Legend to the C. elegans clan tree.  Sept. 25, 1998   D. R. Nelson

This tree contains 44 C. elegans sequences that belong in families 14, 22, 23, 33, 34, 35 
and 36, except three pseudogenes that are short and would affect the construction of the 
tree.  These are 33C10P, 33E3P and 35D2P.  

Note that sequence CYP22A1 is outside this large cluster.  CYP22A1 and the C. elegans 
clan appear to be derived from a common ancestor with the 2 clan.  The C. elegans clan 
contains 46 P450 genes, more than half of the 80 C. elegans P450 genes.

The distance matrix for this tree was constructed using Protdist from the Phylip package 
with the PAM 250 matrix.  The tree was computed with the Neighbor program from Phylip 
using the UPGMA option.