene, AY062258 AC107226.1 chr 3
74A5 allene oxide synthase (AOS) gene, complete cds.AY062258
74A5 AC107226.1 $F chromosome 3
74A5 aaaa01021750.1 (indica ) orth to AC107226.1 $F chromosome 3 100%
74E1 aaaa01001499.1 (indica ) 85% to AP004181.1 $F 41% to 74A
     same as AP004996.1a
74E2 aaaa01015196.1 (indica ) orth to AP004181.1 $F AP004996.1b 62% to 74A
74E3P AAAA01034814.1 (indica ) 76% to AP004181 $F chromosome 2
      79% TO aaaa01001499.1 8 diffs with AP004996.1a 94%
74F1 aaaa01005693.1 (indica ) 53% to 74B2 orth of AP004752.1

75A11 AC125784.1 $F ortholog of AAAA01085971.1 100% AAAA01009188.1 1 aa diff
      58% TO 75A SEQUENCES 45% to AC021892.5 48% to 75B1
75B3 aaaa01005609.1 $FI (indica ) orth AC021892.5 $F chr 10 98% 
75B3 aaaa01006229.1a (indica ) orth AC021892.5 $F chr 10
75B3 aaaa01006229.1b (indica ) orth AC021892.5 $F chr 10
these three sequences are exactly identical (probably an error in assembly)
75B4 AC119149.2 orth of AAAA01018574.1 AAAA01010988.1 68% to 75B3

76H4 aaaa01001667.1a $FI (indica ) ortholog of AC118672.1b 64%
76H5 aaaa01001667.1b (indica ) ortholog of AC118672.1a 62%
76H6 aaaa01004378.1a (indica ) orth AC116603.1a $F chr 10
76H7 aaaa01004378.1b (indica ) orth AC116603.1b 
76H8 aaaa01019517.1 (indica ) ortholog to AQ869312.1 AC116603.1c
76H8 aaaa01025351.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth? AC116603.1c $F 94% 2 diffs
76H9 aaaa01001606.1a ortholog of AC078944.5b join with AAAA01032734.1 54%
76H10 aaaa01026521.1 (indica ) ortholog of AC078944.5a 57%
      AAAA01001606.1b (indica ) 
76H11 aaaa01012542.1 (indica ) orth AP004183.1 $P chr 8 49%
76H12P aaaa01028537.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP003261.1 $P chr 1
      54% to 76H8 N-term
76H13P AP003214.3 $P almost identical to AP003227 AP003261.1
76H14P AP003622 3 diffs with 76H11
76H15P AAAA01007618.1 orth of AC025783.5b 
76H16P AC078944.1 41% to 76H10 K-helix to heme
76K1  aaaa01008113.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AP005308.1b
76K2P AAAA01007971.1 orth of AP005308.1a
76L1  aaaa01005655.1 $FI 46%
76M1  aaaa01003137.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog to AU173996.1
      44% to 76C4
76M2  aaaa01004597.1b $PI (indica ) missing Nterm 42% to 76C4
      89% to Nterm of AU172561.1 6 diffs with BI808700.1
76M2  AP005254.1a = AF488522.1 orth of AAA01004597.1b
76M3P aaaa01018916.1 $PI (indica ) missing Nterm, inverted seq at     
      end 85% to Nterm of AU172561.1 4 diffs with BI808700.1 95% to AP005254.1a 
      $F chr 8
76M3P aaaa01004597.1a (indica) ortholog to BI808700.1 (3 diffs)
      runs off end of scaffold same as aaaa01018916.1
76M4P aaaa01013893.1 $PI (indica ) pseudogene (gap in sequence)
      3 diffs with Nterm of AU172561.1 93% to Cterm of AU172561.1
      ortholog of AP005254.1b (5 diffs)
76M4P aaaa01093009.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP005254.1b $P
76M4P aaaa01076605.1 (indica cultivar-group) ortholog of AP005254.1b 100% 
      AU172561.1 (1 diff)
76M5  aaaa01011645.1 $FI (indica )
76M6  aaaa01008405.1 (indica ) top part of ortholog to BI813130.1
      AAAA01075650.1 (indica ) ortholog of BI813130.1 (4 diffs)
76M7  aaaa01004667.1b $FI (indica ) ortholog of AP003623.1 90% TO 76M8
76M8  aaaa01008385.1 (indica ) missing the Nterminal
      ortholog of C72003 contig
76M9 AP004684.1a $F chromosome 6 aaaa01000831.1 Nterm seq 65% to 76M5
76M10 AAAA01000493.1a $PI (indica) pseudogene fragment
      ORTH OF AP005254.1c with a deletion in the Ihelix
76M10 aaaa01069756.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP005254.1c $F chr 8
76M11P AAAA01000493.1b $PI (indica) pseudogene fragment
      ORTH OF AP005254.1d 1 aa diff but shorter
76M11P AAAA01000493.1c $PI (indica ) pseudogene fragment
      ORTH TO AP005254.1d 100% but shorter
76M12P aaaa01004667.1a $PI (indica cultivar-group) Cterm 91% to 76M7
76M13 AL713947.1 $F 57% to 76M2
76M14 AP003267.1 $F 64% to 76M7
76N1  aaaa01014464.1 $FI 
76N2  aaaa01007897.1 $FI 
76N3  aaaa01049788.1 (indica) orth AC074054.1a $F chr 10 98%
      63% to 76N2
76N3  aaaa01010283.1 (indica) orth AC074054.1a $F chr 10 60% to aaaa01005754.1 
76N4P aaaa01082499.1 (indica cultivar-group) 52% to 76N2 I to PKG
76P1  aaaa01014797.1 (indica ) orth AC074105.1 $F chr 10
76P1  aaaa01014488.1 (indica) orth AC074105.1 $F chr 10 99%
76P2  aaaa01010028.1 orth of AL831811.1 92% to AC074105.1
76P3  aaaa01001621.1a $FI (indica ) ortholog of AC092749.1
76P4P aaaa01001621.1b $PI (indica cultivar-group) ortholog of AC092749.1a $P
      95% to 76P3
76P5  aaaa01005754.1 (indica ) orth AC074054.1b $P chr 10 
76P6  aaaa01007399.1 (indica ) orth AC105746.1 $F chr 10 
76Q1  aaaa01002827.1 $FI (indica )
76Q2  aaaa01011593.1 (indica) orth AP003522.1 $F chr 6 100% 68% to 76Q1
76Q2  aaaa01063083.1 (indica) orth AP003522.1 $F chr 6 96%

