Location of all human P450s and their pseudogenes

last modified July 8, 2002
D. Nelson

CHR 1  2J2, 4A11 (not in genome assembly), 4A22, 4B1, 4X1(not in genome assembly),  
       4Z1, 4Z2P, 4A26P, 4A27P, 46A4P 
CHR 2  1B1, 2C56P, 4F25P (NT_032984.1), 4F27P (NT_005079.8), 4F30P 
       (94% to 4F27P) (NT_022140.9), 4F31P similar to 4F27P (NT_019306.9), 
       4F32P (NT_022300.8 = NT_033006.1), 20, 26B1, 27A1, 27C1
CHR 3  2D31P, 8B1, 51P1
CHR 4  2U1, 4V2
CHR 5  none (incorrect assignment of chr 19 seqs here NT_006679.9)
CHR 6  21A1P, 21A2, 39A1, 51P3, 2C57P (NT_033141.1 = NT_007592.9)
CHR 7  2W1, 3A4, 3A5 (+ alt ex 1,2), 3A7 (+ alt ex 1,2), 3A43 (+ alt ex 1), 
       3A52P exon 4, 3A53P exon 6, 3A51P exon 13, 3A54P exon 2 (NT_033967.1), 
       3A55P exon 5 (NT_033967.1), 5A1, 51
CHR 8  7A1, 7B1, 11B1, 11B2
CHR 9  CYP1A8P, 4F26P(NT_030040.6), 4F33P 78% to 4F26P (NT_030040.6)
       4F25P (appears on three contigs NT_031832.4, NT_033217.1, NT_033219.1)
       these may be from a single seq. or there might be multiple copies on chr 9
CHR 10 2C8, 2C9(+ alt ex 1), 2C18, 2C19, 2C58P lone exons 1,2,3 between 2C19 and 
       2C9, 2C59P lone exons 2,3 between 2C9 and 2C8, 2C60P lone exon 6 between 
       2C9 and 2C8, 2C61P lone exons 1 and 2 partial (NT_008583.11)
       2C62P N-term pseudogene of 2C subfamily 183 aa, 50% to 2C8 (NT_030059.6) 
       2E1, 17, 26A1, 26C1
CHR 11 2R1 (probable incorrect assignment of CYP51 here NT_030117.4)
CHR 12 27B1
CHR 13 4F34P (NT_009799.9), 51P2
CHR 14 46
CHR 15 1A1, 1A2, 4F25P (NT_024652.9), 11A1, 19
CHR 16 none
CHR 17 none
CHR 18 4F35P (NT_010859.8)
CHR 19 2A6, 2A7, 2A13, 2A18PN, 2A18PC, 2B6, 2B7P1, 2F1, 2F1P, 2G1P, 2G2P
       2S1, 2T2P, 2T3P all in one cluster
       4F2, 4F3, 4F8, 4F9P, 4F10P, 4F11, 4F12, 4F22, 4F23P, 4F24P, 
       4F36P (NT_011281.4) last exon
       4Fs are in separate cluster from the CYP2s
CHR 20 8A1, 24
CHR 21 2C63P (NT_011512.5|Hs21_11669 chromosome 21 51% to 2C9), 4F29P
CHR 22 2D6, 2D7AP, 2D8P
CHR  X 2C64P (NT_011602.7)
CHR  Y none

This is a total of 57 functional genes and 47 pseudogenes

There are 3 gene fragments consisting of exons 1 and 2 or just exon 1 that may be
alternative splice exons for 3A5, 3A7, 3A43 and 2C9.  These have not been counted as 

Note: 4F25P appears on chromosomes 2, 9 and 15.  This may be an artifact.
CYP4V2 appears in three different places on chr 4.  This is proabably wrong.

Human Genome blast searches results Database: Homo sapiens genomic contig sequences  
           2044 sequences; 2,888,140,301 total letters. 67 accessions have p450s

