Paramecium tetrauralia P450s


D. Nelson   April 16, 2004


22 P450 sequences have been found in Paramecium tetrauralia by searches of the GENOSCOPE blast server for this organism.  All of the 22 sequences were used to exhaustively search this blast database so all accession numbers for Paramecium P450s were discovered.  These sequences all derived from a common ancestor related to the CYP4 clan, or a precursor to both the CYP3 and CYP4 clans.  This is clear from the heme signature region and some introns present in most of the sequences.  There is no CYP51, so this Alveolate has lost CYP51.  The only other sequenced Alveolate genome is Plasmodium falciparum and it has no P450s due to its parasitic lifestyle.  The alignment  is in PHYLIP format and it has 21 sequences,  It does not contain the only pseudogene sequence found.  Some intron boundaries are marked. Blue or cyan is phase 0,  magenta is phase 1 and  green is phase 2.  Not all introns have been marked.  The CYP names used here are shorthand for the official names in the sequence files. 


Paramecium P450s


Paramecium Cytochrome P450s FASTA format


260 Paramecium Cytochrome P450 acccession numbers


Paramecium P450 sequence alignment


P450 Blast server (includes Paramecium)


UPGMA tree of Paramecium P450s