77A9 aaaa01021406.1 (indica ) ortholog of AU070007 55% to 77A1
77A9 aaaa01011465.1 (indica ) orth AL731641.1 $F 59% to 77A1
77B2 aaaa01003438.1 $FI (indica ) orth to AP003723.1 60% to 77B1
77B2 aaaa01092197.1 (indica) orth AP003723.1 $F chr 6 100%

78A11 AC083943.6 orth of aaaa01014577.1 61% to 78A7
78B4  aaaa01004390.1 $PI (indica ) Nterm missing and one    
      frameshift 55% to 78A11
78B5 aaaa01003568.1 $FI 49% to aaaa01012488.1 orth of AP005175.1
78B6 aaaa01023161.1 (indica ) ortholog of AC097276.6 
     48% to 78A11 48% to aaaa01012488.1
78B6 aaaa01022265.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AC097276.6 chr 3 99%
78C5  aaaa01000394.1 53% to 78A11 47% to aaaa01012488.1
78C6 aaaa01017257.1 47% to aaaa01012488.1
78C7 aaaa01008990.1 (indica ) orth AC099399.1 $F 
     50% to aaaa01012488.1
78D1  aaaa01012488.1 $FI (indica ) 47% to CYP78A5

79A7 AC084319.5 one diff with indica seq aaaa01016663.1
79A8 = barley
79A9 aaaa01007189.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AL662990.1 
     64% to 79A7
79A10 aaaa01014830.1 $FI 59% to 79A7
79A11 aaaa01008340.1 (indica ) 81-84% to aaaa01007189 
     65% to 79A7

81A5 AC084282a $F 69% to 81A2
aaaa01013363.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AC084282a
81A6 AC084282b $F 73% to 81A2
aaaa01002164.1a $FI (indica ) ortholog of AC084282b $F
81A7 AC084282c $F 64% to 81A2
aaaa01002164.1b $FI (indica ) ortholog of AC084282.1c $F
81A8 AC084282d $F 65% to 81A2
aaaa01002164.1c $FI (indica ) ortholog of AC084282.1d $F
81L2 AP005285.1a gene 1 $F 46% to 81a2 58% to 81L1
81L2 aaaa01035549.1 (indica ) orth AP003278 $P chr 1 58% to 81L1
81L2 aaaa01048292.1 (indica ) ortholog to AP005285.1 gene 1
81L2 aaaa01027888.1 (indica) orth AP005285.1 gene 1 $F 100%
81L2 aaaa01089015.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth? AP005285.1 gene 2 97%
     2 diffs/59 aa N-term
81L2 aaaa01050076.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP005285.1 gene 1 $F 96% 2 diffs
81L3 AP005285.1b gene 2 48% to 81A2 62% to 81L1
81L3 aaaa01004834.1a (indica ) ortholog of AP005285.1 gene 2
81L4 AP005285.1c $F gene 3 47% to 81A2 65% to 81L1
81L4 aaaa01004834.1b $FI (indica ) ortholog of AP005285.1 gene 3
81L5P AP005285.1d at 115000 region 57% to AL606630.1 54% to 81D2 many frameshifts    
     ortholog of aaaa01004834.1c 71% to 81L1 
81L6 AP005285.1e $F gene 4 60% to 81L1
81L6 AAAA01003554.1 (indica ) ortholog to AP005285.1 gene 4 58% to 81L1
81M1 AL606630.1 $F chromosome 4 47% to 81A2 47% to 81L1 51% to 81L4
  48% to AL772426.1 = ortholog of AAAA01002713.1 not 81A, B, C, D, F, E, G, H, 
  J, K or L (new subfamily 81M)
81M1 aaaa01027323.1 (indica ) orth AL606630.1 $F
81N1 AL772426.1a = ortholog of AAAA01017554.1 $FI 45% to 81B2 
   75% to aaaa01010047.1dca hybrid not 81A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M
81N2 AL772426.1b = ortholog of aaaa01010047.1dca hybrid 45% to 81A2
   aaaa01010047.1dca hybrid 75% to AL772426.1 = ortholog of AAAA01017554.1
81N3P AAAA01002187.1 2 diffs with AL772426.1
81P1 AL772426.1c = ortholog of AAAA01002713.1 and aaaa01010047.1b 44% to 81A2
aaaa01002713.1 $FI (indica ) runs off end of clone 
not 81A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N so a new subfamily 

No strong candidates

No strong candidates

CYP84A5 aaaa01003110.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AC073867.4 $F 62%
CYP84A6 AC121490.1 68% to 84A5 orth of aaaa01004359.1
CYP84A6 aaaa01004359.1 (indica ) ortholog of AQ577123 
CYP84A7 aaaa01015479.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AQ160861 54% to 84A5
CYP84A8P AAAA01007228.1 orth of AL606587.1

CYP85 only one gene in rice
CYP85A1 AC092778.2 $F chromosome 3 clone OSJNBa0015G17, 59% to 85A2
CYP85A1 aaaa01005294.1 (indica ) orth of AC092778.2 $F chr 3 CYP85A like

