Bos taurus Cytochrome P450s


New complete annotation of Bos taurus P450s

Dec. 1, 2015

D. Nelson


Newly updated by David Drane (Ridgeway High School, Memphis)

Last revised July 21, 2005


All cytochrome P450 genes that could be assembled from EST data,

mRNA sequences in the nr section of Genbank, and WGS (whole genome

shotgun sequences) at NCBI, were assembled and compared to the human

P450 collection.


59 complete genes were assembled, this number includes three pseudogenes.

6 partial genes are lacking small regions, and there are several other small

pieces and a few shorter pseudogenes.


There are a minimum of 62 CYP genes in the cow. 


An old Bos taurus sequence page has been preserved here.


The 2005 sequence data page can be accessed here.