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Mar 13, 1998

An  alignment  of 60 of the 80 C. elegans P450s
is posted, along with 45 other sequences from many other families.  The 20 C.
sequences that are not included in the alignment are either pseudogenes
CYP25A6P, CYP33C10P, CYP33E3P CYP35D2P, or they are very similar to sequences
in the alignment, such as the CYP13A2-CYP13A8, CYP13A10, CYP14A3-CYP14A5,
CYP25A3-CYP25A5 sequences. CYP33C2 is the only sequence still missing the C-
terminal at the end of a contig, so there might be more CYP33C genes in the