86A9 AP003442.1 $F chromosome 1 clone B1096A10 72% to 86A1
     aaaa01006154.1 (indica ) orth of AP003442.1 $F
86A10 AP004139.1 $F chromosome 2 clone OJ1486_E07 70% to 86A2
      aaaa01008150.1 (indica ) orth of AP004139.1 $F
86A11 AL606687.1 $F chromosome 4 clone OSJNBa0084K11 60% to 86A1
      aaaa01000236.1 (indica ) orth of AL606687.1 $F
86A12P aaaa01004523.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AL606448.1 $P 
       92% to aaaa01000236.1 short pseudogene fragment 
86A12P aaaa01028711 (indica cultivar-group) orth AL606448.1 $P = D15209
86A12P AP003767.1 4 diffs with AL606448.1
86A13P aaaa01005521.1 (indica) orth AP003230.1 $P pseudogene fragment 
      88% to aaaa01000236.1
86A14P aaaa01018882.1 (indica) 91% to AP004139.1 $F 72% to aaaa01000236.1
86A15P aaaa01012078.1 (indica cultivar-group) 91% to AP004139.1 $F
86A16P aaaa01098941.1 (indica cultivar-group) 61% to AP004139.1, 59% to 86As
      61% to aaaa01008150.1 PKG to PERF
86A17P AAAA01024304.1 orth of AP003242.1 40% to PERF region of 86A1
86B3  AAAA01000147.1 (indica ) orth of AC087182.8 $F 66% TO 86B1
86E1  aaaa01002439.1 (indica ) orth AP004092.1 $F chromosome 2

87A4 AL607001.1a $F chromosome 4 clone OSJNBA0088I22, gene 1 92976-97891
     57% to 87A4
     aaaa01000478.1b (indica ) ortholog of AL607001.1a gene 1
87A5 aaaa01011592.1a (indica ) 85% to AL607001.1 chr 4, gene 3
     aaaa01011592.1b (indica ) 82% to AL607001.1 chr 4, gene 3
     aaaa01016295.1 (indica ) 81% to AL607001.1 chr 4, gene 3
     combined = $FI
87A6 AJ459255 AL607001.1c $F chromosome 4 clone OSJNBA0088I22, gene 3 
     136970-140694 61% to 87A2
     aaaa01002235.1 (indica ) orth to AL607001.1c gene 3 chr 4
87B1 aaaa01004251.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AQ157412 contig
     44% to 87A2
     AQ157412 (partial) nbxb0009M10r AQ577511 nbxb0091K23r 
     C72168 C73926 opp end C99700
87B2 aaaa01000436.1b (indica ) 75% to AL607001.1 gene 2
     aaaa01000436.1a (indica ) ortholog of AQ576451 missing N-term
87B3 aaaa01007725.1 (indica ) 74% to AL607001.1b chr 4, gene 2
     missing C-term
87B4 AL607001.1b $F chromosome 4 clone OSJNBA0088I22, gene 2 105584-109445
     only 48% to 87A4 but in a cluster with 2 other CYP87As
     aaaa01000478.1a (indica ) ortholog of AL607001.1 gene 2
87B5 aaaa01003282.1 (indica ) 87% to AL607001.1 chr 4, gene 2
     orth of AP005479.2 $F
87C1 AAAA01012486.1 (indica ) 75% to D48181 44% to 87A2 missing C-term
87C2 aaaa01003340.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of D48181
87C3 AC090482.3 $F 45% to 87A2 in the CYP85 clan 2 diffs with AQ868994
     aaaa01006865.1 (indica ) orth of AC090482.3 $F 
     aaaa01003531.1 (indica ) orth of AC090482.3 $F
     aaaa01028153.1 (indica ) orth of AC090482.3 $F
     aaaa01094999.1 (indica ) 95% to AC090482.3 $F 110aa from KYG motif
87C4 AC083944.6 $F clone OSJNBa0047G15 three bad AG boundaries 47% to 87A2
     aaaa01005051.1 (indica ) orth of AC083944.6 $F 99%
87C5 aaaa01005183.1 $FI (indica ) 71% to AC083944.6 $F missing N-term exon
     aaaa01065746.1 (indica cultivar-group) 84% to D48181
     aaaa01024052.1 (indica cultivar-group) 70% to D48181 N-term exon
     probably will join 87C5

CYP88 (only one seq in the genome)
88A5 aaaa01003402.1 ortholog = AP000616 

89B1 AC068924.9a $F chromosome 10 51% to 89A2
     aaaa01003782.1 $FI ortholog of AC068924.9a 99%
89B2 AC068924.9b $F 49% to 89A2 gene
     aaaa01005438.1d $PI ortholog of AC068924.9b
     aaaa01069231.1 (indica)    orth AC068924.9b $F 96%
     aaaa01022983.1 (indica) orth AC068924.9b $F  99% duplicate of aaaa01024897.1
     aaaa01024897.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AC068924.9b $F 98%
     duplicate of aaaa01022983.1
89B3 AC068924.9c $F 51% to 89A2
     aaaa01005438.1c $FI ortholog of AC068924.9c 97% 11 diffs
89B4 AC068924.9d $F 50% to 89A2
     aaaa01005438.1b $FI ortholog of AC068924.9d 98%
     aaaa01005438.1a $PI ortholog of AC068924.9d 96%
89B5 AC068924.9e $F 49% to 89A2
     aaaa01101226.1 ortholog of AC068924.9e 95%
89B6 AC068924.9f $F 50% to 89A2
     aaaa01019887.1 $FI ortholog of AC068924.9f 97%
89B7P AC068924.9g $P 59% to 89A2
     aaaa01015583.1b $PI Cterm ortholog of AC068924.9g
89B8P AC068924.9h $P 47% to 89A2
     aaaa01099164.1 (indica ) orth AC068924.9h $P 97%
     aaaa01015583.1a Nterm ortholog of AC068924.9h,
     aaaa01015583.1b $PI 63% to 89A2 ortholog of AC068924.9h,
89B9 AC068924.9i $F 51% to 89A2
     aaaa01008451.b  $PI ortholog of AC068924.9i $F
89B10 AC068924.9j $F 48% to 89A2
     aaaa01008451.1a (indica ) orth AC068924.9j 96%
     aaaa01015785.1 $FI ortholog of AC068924.9j 55% to 89A2
89B11 AC090873 $F 60128..61720 47% to 89A4
     aaaa01006365.1 (indica ) orth AC090873 $F
89B12P aaaa01014272.1 $PI (indica ) 84% to AC068924.9a no orth
89B13P aaaa01015583.1c (indica ) 93% to AC068924.9h no orth runs off end
89B14P AAAA01001139.1 orth of AC074105.3 73% to 89B9 chr 10
89B15P AAAA01040958.1 orth of AP002854.1 90% to 89B14P chr 6
89C1 AP004811.1 $F (japonica ) 51% to 89A2
     aaaa01004950.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog to AP004811.1 99%
89C2 AA754418 (partial) 74% to 89A5
     aaaa01016355.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AA754418 53% to 89A2
89D1 aaaa01006859.1a identical to b and aaaa01047800.1a and b = AP003258.3
     aaaa01006859.1b $FI (indica ) 46% to 89A2 no match in japonica
89E1 AP004769.1 $F (japonica cultivargroup) chromosome 2 45% to 89A2
     aaaa01003868.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog to AP004769.1 $F
89F1 AC087192 similar to 89A4
     aaaa01001902.1 (indica cultivar-group) ortholog of AC087192 $F
     59% to aaaa01004950.1
89G1 aaaa01015239.1 $FI (indica ) 41% to 81B11 42% to 89C1 39% to 89E1

