Aug. 15, 2000


The Arabidopsis sequencing totals web site showed a dramatic jump yesterday
From 92.9% complete to 103.7% complete. TOTAL
The number of bases done is now 134,819kb which is a little larger than the
predicted size of 130 MB. I think this means that the Arabidopsis genome is
done or almost done. When I searched Entrez for new Arabidopsis entries in the
last few days, I found 186 genomic clones deposited on Aug. 10. Also on that
date 10,136 ESTs from developing seeds were deposited (Accession numbers
BE520155 – BE530290). Blast searches on the 15th identified 55 as P450 ESTs.
See the P450 sequences file at the bottom for a list by P450 sequence name or
By alphanumeric order of the accession numbers. These P450s are expressed in
developing seeds.

The administrator responded that placement of rice P450s on
the Cytochrome P450 Homepage constituted an open public forum and therefore
would meet the criteria set for presentation of data. I will send the necessary
forms through the University system for access to the rice genome.