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About David Nelson

Nelson Lab Homepage.

These pages last modified. Oct. 10, 2000


My email address is

David Nelson dnelson@uthsc.edu

My phone is (901) 448-8303

My FAX is (901) 448-7360


I have a split personality. In the lab I do research on mitochondrial carriers, specifically AAC2 from yeast, and ANT1 from humans. On the computer, I maintain an extensive database on cytochrome P450 sequences. This is the website of the Committee for Standardized Cytochrome P450 Nomenclature. I used to keep both sites on this one page, but it is getting too crowded now. If you want to see my mitochondrial carrier page click on the AAC2 figure. For P450 info click on the P450cam figure.

For all human mitochondrial carriers go to the carrier page NEW!