90A3 aaaa01021848.1 (indica ) 57% to 90A1 see AAAA01015179.1
     same as AC123526.1 AAAA01003423.1 AAAA01015179.1 AAAA01062436.1 aaaa01090268.1
     aaaa01015179.1 (indica ) 58% to 90A1
     aaaa01003423.1 (indica ) 55% to AP003244 $F
     aaaa01062436.1 (indica ) 55% to 90D1 no orth
     aaaa01090268.1 (indica ) 66% to 90A1 no orth
90A4 AAAA01034672.1 (indica ) 56% to 90A1 87% TO aaaa01015179.1
90B2 AC104473.1 $F chromosome 3 42% to 90A1
     aaaa01002757.1 (indica ) orth of AC104473.1 chr 3 77% to 90B
90D2 AP003244 $F 59% to 90D1
     aaaa01016347.1 (indica ) orth of AP003244 $F 59% to 90D1
90D3 aaaa01002589.1 (indica ) 73% to AP003244 $F 68% to 90D1
     no japonica orth
90D4P AP003895.1 $P chromosome 7 pseudogene of AP003244 gene 82%
90D4P AP004314.1 $P chromosome 7 clone P0495H05, 90D like 55% to 90D1
      Same as AP003895.1 and AAAA01000957.1

92A7 aaaa01003216.1a (indica ) ortholog to AP005570.1a AP005419.1 AQ575117.1
       aaaa01038529.1 (indica ) 74% to D24290 ortholog of AP005419.1
       aaaa01083800.1 (indica) ortholog of AQ575117.1 100% 61% to aaaa01003216.1c
       AP005419.1 Oryza sativa (japonica ) chromosome 9 60%
92A8 AP005570.1b 4 genes and a pseudogene seq 63% to 92A1
           aaaa01003216.1c (indica ) ortholog to AP005570.1b
92A9 AP005570.1c 4 genes and a pseudogene 64% to 92A1 = D24290
           aaaa01003216.1d (indica ) ortholog to AP005570.1c
           aaaa01003216.1b (indica ) ortholog to AP005570.1c
92A10P AAAA01006146.1a $PI (indica ) Nterm fragment does not continue
92A11 AP005570.1e 4 genes and a pseudogene 65% to 92A1
           aaaa01029060.1 (indica ) 82% to D24290 73% to 92A1 orth of AP005570.1e
           aaaa01006146.1b $PI (indica ) Nterm 64% to 92A1 = AP005570.1e
           AAAA01006146.1c $PI (indica ) Nterm (minus strand) = AP005570.1e
              only 34 bp until seq b on opposite strand
92A12 AP003870.1 $F chromosome 8 60% to 92A1
92A13 aaaa01012419.1 $FI (indica ) 63%
92A14 aaaa01014342.1 (indica ) 85% to aaaa01012419.1 $FI
92A15 AP004022.1b $F chromosome 2 56% to 92A1
           AAAA01018940.1 (indica ) orth AP004022.1b
92A16P aaaa01012551.1 $PI (indica cultivar-group) 87% to AAAA01012419
      sequence gap at 4311 no P450 related seq seen in 5815 bp ustream
92C1  aaaa01010885.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AT003629.1 46% to 92A1
92C2P aaaa01003020.1 $PI (indica cultivar-group) 85% to 92C1
      ortholog of AP004796.1 AP004991.1 partial seq 
92C3P aaaa01001474.1 (indica cultivar-group) ortholog to AP003927.1 $P
      83% to aaaa01010885.1
92C4P aaaa01027238.1 $PI (indica cultivar-group) similar to AP003927.1
      note the fs is in the same place  This is a conserved pseudogene

93F1 AP003711.1 $F chromosome 6 clone P0417G12 45% to 93D1 50% to 93A1
        46% 93B1, 40% 93C4, 44% 93E1 None of these sequences match those    
        aaaa01011899.1 (indica ) orth AP003711.1 $F 42% to 92A1
93F2 aaaa01001928.1 (indica cultivar-group) 89% AP003711.1 $F 4 diffs
        87% to aaaa01011899.1
        aaaa01004333.1  (indica) orth AP004013.1 $P chr 8 98% 1 diff
        aaaa01010199.1 (indica) orth AP004013.1 $P chr 8, 95% 2 aa diffs
93F3P AAAA01007423.1 orth of AL606632.1 82% to 93F1  chr 4
93F4P AAAA01007574.1 orth of AP004070.1 82% to 93F1  chr 2
93F5P AAAA01000698.1 orth of AP003759.1 94% to 93F4P chr 7
93G1 AL606442.1 $F chromosome 4 clone OSJNBa0068L06 43% to 93D1 46% to 93A1
        47% to AP003711.1 60% to AL607097.1 42% to 93B1 42% to 93E1 37% to 93C4
        aaaa01002889.1 i (indica ) ortholog of AL606442.1 $F
93G2 AL607097.1 $F chromosome X 44% to 93A1 49% to AP003711.1
        aaaa01010763.1 (indica ) orth AL607097.1

