Sept. 12, 1998

Figure legend to 3 and 4 Clan tree

	This tree has the 3 and 4 clans represented by single family sequences and by all the 
C. elegans sequences in these two clans.  The CYP52 family was included since it was 
close to the 4 clan on the larger tree with 107 families.  It is clearly outside both the three 
and four clans in this tree, so it should probably not be considered as part of the 4 clan.  
There is a difference in the way the Drawgram program drew this tree.  The distances listed 
in the outfile were the same between this tree and its equivalent parts on the 107 family tree, 
but the drawings look quite different.  I am still trying to understand why that is so.  711A1 
and CYP28 also fell outside the 3 and 4 clans here while they were inside on the other tree.