a BLAST server has been set up on a RedHat Linux machine to allow blast 
searching of selected P450 sets.  The first set available is all the Arabidopsis 
P450s, 273 named genes and 16 more unnamed fragments that have not been 
designated because I do not know if they are really different from the named 
genes.  We plan to add more P450 sets in the next few days and weeks.  Only 
BLASTP works now since this is a protein database.  The server address is
http:/blast.uthsc.edu GO THERE NOW

Arabidopsis P450s in FASTA format August 17, 2001

Arabidopsis P450 genes by chromosome

These genes are placed in the order that the clones appear on the chromosomes. This is a P450 map without the map. Updated Jan. 2, 2001 Table of 42 P450s on Chr4

This table cross references the chromosome assignment gene names To the cytochrome P450 names. There are 47 P450s on this chromosome. Alphabetical accession number list for Arabidopsis P450s Updated Jan. 17, 2001

Alphabetical clone list for Arabidopsis P450s Updated Jan. 17, 2001

273 Arabidopsis P450s sorted by family Updated Jan. 17, 2001

Another Arabidopsis Cytochrome P450 page Recently moved to Denmark
curated by Søren Bak and Suzanne Paquette

A table of Arabidopsis ESTs sorted by accession number and named

A table of Arabidopsis ESTs sorted by family and subfamily

53 new Arabidopsis ESTs including 9 new P450 sequences

New Arabidopsis ESTs

A table of Arabidopsis GSSs sorted by P450 family

The Plant Section of the Nomenclature Files

The Plant P450 Database (more than 500 plant P450s)

Arabidopsis P450 sequences including translations of some unnamed ESTs, GSSs

What's New May 12, 2000

A second revised tree of the 86 and 94 families is posted. It includes 86D2, a new P450 in Arabidopsis. See newest 86 and 94 family tree The 86Ds shifted to the 94 family and will be renamed as 94D sequences

What's New May 12, 2000

A revised tree of the 86 and 94 families is posted. It includes 86D2, a new P450 in Arabidopsis. See Revised 86 and 94 family tree

What's New Feb. 15, 2000

A new tree of the 86 and 94 families is posted. It includes 86D1, a new P450 in Arabidopsis. See 86 and 94 family tree

What's New Dec. 27, 1999

Rene Feyereisen has officially given permission to link his site. Go visit

The Arizona Arabidopsis P450 Site

What's New Sept. 13, 1999

Incyte pharmaceuticals deposited 7938 Arabidopsis ESTs in Genbank on Sept. 8. I have looked at them by Blast searches over the weekend and I found 53 that contain P450 sequences. 44 of these are close or exact matches to known P450s from Arabidopsis (96% or better identity). One matches a new confidential sequence CYP78A9. Nine ESTs are new sequences that range from 60% to 93% identical to known P450s. see New Arabidopsis ESTs

What's New May 20, 1999

A possible chloroplast P450 has been reported from almond this sequence is probably in the CYP71D subfamily. Therefore, the whole 71D subfamily might be localized in the chloroplast. This is not an Arabidopsis sequence, but it is news. Chloroplast P450

What's New Mar. 2, 1999

The CYP72 family has been sequenced (accession number AB023038) and there are 8 genes and one pseudogene present. This is similar in size to the Z97338 gene cluster of CYP702 and 705 genes that has 8 genes and two pseudogenes. The spacing between the genes is less than 1000bp except for one gap of about 6000bp. See the nomenclature files for nucleotide positions. The sequences have been placed in the FASTA Arabidopsis file.

What's New Feb. 25, 1999

An estimate has been made for the number of P450 genes in Arabidopsis (372) see P450s sorted by family.

What's New Feb. 23, 1999

Nine new P450s have been named and an alphabetical list of P450 Accession numbers has been made see above.

What's New June 11, 1998

Ten new Arabidopsis sequences are released in Genbank on June 9. These are from D78598 to D78607 and represent previously confidential sequences.

What's New May 8, 1998

There is a list of 86 GSS genome survey sequences for Arabidopsis P450s. These are being added to the Arabidopsis P450 protein translation list above.

What's New April 21, 1998

I have searched for new cytochrome P450s in Arabidopsis and find 83 full length P450s. There are also 228 ESTs for Arabidopsis P450s. I have now named most of these sequences and they are included in the files above.