94B4 aaaa01004457.1 $FI (indica ) 58% to 94B3
94B5 aaaa01025138.1 (indica ) 55% to 94B3 orth AL731873.1 $F 
94C2 AAAA01001134.1a (indica) ortholog of AC116949.3 chromosome 11
        63% to aaaa01003818.1
94C2 AAAA01001134.1b (indica) ortholog of AC116949.3 chromosome 11
        83% AAAA01001134.1a
        aaaa01011965.1 (indica cultivar-group) 94C LIKE ORTHOLOG OF AU056498
        RUNS OFF END Nterm just past C-helix
94C3 AAAA01008816.1 (indica ) orth of AP003289 $F 100% 94C like
        63% to AAAA01001134.1a
94C4 aaaa01003818.1 $FI (indica ) 86% to AP003289 $F similar to 94C1
        63% to AAAA01001134.1a C-term from I-helix on

94D4 aaaa01034650.1 = 89% to 94D5 FS at 29 = AC123527.1

all aaaa01000965 sequences are just one gene CYP94D5
aaaa01000965.1a $PI (indica ) 1-420 fs 421-470 (minus strand) 
   46% to 94B4 one fs, runs off end 50% to 94D2  This seq has no japonica ortholog
aaaa01000965.1a  65% to AP003232.1g $F This seq has no japonica ortholog
aaaa01000965.1b This seq has no japonica ortholog 1aa diff with d
aaaa01000965.1c $PI (indica ) 192517 (plus strand) 47% to 94B4
   77% to AC074282.1 This seq has no japonica ortholog
aaaa01000965.1d $PI (indica ) 49% to 94D2 44% to 94B4 43% to 94C 
   40% to 94A5 so this will be in the new subfamily 94E 
   one frameshift, might be a pseudogene This seq has no japonica ortholog
   note seq d and seq f are identical c = 96% to d, a = 97% to d
e = C-term of d with a 2aa insert
aaaa01000965.1e 77% to AC074282.1 This seq has no japonica ortholog
aaaa01000965.1f 57% AP003232.1e This seq has no japonica ortholog
aaaa01000965.1f $PI (indica ) 46% to 94B4, 54% to AP003232.1 15-517 
   one fs, runs off end FS is in same place as seq 1d probably both are pseudogenes
aaaa01008232.1 = 100% to d 63% to aaaa01017255.1 orth AC123528.1

94D6 aaaa01012807.1 57% to aaaa01000965.1d = AP003232.1a
94D6 AAAA01012807.1 66% to aaaa01017255.1 orth AP003232.1a
94D7 aaaa01012342.1 = 55% to d over 518 aa orth AP003232.1b
     80% to aaaa01017255 514aa
     aaaa01067490.1 (indica) orth AP003232.1b $F chr 1
94D8P AP003232.1c = pseudogene 68% to AP003232.1d
94D9 aaaa01014240.1 = 74% to aaaa01017255.1 orth AP003232.1d
94D9 aaaa01032107.1 = 74% to aaaa01017255.1 orth AP003232.1d
94D10 AP003232.1e $F chromosome 1 clone P0034E02 51% to 94D1 
     56% to aaaa01000965.1a 77% to AC074282.1
     aaaa01017052.1 = 64% to d 78% to aaaa01017255.1 orth AP003232.1e
94D11 aaaa01015659.1 = 54% to d over 511 aa 78% to aaaa01017255.1 513aa
     orth of AP003232.1f
94D12 aaaa01014445.1b = 1c = orth AP003232.1g
94D13 aaaa01002943.1 (indica ) orth AP003232.1h $F chr 1 98% 53% to 94D2 
76% to aaaa01017255.1
94D13 aaaa01014445.1a = orth AP003232.1h
94D14 aaaa01017255.1 $PI (indica ) 81% to AP003232.1 43% to 94B4
94D15 aaaa01022934.1 (indica ) orth AC105364.1 $F chr 3 100%
      = AC105364.1
94D16P aaaa01000851.1 = 84% to AC074282.1 mid to perf 
94D17P aaaa01045877.1 = 84% to AP003232.1f 96% to aaaa01017255.1 4 diffs
       I-helix to heme
94D18P aaaa01006067.1 = 88% to 94D5 = AP005092.1 $P
94D19P aaaa01011187.1 = orth AC074282.1
94D20 AC090870.8 88% to AP003232.1g
94D21 AAAA01002639.1 orth of AP004239.1 90% to 94D10 2 diffs
94E1 aaaa01000680.1b (indica ) 99% to AP003735.2a
94E2 aaaa01000680.1c (indica ) 99% to AP003735.2b
     note aaaa01000680.1a, d and e are identical to this seq. C-term 
94E3 aaaa01014899.1 $FI (indica )

