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June 11, 1999

The Drosophila P450s have been found in Genbank by systematic BLAST searches of
nr, month, others ESTs, gss and htgs sections, using different P450 family
representatives.  The first search with Cyp4d2 yielded 101 new ESTs, 6 new
from month, one from htgs and none from gss or nr.  The second search with
Cyp6d2 only
found 17 new ESTs and one sequence from month.  The third search hit only 5 new
and one sequence from nr.  At this point the search was halted, since the
returns were not
worth the effort of scanning the output for new sequences.  Some of the new
sequences are
very different from other P450s (AC005130) and cannot be easily assembled into a
complete sequence by comparison with known P450s. I have identified exon
ORFS from this gene, but I cannot detect the exon boundaries.  If you are brave
have a try
at it.  The new sequences (almost 300 total in the original FASTA file) have
been compared
with each other by repetitive Do-It-Yourself WU-BLASTs and condensed onto 98
contigs.  Ten of these are from other Drosophila species, 88 are from D.
Based on C. elegans 80 P450 genes, these 88 genes and gene fragments may
nearly all the P450s from Drosophila, though some are probably N- and C-
terminals of the
same gene and the number of contigs will drop as the genome is completed.