Cytochrome P450 Nomenclature Files

A bibliography of new P450 sequence entries,

that have appeared since the 1993 nomenclature update.

This data exists in five parts to make downloading easier.

Part A, covers CYP1 to CYP2 (animals only)

Part B covers CYP3 to CYP9 (animals only)

Part C covers CYP10 to CYP69 and 501-699 and 5001 and higher.

This section includes animals, fungi and other lower eukaryotes

Part D Plants covers CYP71 to CYP99 and 701-772.

Part E Bacteria covers CYP101 to CYP281.

Part F covers fish P450s (not current).

These files include references to confidential sequences that have been named,

but the sequences are not accessible.