96B2 aaaa01014014.1 $FI (indica ) 74% to AAAA01014333.1 45% to 96A10
96B3 aaaa01014333.1 $FI (indica ) 74% to AAAA01014014.1 47% to 96A10
96B4 aaaa01003917.1 $FI (indica ) ORTHOLOG OF D39760 43% to 96A1
96B5 aaaa01022495.1 (indica ) 52% to AC118132.1 $F
96B6 aaaa01018092.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AU031131
96B7 aaaa01020908.1 (indica ) 71% to aaaa01022933.1 $FI
96B8 aaaa01022933.1 $FI (indica ) 96A like ortholog of D46472
     AAAA01066972.1 (100%) AAAA01040384.1 (4 diffs) 38% to 96A9
96B9 AAAA01028498.1 (indica ) 71% to 96B3 C-helix to K-helix
96B9 aaaa01053816.1 (indica cultivar-group) 80% to 96B2
96B9 aaaa01064375.1 (indica cultivar-group) 63% to D46472 83% to 96B2
     N-term runs off end
96D1 AP002484a  CDS  $F join(76365..77485,77598..78009) 42% T0 96A5 new 96 sub
     46% to 96B1 34% to 96C1 42% to AP002484b
96D1 aaaa01001427.1 (indica ) orth of AP002484a $F
96D2 aaaa01011192.1 $FI (indica ) 38% to 86B2
96E1 AP002484b $F    CDS  80463..81980 43% to 96A1 33% to 96C1 
     52% to 96B1(part) 45% to 96A10
96E1 aaaa01009404.1 (indica ) orth of AP002484b $F

97A4 AP004028.1 $F chromosome 2 75% to 97A3
     aaaa01001213.1 (indica ) orth AP004028.1 $F chromosome 2 
97B4 AU173808.1 (partial) 80% to 97B2
97B4 aaaa01006047.1 (indica ) 75% to Arab 97B3 ortholog of AU173808.1
97B4 aaaa01050703.1 (indica ) orth AU173808.1 100%
97C2 AC025783.5a $F chromosome 10 77% to 97C1
     aaaa01014453.1 (indica ) orth AC025783.5a $F chromosome 10 

98A4 AC108505.1 $F chromosome 5 88% TO 98A10 FROM WHEAT
98A4 aaaa01019610.1 $FI (indica ) orth CYP98A4 AC108505.1
98A15P AC093612.15 $P chromosome 10 75% TO 98A10
98A15P aaaa01021379.1 (indica ) orth AC093612.15 $P
98A16P AC105377.3 $P 60% TO 98A10
98A16P aaaa01032717.1 (indica ) orth AC105377.3 $P 
98A16P aaaa01016100.1 (indica) orth? AC105377.3 $P like 98A3 chr 10 94%
       75% to aaaa01019610.1 $FI
98A17 aaaa01028453.1 (indica ) 72% TO 98A10 88% TO 98A15
98A18 aaaa01071198.1 (indica cultivar-group) 75% to CYP98A4 AC108505.1 $F
      98% to aaaa01024345.1 

99A2 AL662934.1 $F chromosome 4 59% to 99A1 over 423 aa
     aaaa01007597.1 (indica ) orth AL662934.1 $F chr 4
99A3 AL662933.1 $F OSJN00145 chromosome 4 57% to 99A1
     aaaa01001209.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AL662933.1 

701A6 AP005302.1a (japonica ) chr 6 = AC087597.1a 59% to 701A3
            AC087597.1a $F chromosome 1 52% to 701A1
            aaaa01001279.1b (indica ) ortholog of AP005302.1a
            AC087597.1c $F chr 1 55% to 701A1 no indica orth 1a dup.
701A7 AP005302.1b $F (japonica ) chromosome 6 = AC087597.1b 58% to 701A3
            AC087597.1b $F chromosome 1 54% to 701A1 no indica orth
701A8 AP005302.1c $F (japonica ) chromosome 6 52% to 701A1
            aaaa01004604.1 $FI (indica ) 52% to 701A3 
            ortholog of AF088220 AP005302.1c
701A9 AP005302.1d (japonica cultivargroup) chromosome 6 52% to 701A3
            aaaa01009744.1 ortholog to AP005302.1d 100%
            aaaa01015940.1 (indica ) orth AP005302.1d chr 6

No candidates

CYP703A3 AP004591.1 $F chromosome 8 75% to 703A1
CYP703A3 aaaa01020842.1 (indica ) orth AP004591.1 $F chr 8 100%
CYP703A3 aaaa01020350.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP004591.1 $F chr 8

704A3 AL606640.1 $F chromosome 4  54% to 704A2
704A3 aaaa01010464.1 (indica ) orth of AL606640.1 $F chr 4
704A4 AP000391 $F 53% to 704A2 
704A4 aaaa01003683.1 (indica ) orth AP000391 $F
704A5 AC074232.2a $F chromosome 10 53% to 704A1
704A5 aaaa01019769.1 (indica ) orth AC074232.2a
704A6 AC074232.2b $F chromosome 10 46% to 704A1
704A6 aaaa01029883.1 (indica ) orth AC074232.2b $F chr 10
704A7 AC074232.2c $F chromosome 10 50% to 704A1
704A7 aaaa01010206.1 (indica ) orth AC074232.2c
704A7 aaaa01016095.1 (indica ) orth AC074232.2c
704A8 AAAA01058627.1 (indica ) 70% to AL606640.1 $F
      70% TO 704A3
704B2 AC073556.1 $F 68% to 704B1
704B2 aaaa01000919.1 (indica ) orth of AC073556.1

706C1 AP004704.1b $F chromosome 8 45% to 706A1 45% to 706B1
      aaaa01011090.1 (indica ) orth AP004704.1 $F CHR 8
706C2 AP003378.1a $F chromosome 1 clone P0047E11, 49% to 706A5 45% to 706B1
      No indica orth 65% to 706C1
706C3 aaaa01014982.1 $FI 84% to AP003378.1 no japonica orth
706C4 aaaa01014217.1 $FI 64% to AP003378.1 no japonica orth

707A5 AP004129.1 $F chromosome 2 71% to 707A1
aaaa01001441.1 (indica ) ortholog of >AP004129.1 $F
707A6 AP004162.1 $F chromosome 8 58% to 707A1
aaaa01013599.1 (indica ) orth of AP004162.1 $F

