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Cytochrome P450 Nomenclature Files

A bibliography of new P450 sequence entries, that have appeared since the 1993 nomenclature update.This data exists in five parts to make downloading easier.

  • Part A, covers CYP1 to CYP2 (animals only)
  • Part B covers CYP3 to CYP9 (animals only)
  • Part C covers CYP10 to CYP69 and 501-699 and 5001 and higher. This section includes animals, fungi and other lower eukaryotes
  • Part D Plants covers CYP71 to CYP99 and 701-772.
  • Part E Bacteria covers CYP101 to CYP281.
  • Part F covers fish P450s (not current).

These files include references to confidential sequences that have been named, but the sequences are not accessible.