Month: December 2001

Finished Searching the Fugu Genome


I have finished searching the Fugu genome for P450s. These are annotated and will soon be named. There are 36 full length sequences and 11 more are almost full length, for 47. There are six more that run off the ends of scaffolds and are probably real P450 genes. There are 26 other partials. See… Read More

G4 Mac Server Upgraded


I have upgraded my P450 server to a G4 Mac so you may notice some improvement in speed.

Server Back Online after 6 Days of Outage


The server was down from noon on the 27th of Nov. to this morning Dec 3, almost 6 days. This is the longest it has been down since Feb. 1995 when I started it. It was unfortunate that I left town on the 28th without knowing it was down and I did not get back… Read More