Year: 1998

April 21, 1998


I have just finished an analysis if Arabidopsis P450s and estimate there are a minimum of 137 P450 genes in Arabidopsis. All ESTs are translated and genes assembled from genomic sequence. See Cytochrome P450 Arabidopsis Links

Mar 13, 1998


An alignment of 60 of the 80 C. elegans P450s is posted, along with 45 other sequences from many other families. The 20 C. elegans sequences that are not included in the alignment are either pseudogenes (CYP13A9P, CYP25A6P, CYP33C10P, CYP33E3P CYP35D2P, or they are very similar to sequences in the alignment, such as the CYP13A2-CYP13A8,… Read More

Mar 12, 1998


The C. elegans genome is now nearing completion. I have just done a comprehensive search of C. elegans for P450s and named all the new sequences. There are 80 genes for P450s in C. elegans. Some of them are in large clusters with 10-13 genes, some of which are probably in operons. A small number… Read More