Bacterial P450 Links

The bacterial collection is being redone. There are now 153 bacterial P450 families. I have searched the wgs (whole genome shotgun) section of Genbank to find new sequences, but this has not been an exhaustive search, so there may be more sequences to find. There are more than 500 bacterial P450 sequences known. Right now, the problem is the extreme diversity of bacterial P450s. Quite often a new sequence will be in a new family and there is no sign that we are reaching saturation of families. In 18 new sequences found in Genbank, two new families were found. In 17 new sequences from Streptomyces peucetis, three new families were found. For quick access to the sequences see the 905 bacterial sequences file below. For more detailed information see the nomenclature section for bacteria. To blast search many bacterial P450s in this collection go to the P450 blast server The public set of named bacterial P450s has been updated. D. Nelson Last modified July 22, 2011