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These pages change frequently.The sequence guru at work

Royal Society Publishing has just published Cytochrome P450 and its impact on planet Earth, compiled and edited by David R Nelson. This content can be accessed at
http://bit.ly/YKdQVL A print version is also available at the special price of 35 pounds. You can order online via the above web page (enter special code TB 1612 when prompted) or, alternatively you can contact debbie.vaughan@royalsociety.org.

The 10th International Symposium on Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity and Biotechnology
will be held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA Oct. 3-7, 2010.A Link to the website

A new Cytochrome P450 Expression Database using Arabidopsis:

The 9th International Symposium on Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity and Biotechnology
will be held in Nice, France June 8-12, 2008.
A Link to the website

MDO2008, The 17th International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations
will be held July 6 to 10, 2008, at Saratoga Springs, NY, USA.

A link to a figure showing the distribution of plant P450 families over plant phylogeny

A link to a figure showing the distribution of plant P450 families over plant phylogeny

The 8th International Symposium on Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity and Biotechnology
was held in Swansea, Wales UK July 23-27 2006.A Link to the website.

MDO2006, 16th International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations Will be held 3-7 September 2006, Budapest Hungary.
A Link to the website.

I have counted the number of named cytochrome P450s as of May 28, 2006.
There are Animals = 2255, Plants = 1918, Bacteria = 629, Fungi = 1001,
Lower eukaryotes = 205 sequences named. That is a total of 6008 different sequences.
for a list of these sequences see P450 Stats Page

A BLAST server has been set up on a RedHat Linux machine to allow blast
searching of selected P450 sets. There are 27 P450 sets to choose from. Only BLASTP or BLASTX work since this is a protein database. The server address is


A table of P450 accession numbers, (60k)

This is a list of all known cytochrome P450 accession numbers from PIR 44 (4/12/95)

SwissProt 31 (3/20/95) and GenBank 89 (6/9/95).

The following list is a familycount, (2k) This is a brief listing of the breakdown
of the 477 sequences in the alignment, how many families, subfamilies, how many plant familes, mammalian families etc.

The number of genes in a given species is listed here last modified Dec. 3, 1998

The distribution of P450s in each family between major biological classes (mammals,

fish, birds ) is given here (3k).

A midwest P450 Symposium server.

A European P450 WWW Server

Kirill Degtiarenko has also set up a cytochrome P450 WWW server in Trieste, Italy. This server has features not
included here, such as hyperlinks to the database entries for Genbank and SwissProt accession numbers. He has some
information that is different from the file maintained here. Some additional types ofsequences are also included, such as NADPH cytochrome P450 reductases and
NO synthases. To connect to Kirill’s server click here.

The larger files of the alignments, the bibliography and the accession number table
will be posted on Kirill Degtiarenko’s server to help those having difficulty in downloading these files from the UK and Europe. I can see from the usage log that many
of you have not been able to get these larger files intact.

A Protein Family Classification Server

MIPS (Martinsreid Institute for Protein Sequences) has a server that has sorted families
and superfamilies of proteins. These families are listed with their member’s PIR
accession numbers, and alignments made by pileup can be obtained for the families.
The superfamily number for P450s is 0027.0 and this can be connected directly by
clicking here.

The accession number table in my server has all the PIR accession numbers in the
MIPS server, but they are hyperlinked there, so you can get the sequence entry
directly. The URL for the more general section of this server is here.

For an equivalency table of the MIPS family numbers and the P450 nomenclature click here

For an obituary of Ryo Sato by Ron Estabrook click here

Disclaimer and copywrite notice, (2k)