NT_004386.11|Hs1_4543       4B1 4Z2P
NT_004424.11|Hs1_4581       46A4P
NT_004641.11|Hs1_4798       2 diffs to 2J2
NT_032978.1 |Hs1_33154      4Z1 4A22
NT_005079.8 |Hs2_5236       27C1 4F27P
NT_005367.9 |Hs2_5524       1B1
NT_005370.9 |Hs2_5527       20
NT_005403.9 |Hs2_5560       27A1
NT_019306.9 |Hs2_19462      4F31P similar to 4F27P
NT_022140.9 |Hs2_22296      4F30P 94% to 4F27P 
NT_022154.9 |Hs2_22310      2C56P 70% to 2C8
NT_022184.8 |Hs2_22340      26B1
NT_022300.8 |Hs2_22456      4F32P 88% TO 4F25P same as NT_033006.1
NT_032984.1 |Hs2_33160      4F25P
NT_033006.1 |Hs2_33182      4F32P 88% TO 4F25P same as NT_022300.8
NT_005825.11|Hs3_5982       8B1
NT_022460.8 |Hs3_22616      51P1
NT_022676.10|Hs3_22832      2D31P
NT_006169.11|Hs4_6326       4V2
NT_006350.9 |Hs4_6507       4V2
NT_006397.11|Hs4_6554       2U1
NT_033055.1 |Hs4_33231      4V2
NT_006679.9 |Hs5_6836       2B7P1 2T2P 2A6 2A18PN 2G1P 2F1P artifact really on chr 19
NT_007592.9 |Hs6_7749       21A2 2C57P = AC022650 41% to 2C9 same as NT_033141.1
NT_025741.8 |Hs6_25897      51P3 pseudogene
NT_033141.1 |Hs6_33317      2C57P AC022650 41% to 2C9 possible pseudogene 
                            same as NT_007592.9
NT_033161.1 |Hs6_33337      39A1 C-term
NT_033167.1 |Hs6_33343      21A2 21A1P
NT_007968.9 |Hs7_8125       2W1
NT_017168.9 |Hs7_17324      51
NT_027067.6 |Hs7_27227      5A1
NT_033964.1 |Hs7_34119      3A4 3A5 3A7 3A43, 3A53P lone exon 6, 
                            alt exon 1,2 for 3A5
                            alt exon 1, 2 for 3A7, alt exon 1 for 3A43,
                            3A52P lone exon 4 downstream of 3A43, 
                            3A51P lone exon 13
NT_033966.1| Hs7_34121      3A53P 3A fragment exon 6 same as NT_033964.1
NT_033967.1 |Hs7_34122      two 3A fragments 3A54P exon 2 and 3A55P exon 5
NT_008127.10|Hs8_8284       11B1 11B2
NT_008183.11|Hs8_8340       7A1
NT_030735.5 |Hs8_30991      7B1
NT_008580.9 |Hs9_8737       1A pseudogene 43% to 1A2
NT_030040.6 |Hs9_30295      4F26P AND 78% TO 4F26P 2 DIFFERENT PIECES
NT_031832.4 |Hs9_32003      4F25P
NT_033217.1 |Hs9_33393      4F25P
NT_033219.1 |Hs9_33395      4F25P 2 DIFFS
NT_008583.11|Hs10_8740      2C61P 2C18-LIKE FRAG parts of exons 1 and 2
NT_008769.11|Hs10_8926      2C8, 2C9(+ alt ex 1), 2C18, 2C19, 2C58P lone exons 
                            1,2,3 between 2C19 and 2C9,
                            2C59P lone exons 2,3 between 2C9 and 2C8, 
                            2C60P lone exon 6 between 2C9 and 2C8
                            26A1 26C1
NT_028298.5 |Hs10_28457     2E1
NT_030059.6 |Hs10_30314     2C62P AL138921 Homo sapiens chromosome 10 50% to 2C8
NT_033229.1 |Hs10_33405     17A1
NT_009062.10|Hs11_9219      2R1
NT_030117.4 |Hs11_30372     51 comp(34349-13266) whole gene 100% identical 
                            probably mismapped, real CYP51 on chr 7
NT_009410.10|Hs12_9567      27B1
NT_009799.9 |Hs13_9956      4F34P 78% TO 4F27P
NT_033997.1 |Hs13_34152     51P2
NT_010019.11|Hs14_10176     46
NT_010194.11|Hs15_10351     19
NT_010298.11|Hs15_10455     11A1
NT_010374.8 |Hs15_10531     1A1 1A2
NT_024652.9 |Hs15_24808     4F25P
NT_010859.8 |Hs18_11016     4F35P 84% TO 4F27P
NT_011139.11|Hs19_11296     2T2P 2F1P 2A6 2A7 2G1P 2A18PC 2B7P1 2B6 2A18PN
                            2G2P 2A13 2F1 2T3P 2S1
NT_011281.4 |Hs19_11438     4F2 4F9P 4F11 4F36P 75% TO 4F11 last exon
NT_025130.8 |Hs19_25286     4F3 4F8 4F10P 4F12 4F22 4F23P 4F24P
NT_011362.7 |Hs20_11519     8A1 24 2 diffs
NT_011512.5 |Hs21_11669     2C63P, 4F29P
NT_011520.8 |Hs22_11677     2D7AP 2D8P this person is MISSING 2D6 = CYP2D*5 allele
NT_011602.7 |HsX_11759      56% TO 2C19 

Note: 4A11 and 4X1 are not found in the genome assembly yet.