Month: December 2000

Dec. 20, 2000


The Arabidopsis genome has seven unsequenced clones and one 5kb gap not including the centromere gaps. There may be a P450 on one of these clones, since CYP84A4 has not been found yet. There are also three GSS sequences that do not match known P450s. To see the details click here

Dec. 14, 2000


The Genome of Arabidopsis is complete and described in Nature and Plant Physiology today. Over the course of the day I will be searching for the missing P450 genes that are currently represented as fragments and I will be incorporating them into the website. This depends on the availability of the sequence for searching. Sometimes… Read More

Dec. 11, 2000


I have begun a new long term project to detail the molecular events that have shaped the evolution of eukaryotic life. I have a great interest in this area and I would like to start this as an open ended and ever growing review/ text on the specific innovations and dichotomies that make up eukaryotic… Read More