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Sept. 19, 2000


This year a large number of Arabidopsis ESTs have been deposited from Japan.
On April 20, 2000 3366 ESTs were deposited and on June 27, 2000 49848 more ESTs
were deposited for a total of 53233. These EST accession numbers start with AV.
A search of these ESTs for P450s identified 305 as P450s (0.6%) The P450s were
found by searching with 9 different P450 sequences from Arabidopsis and CYP92A2
from tobacco. Each sequence from Arabidopsis was from a different P450 clan to
maximize coverage. There are probably a few more ESTs that are family specific
that were not picked up in this search. For more details see the Arabidopsis
page and go to the P450s sorted by family link.