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White Rot P450s

White Rot P450s (Phanerochaete chrysosporium)
D. Nelson

Modified August 17, 2007

The P. chrysosporium P450s have been assigned names.
Please see the revised file of these sequences at
 Phanerochaete P450s

There are 149 P450 genes and 10 pseudogenes.

Old info from previous Phanerochaete page
Last Modified July 26, 2001 

The basidiomycete fungi Phanerochaete chrysosporium has been sequenced at DOEs JGI 
site in Walnut Hill California.  There are 28 million bases of sequence in 996 contigs.  This 
set has been searched for hits to P450 sequences and some of the genes have been 
assembled.  There is still a lot of work to do on this set.  There are 85 scaffolds that have 
P450 sequence and 123 different heme signature regions have been found so far.  This 
suggests that there are at least 123 different P450 genes in this fungus.  Some are pseudogenes
but at least 109 appear to cover the full length of a P450.  163 P450 fragments have been found.
89 of these 163 have been analyzed in detail and gene intron-exon boundaries have been defined.
78 full length P450s have been assembled.

For a FASTA set of sequences go to 
 White Rot FASTA File

For more detailed info and Blast results of fragments go to 
 White Rot Blast File

For and alpha list of the scaffolds that have P450 fragments go to
 White Rot Alpha File