Month: July 1999

July, 28, 1999


Celera Genomics will finish the Drosophila genome in August or September according to an NPR interview with Craig Venter that aired on July 27. It was not mentioned when the sequence data will be posted to Genbank. The rice P450 page has been updated. There are some new ESTs and some contigs have been joined

July, 16, 1999


A tree with 30 plant P450s coving the CYP93, 705, 706 and 712 families has been posted under the trees button on the home page. The CYP93D1 and CYP712A2 sequences had their names reversed in the bibliographic pages and FASTA files. This has been corrected.

July, 14, 1999


The only possible mitochondrial P450 from C.elegans has been reexamined to better identify the intron exon boundaries based on similarity to CYP12A sequences of insects. One previously missed exon is added based on an EST sequence and another exon is extended to fill a critical gap. Only about 40% of the sequence is covered by… Read More