Month: November 1999

Nov. 24, 1999


There are now 69 N-terminal sequences in an alignment under the Drosophila button on the main page. That means there are at least that many P450s in Drosophila and probably a few more will be found, since C. elegans had 80 P450s. The FASTA file of P450 sequences has all the fragments I have so… Read More

Nov. 22, 1999


Celera genomics continues to deposit new Drosophila sequences into Genbank. On Nov. 16, 1612 fragments were deposited. I am trying to catch up to these. See the N-terminal page for an alignment of 65 Drosophila N-terminal sequences. The drosophila list is also being updated. See the accession numbers beginning with AC0#####* followed by an asterisk.… Read More

Nov. 9, 1999


Celera Genomics deposited 551 Drosophila sequences into Genbank on Nov. 3, 1999. These represent about 10 million bases of sequence. The remaining Drosophila genome sequences from Celera should be in Genbank by the end of the year. This will allow identifcation of all the P450s in a macroscopic animal.