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Retired Pages

Because of age, obsolete content, or an extensive amount of dead internal hyperlinks, the following material has been removed from active navigation. In case this action was mistaken, read-only original versions of the items below can be used as source material for new pages.

Rogues Gallery

The current Rogue’s Gallery page states the following: “There were 220 entries and 50 pictures on August 15, 1997”. This information is just too old to be accurate, the supporting pages are filled with dead external links, and the people referenced in this section probably don’t look like their photos anymore.

Cytochrome P450 3D structures

In light of age and the notice regarding the software referenced, this Cytochrome P450 3D structures page has not been migrated.

Course Related Pages

Given their age, is the course content on the pages below obsolete?

06/01/2021. Last-minute discovery.  Unlike the above this course-related page has been converted into WordPress and is still an actively linked part of the site. The underlying links and pages do not appear to be, and may have to be uploaded/converted from site backups.

The Molecular History of Eukaryotic Life

A few pages of this section are actively linked, but most internal links are dead, cited as ‘in progress’.

Additional Pages and Sections

The Biblio Section

Determine the fate of these six pages, and their underlying hyperlinked information

Databases: all linked pages from this one claim to be Under Construction circa 1997.