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Sept. 11, 2000


All 90 Drosophila sequences on my website have been blast searched vs the
sequences on Rene Feyereisen’s web site and all the differences between our
translations have been identified. All these differences have been checked
against the Genbank entries for the Drosophila genome. All differences have
been resolved and corrections made to my site. This affected the translations
of 14 P450 sequences. (4p2, 4p3, 4ac2, 9f2, 9f3, 12a4, 28d2, 49a1, 307a1,
313a1, 313a2, 313a5, 313b1, 318a1). These should now be more accurate than
they were. Rene will be making revisions to his site, with the goal of having
100% agreement between our two sets of sequences. Michael Ashburner at Flybase
and Eleanor Whitfield at Swiss-prot have also been notified of these changes.
Effort will be made to get the Celera and Genbank annotations to match these