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Rice P450 Set More Complete


The rice P450 set is getting more complete. Additional P450s have been found on newly deposited genomic clones and some fragments have been joined to make longer P450 contigs. There are now 290 contigs including 166 full length sequences plus 46 pseudogene pieces. There are 78 partial sequences that may be parts of complete genes. I have been blasting each of these against the four main sections of genbank (restricted to rice) to try to extend these sequences. I have 33 of these fragments to go before declaring the Genbank data thoroughly mined for P450s. At that point I will make a summary for legal purposes and send it to the company that I have signed an access agreement with. Once they have a copy of the public P450 data, I will begin to search their private data to complete the set. I want to make it clear what I have found without any help from this private data. Once that data has been thoroughly searched, a publication on the results will follow.