Zv3 hits for P450s.  This list is complete.  D. Nelson, June 15, 2004.
                                                                   2K8 score
zC155I15           CYP2K8 +                                       321   4e-86 
ctg12742           CYP2K6 2K8, 2K16-2K22                          321   4e-86 
ctg11670           CYP2K7 part  2K22                              154   8e-36 
zC8C17             CYP2K6, 2K8, 2K16                              133   6e-48 
NA29245            CYP2K20 exons 4,5,6,7                          198   6e-67 
NA25235            CYP2K? exons 3,4,5  5aa diffs to 2K20           82   4e-14 
NA54273            CYP2K? 75% to 2K7 exons 5,6,7 pseudogene?       93   3e-17 
NA35153            CYP2N like fragment heme region + exons 3/4
zK183N20           CYP2P6 + 2AD2 same as ctg24224                 155   6e-47 
NA33861            CYP2P8                                          51   1e-04 
ctg11834           CYP2R1 only                                    114   1e-59 
zC79E4             CYP2R1 only                                    114   1e-59 
NA54648            CYP2U1 only                                     97   2e-18 
ctg13442           CYP2U1 only                                     97   2e-18 
ctg24224           CYP2V1 + 2AD2, 2AD3, 2AD6, 2P6-2P10, 2N13
ctg22265           CYP2X6,7                                        70   2e-22 
ctg11087           CYP2X7                                          51   1e-04 
ctg21275           CYP2X8,9                                       106   2e-25 
NA54102            CYP2X? exons 5-7                                57   1e-06 
NA50719            CYP2X? zfishC-a1646d09.q1c exons 8,9            72   1e-18 
ctg24117           CYP2X10,11 zfishC-a1646d09.q1c                  71   2e-18 
ctg9731            CYP2X9                                          39   6e-04 
NA1608             CYP2Y3,4                                       116   2e-24 
ctg10776           CYP2AA1                                         59   6e-07 
NA54442            CYP2AA2 EXON 9                                  49   6e-04 
ctg14330           CYP2AA3, 4, 5                                   88   2e-26 
NA16005            CYP2AA6,7                                       77   2e-12 
NA19331            CYP2AA3 AI658337 2AA6 EXON 3                         55   9e-06 
NA1642             CYP2AA? N-TERM COMPLETE 89% (11 AA DIFFS) WITH 2AA6  52   4e-05 
NA3313             CYP2AA8 zfishG-a1901c03.p1c                     89   3e-16 
ctg24224           CYP2AD2, 2AD3, 2AD6, 2P6-2P10 + 2V1            155   5e-47 
NA7219             CYP2AE1 zfishG-a1551g08.q1c Z35723-a848d07.q1c  63   3e-08 
NA6181             CYP2AE? 75% to 2AE1 partial                     62   7e-08 
NA3366             CYP2AE? 70% to 2AE1
NA7989             CYP1A                                           63   3e-08 
zK229D2            CYP1D1                                          96   3e-18 
ctg9528            CYP1D1                                          71   6e-12 
no contig          CYP1B1
NA17619            CYP1C1 only                                    100   2e-33 
NA4026             CYP1C2 only                                    245   3e-63 
NA14528            CYP3A65 exons 2-7
NA1203             CYP3A65 exon 12
NA25592            CYP3A65 exon 13
ctg14194           CYP3C1, b, c, d, e                              38   8e-04
zK21N8             CYP3C
ctg13088           CYP3C.c exon 5
NA16252            CYP4F43
NA2909             CYP4F43
ctg12233           CYP4F43
ctg10342           CYP4T
ctg11835           CYP4T
ctg13851           CYP4T
ctg26375           CYP4V6
ctg12974           CYP4V7 79% to CYP4V PLUS CYP4V7-ie6
ctg22786           CYP5A
ctg30700           CYP5A
ctg15057           CYP5A
zK16J24            CYP5A
ctg10891           CYP7A
ctg22254           CYP7C
ctg24516           CYP7D
ctg11735           CYP8A
ctg10820           CYP8B. a, b, c                                  50   2e-04 
zKp91C1            CYP11A1, 11A2
zK257P9            CYP11A1, 11A2
ctg24326           CYP11A1, 11A2
ctg24921           CYP11A2 FRAGMENT
NA11197            CYP11B
NA2834             CYP11B
ctg25941           CYP17A1                                         58   4e-11 
zC67N3             CYP17A1                                         58   4e-11 
NA10451            CYP17A2 59% to CYP17
ctg14538           CYP19a
zC165A16           CYP19a
ctg12923           CYP19b
zC286K11           CYP19b
ctg10765 (0ld assembly) CYP20
ctg15651           CYP20
NA33430            CYP20
ctg11216           CYP21                                           50   1e-07 
ctg12116           CYP21
zC210F6            CYP21                                           50   1e-07 
ctg12249           CYP24
ctg9530            CYP26A1
zC246I7            CYP26A1
ctg13670           CYP26B1
zC197C14           CYP26B1
ctg13279           CYP26C1
ctg25012           CYP27A
zC250C19           CYP27A.a, b, c, d
ctg11136           CYP27A3-LIKE (74% to 27A in heme)
ctg11505           CYP27A3-LIKE FRAGMENT 69% TO 27A3 FUGU
ctg30308           CYP27A3 LIKE C-TERM
ctg10726           CYP27B1 C-term only
NA26992            CYP27B1 exon 1
ctg14633           CYP27C1, 27A-like fragments  exons 2,5,9,10     55   7e-06 
ctg9833            CYP39 48% to human not found in Fugu or other fish before this.
zK69H9             CYP39
NA26113            CYP39
ctg30700           CYP46.a
NA16451            CYP46.a, b
NA4365             CYP46.b
ctg25655           CYP46 frags aa 1-124 
NA34365            CYP46 frag
NA18818            CYP46 frag
NA26573            CYP46 3 aa diffs to 46a, b in heme region
NA54222            CYP51
ctg26678           CYP51
NA13705            CYP51
bZ14P11 bacterial contamination, 65% to CYP173A2 Sinorhizobium meliloti 86 3e-15