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Rat P450s and their UNIGENE entries

Jan. 24, 2007 I am beginning a rat master table like the human and mouse tables.

This will take some time to create. For a new FASTA file of 89 rat P450s and 59 pseudogenes see Rat P450 Sequences. More will be added soon.

This text is from April 29, 1999A text search for P450 (or P-450) in the rat section of UNIGENE finds 29 entries. This is a little misleading because some P450 gene subfamiles have multiple genes lumped together in one entry, since they map to the same locus. An example is CYP3A Rn.11291. This entry includes CYP3A1, CYP3A2 and CYP3A23.

Some genes like CYP21 have only 3 prime non-coding ESTs that are not detected by a search with the protein sequence.

Some entries are not identified as P450s or any gene at allAs in CYP5A, thromboxane A2 synthase.

Below are presented all the P450s I could find in UNIGENE sorted by their correct CYP name. There are 53 P450 genes included here in 48 UNIGENE entries.

If the UNIGENE number comes back as retired do a search in UNIGENE for the accession number given with that entry. It should take you to the new UNIGENE entry with that Accession number in it. This table is based on rat UNIGENE build 46 of April 1999.


CYP1A1 Rn.10352 genbank M26129CYP1A2 Rn.5563 genbank K02422CYP1B1 Rn.10125 genbank U09540CYP2A2 Rn.9867 genbank M34392CYP2A3 Rn.2063 genbank J02852CYP2B1, 2B2 Rn.2287 genbank J00719CYP2B3 Rn.4845 genbank M20406CYP2C6 Rn.5830 genbank K03501CYP2C7 Rn.1247 genbank M18335CYP2C11 Rn.10870 genbank J02657CYP2C12 Rn.2586 genbank J03786CYP2C13 Rn.32070 genbank M33994CYP2C22 Rn.10389 genbank X53477CYP2C23 Rn.2184 genbank X55446CYP2D2 Rn.32286 genbank X52027CYP2D3 Rn.32106 genbank J02868CYP2D4, 18 Rn.26060 genbank U48219CYP2D5 Rn.10842 genbank M25143CYP2E1 Rn.1372 genbank J02627CYP2F4 Rn.10817 genbank AF017393CYP2G1 Rn.10909 genbank M33296CYP2J3 Rn.10697 genbank U39943CYP2R1 no UNIGENE entry only known in humans so farCYP2S1 no UNIGENE entry only in mouse and human so farCYP3A1,2,23 Rn.11291 genbank M10161CYP3A9 Rn.10489 genbank U46118CYP3A18 Rn.32085 genbank X79991CYP4A1 Rn.5721 genbank M14972CYP4A2, 3 Rn.33492 genbank M33936CYP4A8 Rn.10034 genbank M37828CYP4B1 Rn.6143 genbank M29853CYP4F1 Rn.5722 genbank M94548CYP4F4 Rn.10170 genbank U39206CYP4F5 Rn.10171 genbank U39207CYP4F6 Rn.11269 genbank U39208CYP4F19 Rn.21567 EST AI030199 probable ortholog to mouse 4f17CYP4X1 no UNIGENE entry no ESTs only known in humans so farCYP4Z1 no UNIGENE entry no ESTs only known in humans so farCYP5A1 Rn.16283 genbank D31798, D28773 ESTs AI171178, AI045643CYP7A1 Rn.10737 genbank J05460CYP7B1 no UNIGENE entry genbank U36992 no ESTsCYP8A1 Rn.10498 genbank U53855CYP8B1 no UNIGENE entry no ESTs not cloned in rat yet CYP11A1 Rn.1401 genbank M63133CYP11B1, 11B3 Rn.32084 genbank X15431CYP11B2 Rn.9999 genbank X52766CYP17 Rn.10172 genbank M31681CYP19 Rn.21402 genbank M33986CYP21 Rn.10225 genbank U56853 2 ESTs in the 3 prime non-coding regionCYP24 Rn.21390 genbank L04619CYP26 no UNIGENE entry no ESTs not cloned in the rat yetCYP27A1 Rn.34396 genbank X05348CYP27B1 Rn.10847 genbank AB001992CYP39 no UNIGENE entry only in mouse and human so farCYP46 no UNIGENE entry only in mouse and human so farCYP51 Rn.6150 genbank AB004096