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Aug. 10, 1999

A press release of July 28 from Celera stated that one million sequences (500
million bp of
sequence ) have been completed from the Drosophila genome.  Below is a quote
from the
press release.

"Celera expects to complete the random sequencing phase of
Drosophila in early September when it will begin sequencing the
human genome. This will entail completing another 2 million
sequences-or about 1 billion letters of genetic code. Working with
the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project (BDGP), Celera will then
fill gaps and resolve ambiguities in the sequence to produce finished
sequence. Celera will begin making sequence data available to the
public in October 1999, and anticipates release of the completed
sequence by the end of the year and publication in collaboration with
the BDGP in early 2000."