August 31, 2001     David Nelson

Cytochrome P450 Family Count

The bacterial family count is now 75 families (CYP101-CYP174 + CYP51). The Lower Eukaryotes have 72 families (CYP51-CYP69 + CYP501-526). Note CYP97 has recently appeared in a diatom. This is the second family To cross kingdoms. Plants have 52 families (CYP71-99 + CYP701-726 + CYP51 minus four discontinued family names CYP91, CYP95, CYP713, CYP717). Animals have 69 families CYP1-CYP49 minus two discontinued/not used (CYP16, CYP40) + CYP301-320 + CYP51. Mammals have 18 families and 43 subfamilies. All families are seen in Fugu fish except CYP39 which has not been seen in any fish yet. CYP1A, B CYP2A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J, R, S, T, U, W CYP3A CYP4A, B, F, V, X, Z CYP5A CYP7A, B CYP8A, B CYP11A, B CYP17 CYP19 CYP20 CYP21 CYP24 CYP26A, B, C CYP27A, B, C CYP39 CYP46 CYP51 Note that CYP51 is present in all four groups so it is counted four times. There are a total of 265 different families. This number will increase when the 167 Phanerochaete chrysosporium sequences are named (white rot fungus).