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Oct. 19, 1999


The Dictyostelium discoideum genome project has been making progress. In Nature 401 from 30 Sept 99 page 440 the current status is given as “Over two-fold coverage of the 34 Mb genome is now available and there is already information on at least 90% of the genes.” I have searched the Jena web Blast server for new sequence extensions of the 18 different P450 genes I had found earlier. Some of these are now complete sequences based on ESTs and shotgun
sequences. A complete CYP51 is given, There is a complete CYP508A1 and a partial CYP508B1. At least two other sequences are complete or nearly so. I have also translated all the new P450 hits found on the Jena server and sorted them into contigs. There are now 67 different P450 contigs in Dictyostelium, though there will be fewer genes than this because some are non-overlapping N- and C-terminals of the same gene. Even though slime molds are multicellular
only part of the time, they seem to have many P450s, possibly more than 30. See the Lower Eukaryote option on the homepage table.