No candidates

709C4 aaaa01006348.1 (indica) orth of AP003752.1a $F chr 7 100%
      63% to aaaa01004178.1b
709C4 aaaa01004178.1c  (indica ) ortholog of AP003752.1a 63% to 709C1
709C5 AP003752.1b $F chromosome 7 47% to 709B1
709C5 aaaa01004178.1b  (indica ) ortholog of AP003752.1b 79% to 709C2
709C6 AP003752.1c $F chromosome 7 46%
709C6 aaaa01004178.1a  (indica ) ortholog of AP003752.1c 72% to 709C2
709C7 aaaa01025086.1 (indica) orth of AP003752.1d $P chr 7 84% to 709C2
709C7 aaaa01057581.1 (indica ) orth AP003752.1d $P 90% to 709C2
709C8 AP003752.1e $F chromosome 7 45%
709C8 aaaa01006486.1 (indica ) orth AP003752.1e 78% to 709C2
709C9 AP004264.1 $F chromosome 7 47% to 709B1
709C9 aaaa01013633.1 (indica ) orth AP004264.1 98%
      84% to 709C2
709C10 AP003330.1a $F chromosome 1 44%
709C10 aaaa01002142.1b (indica ) orth of AP004738.1b and AP003514.1a
       60% to AP003752.1c $F 67% to 709C2
709C11 aaaa01007506.1 (indica ) orth AP003514.1b $F 57% to 709C1
709C11 aaaa01002142.1a (indica ) orth of AP003514.1b $F 58% to 709C2
709C12P aaaa01010866.1 (indica ) orth? AP004264.1 96%
        78% to 709C2
709C12P AP003745.1 $P chromosome 7 95% to AP004264.1
709C13P AAAA01044560.1 (indica cultivar-group) ortholog to AP004738.1c
709D1 aaaa01005977.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP003258.2 $F chr 1, 
      69% to aaaa01004178.1b
709E1 aaaa01009050.1a (indica ) orth AC082644.10a $F 66% to 709C2
709E2 aaaa01009050.1b (indica ) orth AC082644.10b $F 63% to 709C2
709E3 AC087220.7 $F chromosome 3 46% to 709B2
709E3 aaaa01023514.1 (indica ) orth AC087220.7 $F 57% to 709C2

710A5 AP002092a $F CDS complement(54602..56137) 60% TO 710A1
aaaa01004413.1 (indica ) orth to AP002092a $F = AP002093a
710A6 AP002092b $F CDS complement(60811..62349) = AP002093b comp(104342-105880)
aaaa01015628.1 (indica ) orth to AP002092b $F 63%
710A7 AP002092c $F CDS complement(80797..82311) 61% to 710A1
aaaa01014110.1 (indica ) orth of AP002092a $F = AP002093c
710A8 AP002093d $F CDS complement(143977..145503) 65% to 710A1
aaaa01011417.1 (indica ) orth to AP002093d $F = AP002092d
aaaa01009208.1 (indica ) orth of AP002093d $F 100% 710A like
710A9P aaaa01036102.1 (indica cultivar-group) 76% to 710A8
710A10P aaaa01013115.1 (indica cultivar-group) 57% to AP002093 $F

711A2 AP003254a $F CYP711 ortholog 61% to 711A1
711A3 AP003254b $F CYP711 ortholog 63% to 711A1
711A4 AP003378.1b $F chromosome 1 clone P0047E11, 64% to 711A1
      aaaa01001195.1a (indica ) AP003378.1 $F
      aaaa01001195.1b (indica ) AP003378.1 $F
711A5 aaaa01007309.1 $FI (indica ) 65% to CYP711A1
711A6 AP005456.1 64% over whole length to 711A1
      aaaa01028620.1 (indica ) 65% to CYP711
      aaaa01085198.1 (indica ) 58% to CYP711
      aaaa01009828.1 (indica ) 58% to CYP711

714B1 AP005099.1 $F (japonica ) chromosome 7 44% to 714A1
714B1 aaaa01012955.1 $FI (indica ) orth of AP005099.1 $F chr 7, 99%
714B2 AAAA01009691.1 $PI (indica ) ortholog of AQ856705.1
      missing exon 1 50% to 714A1 76% TO aaaa01012955.1
714C1 AAAA01013573.1a $FI (indica ) 99% to AU166330.1 42% to 714A1
714C2 AAAA01013573.1b (indica ) Second Nterm, ortholog of AQ575202.1 AG023995.1
      47% to AAAA01004558.1 at N-term only, runs off end
      same as AAAA01006291.1b
714C2 aaaa01006291.1a $FI (indica cultivar-group) 64% to AQ865256.1 
      57% to AAAA01004558.1 57% to Lolium rigidum AF321861
714C2 aaaa01010169.1 (indica cultivar-group) 64% to AQ865256.1 56% to 714A1
      same as aaaa01006291.1a
714C3 AAAA01004558.1 $FI (indica ) 96% to AAAA01013573.1a 43% to 714A1
714D1 aaaa01024460.1 (indica) 91% to AAAA01023188.1 50% to AAAA01004558.1
      runs off the end
714D2 aaaa01023188.1 (indica cultivar-group) 45% to 72B 91% to aaaa01024460.1

715B1 AP004026.1 $F chromosome 2 clone OJ1136_C04, 52% to 715A1
715B1 aaaa01015559.1 $FI (indica ) orth AP004026 $F
715B2P aaaa01008155.1 (indica cultivar-group) orth AP003727.3 $P chromosome 1 100%
    85% to aaaa01015559.1
715B3P AAAA01003891.1 orth of AP004365.1
715B4P AAAA01000441.1 orth AP004123.1

No candidates

No candidates

No candidates

No candidates

721B1 AC104708.1a two $F 72A like seqs 46% to 721
721B1 aaaa01007665.1 (indica ) ortholog of AC104708.1a
721B2 AC104708.1b two $F 72A like seqs 45% to 721
721B2 aaaa01019878.1 (indica ) orth AC104708.1b $F 

