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May 19, 2000


14 complete or almost complete P450s have been assembled from the genomic and
EST sequence data at Jena, Baylor College of Medicine, Genbank and the Japanese
Project. Many of the dicty P450s have a short N-terminal exon that is still
unidentified. There are now 439 sequence fragments that have been assembled
into 64 contigs. In addition to the 14 full sequences, there are 27 partial
sequences that have a C-terminal part. There are 23 more contigs that do not
include a C-terminal. My expectation is that most of these 23 will join with an
identified C-terminal contig so the total will be near 41 P450s in
Dictyostelium. An alphanumeric list of the 439 fragments is posted as well as
the 64 contigs (protein sequence) with their identifiers. See the lower
eukaryoters button on the home page.