Citrus sinensis (sweet orange)

Prof. V. Dashavantha Reddy and his group analyzed the P450s from two species of Citrus and published the results in this paper.

Suresh Reddy Mittapelli & Shailendar Kumar Maryada & Venkateswara Rao

Khareedu & Dashavantha Reddy Vudem (2014)

Structural organization, classification and phylogenetic relationship of cytochrome P450 genes in Citrus clementine and Citrus sinensis Tree Genetics & Genomes DOI 10.1007/s11295-013-0695-8

They did not request CYP names from the Committee on Standardized Cytochrome Nomenclature, so the names in this paper are not correct names.

Dr. Reddy has requested that the sequences be assigned proper CYP names and these sequences and names be posted on the Cytochrome P450 Homepage.

Here are the files containing the sequences and the names.

The files are separated into CYP71 clan and all other clans.

Citrus clementina CYP71 clan sequences

Citrus clementina all other clan sequences

Citrus sinensis CYP71 clan sequences

Citrus sinensis all other clan sequences

Citrus clementine table of names

Citrus sinensis table of names