722B1 AC073405.2 $F chromosome 5 44% to 722A1

723A2 AL662964.1b $F chromosome 4 49% to 723
aaaa01004425.1a (indica ) orth AL662964.1b $F
723A3 AL662964.1a $F chromosome 4 47% to 723
aaaa01004425.1b (indica ) orth AL662964.1a $F
723A4P AC097280.1 orth of AAAA01008387.1

724B1 AL606588.1 $F chromosome 4 = D15214 AQ576430 85 clan 50% to 724A1
724B1 aaaa01001005.1 (indica ) ortholog of AL606588.1

No candidates

No candidates

727A1 aaaa01000152.1 (indica ) CYP727A1 orth of AP003765.1 $F 98% 

728A1 AAAA01016714.1 $FI (indica ) in 85 clan
728A2 AAAA01041819.1 (indica ) 96% to AAAA01016714.1 $FI
728B1 AAAA01017492.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of AP003850.1i
728B2 AAAA01000245.1 $FI (indica ) 85 clan orth of AP004051.1
728B3 AAAA01000381.1a $FI (indica ) 67% to AP003850.1 chromosome 7 
      orth AP005103.1b
728C1 AAAA01012662.1 (indica ) orth 96% to AP003850.1h $F chr 7, gene 6
728C2P AP003850.1g 
728C3 AP003850.1f 96% to aaaa01012662.1 but that is probably not the ortholog
728C4 AP003850.1e $F chr 7 orth of AAAA01003237.1b (indica )
728C5 AP003850.1d no indica orth found
728C6P AP003850.1c 88% to AAAA01003237.1a
728C7 AP003850.1b 83% to AP003850.1d
728C8P AP003850.1a 79% to AP003850.1e
728C9 AAAA01003237.1a (indica ) 77% to AP003850.1 $F chr 7 gene 2
      orth to AP005103.1c
728C9 AAAA01003237.1c (indica ) 73% to AP003850.1 $F chr 7 gene 2
      orth to AP005103.1c
728C10 AAAA01000381.1b $FI (indica ) orth AP005103.1a $

729A1 AAAA01010113.1 $FI (indica ) ortholog of C73729
     join with AAAA01001707.1a
729A2 AAAA01001707.1b (indica ) N-term 1-262
729A2 AAAA01001707.1c (indica )
729A2 AC079935.3 $F

730A1 AAAA01042113.1 (indica ) PPGP to PKG might join aaaa01090721.1
730A1 aaaa01090721.1 (indica) 55% to AL606640.1 54% to 730A4 PERF to end
730A2 AAAA01034116.1 (indica ) missing some Nterm and Cterm seq.
730A3 AAAA01060623.1 (indica ) 71% to AAAA01034116.1 mid to end
730A4 AAAA01081177.1 (indica ) 53% to AAAA01034116.1 I-helix to end
730A5 AAAA01044854.1 (indica ) 55% to AAAA01050446.1 I-helix to end
      60% TO 730A3
730A6 AAAA01050446.1 (indica ) 76% to AAAA01034116.1 J-helix to end
730B1 aaaa01092846.1 (indica cultivar-group) 
      50% TO AAAA01078205.1 44% to 730A1 N-term
730B2 aaaa01078205.1 (indica cultivar-group) 50% TO AAAA01092846.1
      39% to 730A2 N-term 
730C1 aaaa01077059.1 (indica cultivar-group) 42% TO 730B1
      N-term TO MID
730?? aaaa01065390.1 (indica cultivar-group) C-term
      53% TO 730A6 39% to 86A2 EXXR to end 
      probable C-term of 730B1, B2 or C1
730?? aaaa01067877.1 (indica cultivar-group) C-term 50% to 730A4
      46% to 86A4 probable C-term of 730B1, B2 or C1

731A1 AAAA01040030.1 (indica ) 33% to 94D new family IN 85 CLAN?

732A1 AAAA01061925.1 (indica ) new family N-term to I-helix
      37% to 731A1

733A1 AAAA01000117.1 (indica ) orth of AC092557.2 $F chr 3 
38% to 722A1, 33% to 722B1. in the CYP85 clan

CYP734 name changed from CYP72B (one Arabidopsis sequence 72B1)
734A2 aaaa01008222.1a (indica ) 82% to AP003612.1 $F 54% to 72B
734A3 aaaa01008222.1b (indica ) 86% AP003612.1 $F
734A4 aaaa01004481.1 (indica) orth AP003612.1 $F chromosome 6
      88% to aaaa01008222.1a
734A5 aaaa01001325.1 (indica) ortholog to AP003822.1 $F chromosome 7
      59% to aaaa01008222.1a
734A6 aaaa01010107.1 (indica ) 84% to AP003612.1 $F 78% to aaaa01004481.1

CYP735 formerly 709A (two Arabiodpsis sequences 709A1 and 709A2 now 735A1 and 735A2)
735A3 AP004142.1 $F chromosome 8 clone OJ1567_B05 53% to 709A2
735A3 aaaa01000178.1 $FI (indica ) 54% to 709A1 orth of AP004142
735A4 BE041018.1 76% to 735A3 

Possible DNA contamination

aaaa01067419.1 (indica cultivar-group) 27% to aaaa01002989.1 $FI
mid up to I-helix region probable fungal contamination 
top 47 hits are fungal 33% to AY102601.1 Gibberella zeae

aaaa01039155.1 (indica cultivar-group) 
probably a fungal contaminant 38% to Aspergillus
42% to AJ132442.1 Emericella nidulans phacA

aaaa01093055.1 (indica cultivar-group) 37% to aaaa01008885.1 71K11
J-helix to end
41% to L41149.1 ASNORD1A Aspergillus parasiticus
42% to CYP60A2 stcF Aspergillus nidulans U34740
49% to AC105433.1 Magnaporthe grisea
top 7 nr matches are fungal

aaaa01062516.1 (indica cultivar-group) 37% to 71W1
   I-helix to heme 46% to AY064092.1 Aedes aegypti CYP9J
   46% to CYP9J1 Aedes aegypti AF390099
   An insect P450 contamination?