Cytochrome P450 Web Matrix

This page is always subject to revision (Links Updated May 27, 2009). Entries in the matrix will be to P450 resources world wide. If you want to reserve a space send me an email.

Human P450 data

Cypedia, a Cytochrome P450 Expression Database using Arabidopsis, Strasbourg France

P450 Database, Moscow

Rene Feyereisen’s Insect Cytochrome P450 Site
from sunny France. Curated by Nathalie Tijet and Christian Helvig

Arabidopsis Cytochrome P450 page Denmark
curated by Søren Bak and Suzanne Paquette

Arabidopsis P450s in the Arabidopsis Book
Excellent chapter by Daniele Werck-Reichhart, Soren Bak and Suzanne Paquette

NSF2010 Functional Genomics of Arabidopsis P450s
Work from Mary Schuler’s lab

The Cytochrome P450 Engineering Database
from the University of Stuttgart

The Fungal Cytochrome P450 Database
from the Fungal Bioinformatics Laboratory and the Fungal Plant Pathology Laboratory, Korea

South African Cytochrome P450 Researchers
page maintained by Syed Khajamohiddin

Directory of P450-containing systems

Kirill Degtyarenko’s P450 cafe

Purdue Genomics Wiki on Plant Cytochrome P450s

Entrez Gene entries for P450

BLOCKS P450 data

Pfam P450 data

Prosite P450 data

Prosite P450 documentation

Cytochrome P450 drug interactions

A link to P450 functions in plants

Human Cytochrome P450 Allele Nomenclature Site

David Nelson’s P450 Homepage

Rogue’s Gallery

Selected sites that link the P450 homepage

Todd Porter’s Cytochrome P450 Reductase Site