Year: 2002

458 Rice P450s


458 rice P450s have all been named. See the rice page for details.

Lots of Things are New


I have not written a What’s New section in a long time. Lots of things are new. The rice genome P450s have been identified from the two strains: indica (Chinese project) and japonica (public international project). There are 952 sequences identified between these two strains and 485 different genes. I am in the process of… Read More

Fugu Sequences Named


The Fugu sequences are now named and a tree and alignment are on the server. To see the FASTA format of the sequence contigs sorted by family go to FASTA Sequence List To see the alignment of human and Fugu sequences go to Human Fugu alignment 47 Fugu genes have been aligned to 60 human… Read More